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Moncler Steig Parka Banner

The Moncler Grenoble Steig Parka: Where Form and Function Collide

Embrace Style and Functionality with the Dual-Length Moncler Grenoble Steig Parka in Green

We are delighted to announce the arrival of the Moncler Grenoble Steig Parka GORE-TEX in Green at Aphrodite Clothing. This modular and functional masterpiece is a classic parka design with a contemporary twist, offering a dual length and versatile features that make it a standout addition to your wardrobe.

Dual-Length Design:

The Moncler Grenoble Steig Parka stands out with its unique dual-length design, providing an option for snap-fastening concealment of the lower panel. Unbutton for added length and coverage, allowing you to personalise your style according to changing weather conditions.

Moncler Steig Parka Dual Length

Functional Features:

The parka features a cleverly hidden packaway hood, creating a funnel collar for added versatility and protection. The full two-way zip closure, complemented by a storm flap, ensures optimal protection against the elements. Dual flap pockets at the hip with snap closure flap entry offer practical storage, while an interior waist cinch drawstring ensures a tailored fit.

Moncler Steig Parka Details

GORE-TEX Fabrication:

What sets the Moncler Grenoble Steig Parka apart is its full GORE-TEX fabrication. This provides additional coverage and waterproofing, making it the perfect choice for functionality without compromising style.

Distinctive Style:

Embrace the iconic Moncler style with the applique Grenoble sleeve patch and rubberised branding throughout. The parka also features vented rear panels with a reflective logo, adding a modern touch while enhancing visibility.

Experience the fusion of style and substance with the Moncler Grenoble Steig Parka GORE-TEX – a true masterpiece that seamlessly marries classic design, innovative features, and iconic branding. Elevate your outerwear experience with this exclusive arrival at Aphrodite Clothing. Don’t miss the chance to make a statement this season!

Moncler Grenoble

Moncler Sizing FAQ

How do Moncler Jackets fit? What is Moncler sizing like? These are some of the most asked questions we receive surrounding the outerwear brand, so to answer all of those questions we have put together this handy Moncler sizing FAQ.

If you still have any burning questions, feel free to leave us a comment below and we will try our best to answer them.

Moncler Maya Jacket in Red

Model is 6’1″ and wears size 3 (Large)

How do Moncler Jackets fit?

Moncler coats and jackets are one to have for a lifetime, so before you invest in a timeless piece, you’ll want to know what size is suited to you. Here’s everything you need to know about Moncler’s sizing.

Firstly, you’ll need to know that Moncler sizing for jackets and coats is numerical eg, size 0, 1, 2,  etc. Although this sounds confusing, it translates quite easily.

Moncler Size Comparison Chart: 

00 – XXS
0 – XS
1 – S
2 – M
3 – L
4 – XL
5 – XXL
6 – 3XL
7 – 4XL

Does Moncler fit true to size?

Winter jackets, such as the Maya, tend to have easier sizing to figure out with it being a normal fit. Whereas lighter coats and gilets such as the Gui and Tibb models usually have a smaller and shorter fit than normal winter jackets, so choosing your size may be more difficult. We recommend sizing up if you are unsure of the right fit for you.

Moncler Tibb Gilet

Model is 6’1″ and wears size 3 (Large)

Moncler’s polos, cardigans, t-shirts, and jumpers also usually fit small. Due to these items arriving in a slim fit, we suggest that if that isn’t the style you are going for, then size up. The key thing to do when looking to invest in a Moncler coat is to check the measurements and also measure yourself as the garments can vary a lot in size. Compare measurements of another piece you own that fits you to the Moncler coats to give you your recommended size.

What else do I need to take into consideration when buying a Moncler item?

Before picking your size, you should also consider what you will wear underneath. Thinking about the climate you live in is a must, if you tend to layer your outfits with other garments to stay warm during colder months, sizing up is advised to allow you to do so. Due to the garments already having that snug fit, layering will start to become restricting and maybe impossible. However, if the jacket is very insulating and winters are mild you might wear the jacket with a t-shirt or slim-fit sweater underneath. In this case, going for your usual size may not be so bad, as no extra room is needed for layering.

Moncler Bayuda Jacket

Model is 6’1″ and wears size 3 (Large)

We have also put together a couple of handy videos on some of Moncler’s most sought-after styles and how they fit including Moncler Maya Jacket and Moncler Ecrins Puffer Jacket.

Moncler Ecrins Puffer Jacket – How Does it Fit?

Moncler Maya Puffer Jacket – How Does It Fit?

We hope we’ve cleared up any queries you may have had regarding Moncler sizing, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, or comment below, if you have any further questions about the Moncler sizing.

One of the first down Jackets from moncler

The Greatest Moncler Jackets of All Time

If you’re kicking about in the North East or having a browse online, then you know that Aphrodite is the place to go if you want to grab yourself a bit of Moncler. After all, we’ve stocked the brand for years, and with each and every season hundreds of quality pieces find themselves on our shop floor, before being picked up by you lovely lot of course. Because of this, our staff have become accustomed to the quality of the brand’s offerings, and have had a chance to truly appreciate the intricate design and outstanding functionality of many of the greatest Moncler jackets year after year.

So in honour of Moncler’s 70th anniversary (and as little excuse to show off our all time favourite pieces) we’ve put together an Aphrodite x Moncler Staff Picks.

Moncler – ‘The Original’ Down Jacket

Kenzie Wooton – Online Editor

One of the first down Jackets from moncler

“For me, its important to look at the roots of the brands that we all know and love. What Reme Ruffini has done for Moncler, since he bought the brand, is incredible. He’s propelled a struggling ski-wear brand into a world leading luxury fashion company, all while staying true to the brands roots. Thats it, that’s the reason I love Moncler. So as i’m asked to choose my favourite Moncler Jacket, I simply have to look to the original. The ‘duvet’ style puffer jacket, the first of its kind… An icon.”

Moncler – Zipped Padded Cardigan

Andy Mcardle – Assistant Store Manager


“So I chose this as my favourite Moncler item as I think it’s timeless with many well thought out details. For example, the tonal badge, lightweight down front and comfortable knitted arms and rear making it an ideal transitional item for the colder months. The two-way zip is always a deal breaker for us here in store too. Also it looks pretty much identical to the one that Daniel Craig wore in that iconic chase scene through the Alps in Spectre!”

Moncler for Lionel Terray  – Lambert Jacket

Stewart Buck – Stock Control & Replenishment Executive

Moncler Lionel Terray Jacket

“K2 is an iconic mountain range that can really push a climber to their limits, and attempting the climb without properly made gear can be fatal. When a team of climbers set out to summit K2 in 1954, Moncler and Lionel Terray worked together to push the perceived limits of fabric and technological innovation. 60 years later a team set out to replicate the climb, leading to Moncler creating the stunning Lambert Jacket. This is truly one of the greatest Moncler jackets. It’s simple, it’s stylish, it’s functional and I love it.”

Moncler – Maya Jacket

Chris Blake – Assistant E-Commerce Manager

“The quintessential ski jacket: hooded, perfectly puffed up, and glossy as the slopes of Chamonix. A cornerstone of contemporary fashion that traverses both sportswear and street style, the Maya is the ace up the sleeve that epitomises the image and spirit of Moncler. Despite receiving celebrity endorsements, the Maya silhouette transcends fleeting trends; its essence is rooted in the heritage of a brand that is every bit as relevant today as it was upon its inception 70 years ago.”

Moncler Grenoble – Montgetech Jacket

Jorge Maddison – Senior Store Assistant / Visual coordinator

Moncler Montgetech Jacket

“I picked this as my favourite as I love the weight of the jacket, and its ideal for weather transitions. If you’re dealing with snow or rain you can always rely on the Montgetech. It’s a stunning silhouette with subtle branding which in my eyes only helps to elevate the piece; after all, less is more. “

Some very strong choices here. If you want to grab yourself a new standout Moncler piece, or simply browse the curation we have on offer, then click the link below or head in-store where our staff can give you a hand in perusing some of the greatest Moncler jackets this season.


7 facts about Moncler and CEO Remo Ruffini

As Moncler enter their 70th year, we felt it was about time we shared some lesser known facts about the brand that has done everything from traversing mountain summits, winning Olympic gold medals, and revolutionising the streets of Milan. Now under the inspired leadership of Remo Ruffini, we toast the anniversary of a true industry icon; Moncler, here’s to 70 more.

1. Origin Story – An Icon is Born

In the brand’s founding year, Moncler were not the Moncler we know today. 1952 witnessed the inception of the brand’s very first collection comprising tents, a quilted sleeping bag, and a single hooded cape. The brand’s iconic down jackets, for which modern-day Moncler is globally renowned, were initially developed in 1954 to shield its workers from the biting temperatures of the brand’s namesake town, Monestier-De-Clermont.
Fortuitously, these padded pieces of staff uniform garnered the attention of renowned French mountaineer Lionel Terray, who expressed the possibility of selling the garments. Moncler embraced the idea and the rest, as they say, is history.

Credit: Moncler

2. The Exploration – Reaching New Heights

Moncler’s now signature quilted ‘duvet’ jacket equipped pioneering Italian duo, Achille Compagnoni, and Lino Lacedelli, on their successful bid to conquer the summit of the world’s second highest peak: K2. Residing in the Karakorum mountain range of Pakistan, the uppermost reaches of K2 had not played host to any living person in history. Then, in 1954, two intrepid alpinists entered the death zone of what to this day remains one of the world’s most technically and logistically challenging peaks, 8,611 metres above sea level, decked out in Moncler.
The DNA and mountaineering spirit of that original jacket lives on in every Moncler garment.


Credit: Moncler

3. Olympic Winter Games, Grenoble ’68

The winter of 1968 fell deep within the golden era of competitive skiing. The Olympic Winter Games, held that year in idyllic Grenoble, south-east France, bore witness to the legendary French male downhill team, whose record-breaking gold medal sweep was attained while kitted out head-to-toe in, you guessed it, Moncler. The proud affiliation with such unparalleled high-performance technical apparel spawned the brand’s offshoot range, Moncler Grenoble; a collection that delivers impeccable functional equipment inspired to this day by the heroics of the ’68 French downhill ski team.


Credit: Moncler

4. Monduck

From the very same Olympic Winter Games emerged a rather unlikely partnership between the highly-regarded outerwear masters and a cartoon duck. Yes, that’s right, a cartoon duck. Monduck is the now famous Moncler mascot, most commonly illustrated scaling mountains or parachuting whilst donning the latest down jackets. Check the inside of your latest Moncler outerwear and you’ll receive the garment care instructions from the one and only Monduck. This affable brand mascot is, in the words of chairman and creative director Remo Ruffini, ‘indispensable’.



Credit: Moncler

5. Moncler Genius – High Fashion Collaborations

Fast forward 50 years and in 2018, under the stewardship of progressive chairman Remo Ruffini, the Moncler Genius project is conceived. Combining contemporary ‘drop’ culture with exclusive collaboration, the Genius concept from Moncler launches unique and immersive collections at various checkpoints throughout the year, bypassing dependency on the traditional fashion calendar entirely. Among the star-studded roster of collaborators are Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli and London luminaries Craig Green and JW Anderson.



Credit: Highsnobiety

6. Acquisition – High Profile Partners

In 2020, the global COVID pandemic made for as distorted a year as any brand will likely ever face and yet, in 2020, Moncler acquired 100% of fellow Italian giant Stone Island. The €1.2billion transaction added a significant distinctive asset to Moncler’s portfolio but despite the acquisition, Stone Island fans have been assured there will be none of the unwanted changes typically experienced after such a high-profile takeover. Remo Ruffini has expressed the mutual appreciation he shares with Stone Island’s Carlo Rivetti, insisting ‘the DNA, the collection, the communication, and product, don’t have to change.’
This partnership will certainly be one to keep a close eye on for many seasons to come.


Credit: Moncler

7. The Pledge – Futureproofing

Under Remo Ruffini’s direction, Moncler has modernised to become a truly innovative entity in the contemporary sphere. In 2022, it has become increasingly clear that today’s consumers expect brands to reject the traditional practice of harming animals for the sake of fashion and instead favour sustainable and morally credible alternatives. Consistent with their long-term commitment to responsible business practices, Moncler have vowed to become entirely fur-free by 2024. Add to this that the brand are already 100% carbon neutral at all corporate sites worldwide, 80% of their electricity use comes from renewable sources, and 52% of management positions are occupied by women. There are many facets to Moncler’s evolution but Ruffini is crystal clear about one thing: ‘long-term success comes from creating shared value.’

8. Bonus Fact

When Remo Ruffini took over the helm in 2003, Moncler were on the verge of bankruptcy. By 2013, Moncler went public on the Italian stock exchange, and their value went stratospheric, reaching €4 billion…in a single afternoon.


Hit the link below to check out the latest releases from the legendary Moncler and own a piece of the brand’s lineage all of your own.

Moncler Grenoble Mazod Jacket White Black

All You Need To Know About The Moncler Mazod Jacket

Spanning every category, from skiwear to metropolitan clothing, luxury label Moncler was born in France in 1952 and now proudly resides in Italy where it continues crafting premium apparel. Combining the most extreme needs for outerwear with everyday urban life, Moncler prides itself on creating products that are authentic in style, substance and character.

One of those products is the Moncler Mazod Jacket from the Grenoble diffusion line. Expertly filled with goose down and feathers to create a cosy, insulating feel, this design is perfect for winter days and yet is still light enough to introduce some form of exercise – in other words, the bulk is not too bulky.

Moncler Mazod Jacket Grenoble

Currently available in black and white colourways at Aphrodite, the Moncler Mazod Jackets are cut from a synthetic blend and feature a central zip fastening, a hooded neckline to shield you from the elements and thumbhole cuffs to keep the fit of the silhouette as close to the body as possible, retaining heat and contouring to your physical frame. The design is finished with an array of zipped pockets allowing security of your possessions while you manoeuvre through the city; there’s also an internal mobile phone holder which brings next level practicality to your look.

Most striking on the surface is the label’s bold branding, contrasting callouts are scripted on the black version above the heart and on the sleeve while on the white version they’re situated on the front, and again, loudly on the reverse. These credentials are designed to seem like they have been applied with a paintbrush.

Moncler Grenoble

On the whole, the Moncler Mazod Jacket is a great investment piece for your seasonal collection. Insulating and waterproof, it’s full to the brim with function and the use of monochrome colours provide flexibility for your ensembles, meaning you can wear your favourite colour sweatshirts and run no risk of clashing.

Shop the Moncler Mazod Jacket in white and the Moncler Mazod Jacket in black. Take a close look at the Moncler Mazod Jacket in the video below.

Moncler SS’19: From Summits to Streets

Moncler SS’19: From Summits to Streets      

Moncler SS’19 showcases the brand’s dedication to the perfect blend of functionality and fashion. After spending years mastering the harshest conditions found atop the highest peaks, the Italian luxury brand turns its attention to the concrete jungle and applies their refined mountaineering sensibilities to a collection filled with bold graphic prints, urban appeal and contemporary style.

All White Ensemble 

This all-white ensemble gives visions of fresh powder snow at basecamp and offers a more laid-back take on Moncler’s usual aesthetic. The Montreal Jacket in White boasts a technical design whilst dripping in French tri-colour goodness with unapologetic branding to the chest and sleeve. This piece will have you feeling comfortable but looking good. Whether it’s on top of the slopes or just your casual rotation. We styled the versatile jacket with some of our favourite garments from the latest batch; including Moncler Sweatpants in White and Moncler Hoodie in White.

Moncler SS19 Montreal Jacket

Presenting an athletic style whilst committing to the theme of ‘as white as snow’, we paired the all-white fit with the brand’s Anakin Sneakers in White. Assembled from panels of white and light grey suede and a paint-splattered black and white rubber sole. These contemporary sneakers finished with a lace-up front in a red colourway; staying devoted to paying homage to their namesake town, Monestier-de-Clermont.

Moncler Trainers in White

Moncler Anakin Sneakers

Toned Down Fit

Going back to their roots, Moncler didn’t forget to include some of their revered padded garments in the new collection. Designed with the finest ‘duvet neuf’ quilted panels; this seasons Gui Gilet is not only a personal favourite of ours but probably one of the best insulating layering pieces we’ve come across. Moncler ensures to deliver their products to the highest standard and this piece is no exception, featuring a two-way zip closure, angled side pockets for easy access and the brand’s iconic logo plaque to the chest.

The outfit is completed with the similarly impressive Dreux Jacket. Although this is a more lightweight version of the time-honoured padded down jacket, Moncler doesn’t cut corners on quality with this piece. The Dreux is the ideal addition to your technical outerwear collection. Crafted with 90% down, 10% feather padding and perfected in Romania. Two-way zip fastening and elasticated cuffs and hem assure to keep in all the warmth. A no brainer when it comes to inclement weather and unpleasant temperatures. Finished with some understated joggers; the vibrant orange lining in the hood contrasts with this all-black outfit and will add a pop of colour to anyone’s wardrobe.

Moncler Gilet

Moncler Dreux Jacket

The brands recently released Bubble Sneakers offer a seemingly relaxed look with plenty of intrinsic practicality. There was no holding back when it comes to the construction of the Bubble Sneaker. Printed branding to the sides, the brand’s signature colours to the collar of the shoe. A rubberised Moncler badge sits proudly to the tongue. Crafted with perfection in mind, these sneakers combine luxury construction with sportswear aesthetics.

Moncler Bubble Sneaker

Shop the rest of the Moncler SS’19 collection online and in-store now at Aphrodite.

Canada Goose Armstrong Parka

Canada Goose and Moncler: Winter Coats With An Edge

We’re delving into two of our top luxury outerwear brands. When it comes to taking on a bitter winter’s day, Moncler and Canada Goose are the go-to choices for customers around the world. Just as is the case with Moncler, Canada Goose is engineered to retain warmth through sleek design elements. Read on to learn more about each iconic winter essential. 

Bold winter layers: Moncler mens winter coats, gilets and overshirts.

Moncler and Moncler Grenoble are most certainly reigning high in the ranks when it comes to designer winter coats, and these timeless garments are consistently created to withstand the coldest seasons. .  Amidst a range of accessories and loungewear are the perennial gems it wouldn’t be winter without plus a whole gang of newcomers we seriously suggest you take a look at.

With a diverse range of styles to choose from, each piece embodies the essential hallmarks of the brand. Moncler winter coats are distinguished by their luxury functionality, from locking in warmth with certified down fillings, to distinctive outer shells keeping you sheltered from the elements.  For slightly milder climates, you’ll find an innovative selection of gilets, ideally suited to Autumnal days. You can also layer up in style with the brand’s array of premium hoodies and sweats.

With their staple down insulation, these lightweight pieces are perfect for everyday wear. There’s also an optimum selection of slightly smarter layers to choose from, as the brand lends its effortless design flair to its range of overshirts. — an office favourite here at HQ!

The Moncler brand lends itself to dominating even the harshest of conditions, providing a versatile layer which carries the brand’s compatibility with endurance. Shop our entire range of Moncler winter jackets, and choose a garment that’ll take you through frosty winters for years to come.

Discover more from this distinguished brand with our in-depth style guides on the Moncler Ecrins jacket and the Moncler Maya jacket. Browse our full range of Moncler jackets online, and add a coveted piece to your outerwear collection.

Moncler Marly Jacket

Moncler Lappe Vest

Canada Goose winter jackets: Arctic design for everyday

Canada Goose has become a ubiquitous brand, set apart visually by its contrasting palette of vibrant colours and earthy tones.   

On a deeper level, the brand has a long-standing arctic purpose, embedded in the design and winter-ready engineering that Canada Goose garments have mastered in years gone by. These garments are simply synonymous with cold climates.

A healthy selection of classics and new silhouettes in classic colourways, with each design constructed from their Arctic-Tech fabric and premium duck down insulation, these are guaranteed investment pieces that will last a lifetime.

Canada Goose winter jackets boast an array of design elements that make them perfectly suited to an adventure, even when the temperatures plummet. With a product offering that ranges from parkas to gilets, the collection is characterised by dynamic, stand-out design features. Browse our full selection of Canada Goose jackets online, and add a timeless staple to your wardrobe.


Canada Goose Langford ParkaCanada Goose Hybridge Lite

Moncler Jacket

Introducing the Moncler Grenoble Cooper Jacket

In recent years, Moncler have become one of the world’s most critically acclaimed outerwear brands. For Autumn/Winter 2016/17, the luxury sporting brand have returned to their roots with their Grenoble collection, which features contemporary and high performance designs. With this collection, Moncler have combined materials to achieve light-weight yet practical pieces that are not only suitable for the slopes, but can be worn everyday as well.

The Cooper jacket embodies this ethos, with its classic padded design and 100% class 1 down lining it is the ultimate in luxurious sportswear. The heritage element of the Grenoble collection is evident in the embroided logo detail that features on the chest, as well as the traditional name tag on the inner of the jacket. Moncler have spared no effort when it comes to detail with this jacket, from the embossed press studs and branded zip-pulls, to the detachable hood and inner pockets, the Cooper jacket oozes quality and practicality while maintaining a classic and stylish design.

A staple for any winter wardrobe, the Cooper jacket is durable and easy to care for – a must-have for this coming winter. Priced at £855, the Moncler Grenoble Cooper Jacket is now available.


Moncler Jacket