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yogi footwear

A variety of yogi footwear styles

Discover Yogi at Aphrodite

A welcome addition to Aphrodite’s expansive curation of premium footwear.

Yogi Footwear is the latest brand to line the good ol’ shoe shelves of Aphrodite.

For those of you who are familiar with Yogi we can imagine that you are just as elated as we are about their arrival. But for those of you with much to learn, here is a quick insight into Yogi and what exactly they are bringing to Aphrodite.

A variety of yogi footwear styles

To keep it simple, Yogi are master shoemakers who stay true to their roots.

Sustainability, longevity and ethical practice are all values that are integral to Yogi’s core identity, alongside their passion for making quality, purpose built shoes. The brand pride themselves in offering the customer exemplary craftsmanship, therefore each and every shoe that they make is hand-produced by skilled workers who live local to Yogi’s family owned factory in Portugal.

With impeccable care being taken in the construction of Yogi’s footwear, they also ensure that they use the most premium materials available to them; Calf leather, unlined suede and Italian Crepe rubber Soles are used in the production of almost every shoe, with the minimum expectation of the brand being maximum quality.

Close up of a variety of Yogi footwear Styles

The shoemaking market is highly saturated and highly competitive with Aphrodite stocking what we deem to be the best of the best, and not only do Yogi bring quality and timeless styles but they also bring something else, the negative heel. Ironically, the negative heel is actually quite a big positive, unlike most footwear where the heel of the shoe is higher than the forefoot, some of Yogi’s silhouettes offer the reverse.

A heel that is in fact lower then the forefoot, this corrects the posture of the foot to a more ergonomic standard, and through a domino type effect then corrects the posture of your legs and spine. And you better believe that this tiny change makes the shoes incredibly comfortable from the moment you put them on. Pretty neat isn’t it? We certainly think so!

Lineup of Yogi's Footwear Styles

Our current Yogi offering is comprised of the ‘Finn Shoe’, ‘Fairfield Boot’ and ‘Finn II Shoe’.

Finn Shoe
Yogi's Finn Shoe

The Finn Shoe, like all of Yogi’s Shoes, is lovingly handcrafted in Portugal. The silhouette offers a combination of luxurious materials with a blend of calf leather and unlined suede in the upper, stitched to the Italian Crepe Sole for long-lasting durability and comfort. Leather laces add to the rustic aesthetic of the shoe while subtle tab branding and tonal colourways complete the contemporary visuals.

Fairfield boot

Yogi's Fairfield Boot

Yogi’s Fairfield Boot is visually similar to the brands Finn Shoe. Built atop an ergonomic recycled crepe footbed, or alternatively a lightweight EVA sole, the boot is crafted with soft leathers and suedes in the upper. With some colourways, the customer receives a choice of two laces, a leather pair for more contemporary styling, or a pair fabricated from paracord to give off a more rugged outdoorish look.

Finn II Shoe

Yogi's Finn II Shoe

At first glance the Finn II Shoe looks identical to its predecessor, but those of you with an eagle eye will have noticed that the shoes sole is slightly different. Remember the ‘Negative Heel Sole’ that we spoke about earlier? yeah, that’s that bad boy in action. Its outstanding comfort combined with the premium uppers make this pair an absolute must have.

In fact, they’re all must haves. GIVE ME THEM ALL! If you want to have a closer look at the result of Yogi’s master craftsmanship, or indeed want to grab yourself a pair then head down to the store or click through to the category via the link below.