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Keen Footwear Brand Guide

Keen History

Known for their diverse line of styles suitable for hikes, worksites, and casual wear, here at Aphrodite were are proud to stock such a forward-thinking brand with aims to actively work to incorporate change within the industry, Keen Footwear.

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Keen Footwear was founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and was named ‘Launch Of The Year’ by the Shoes Industry Leading Trade Publication. The following year the brand completed many projects to help out in the industry, including getting more young people into the outdoors, protecting land for its environmental recreational value, and giving bikes to children in need. Keen Footwear strives to create quality products while building trust through their actions, and within their first year of production, Keen Footwear had already built a reputation by supporting a range of good causes, while improving on the brand’s hybrid innovation and striving to make new possibilities.

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Keen Footwear Styles

With such a diverse product line, Keen Footwear offer shoes, such as the Keen Uneek Sandals, for outdoor and water-based activities including kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and many more, their objective is to refine their products and aim to find even more solutions for life’s everyday needs, whatever that may be. The first pair of Keen Footwear sandals were designed to cater to a niche market in adventure water shoes, however, it didn’t take them long to realise that people appreciate the all-around protection for day-to-day casual wearing.

Keen Uneek Sandals Olive

Keen’s Global Influence

While the brand has taken off massively, the company stays true to its humble roots, with the headquarters still in their hometown of Portland, with only 100 employees, Keen Footwear is a brand that’s values remain the same, this sets them apart from a lot of manufacturers.

Keen Footwear strongly believes that healthy living starts with products that promote a healthy lifestyle, and with that has to come comfort. Throughout their product range, Keen Footwear offers a wide toe box that ensures a comfortable fit and extra room, and to prove just how good, two travellers put them to the test. In 2020, they went on a 465-day trip around the world, 15 months of walking around 38 countries and 5 continents, wearing Keen Footwear the whole duration. Withstanding the elements in the snowy Swiss Mountains, at Everest’s Base Camp, and in the African Safari.

Keen Uneek Sandals

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