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Our Legacy Brand Guide

Our Legacy Brand Guide

Our legacy
, a Swedish company which was born in 2005 have became a household name with their take on simple, traditional pieces which thy have remodelled and restyled the ‘Our Legacy Way’.

Our Legacy Logo

Our aim is “To create timeless garments in a natural, well-dressed, and comfortable way… not over-strained, nor too fashiony; conservative but playful and relaxed in expression; sophisticated yet light and nonchalant; made to look thrown together in a perfectly natural way”
-    Cristopher Nying , Co-founder of Our Legacy

Our Legacy pride themselves in producing high quality clothing items with the distinctive classic feel to cater for the needs of the modern man. A lot of brands have been taking inspiration from the years gone, but Our Legacy is one of the best at it. Reflecting trends and styles from the past, they take these and add their unique twist, to make outfits look effortless in a perfect kind of way. Mixed with light soft neutral colours, they stand out from the crowd.

Our Legacy Clothing Collection

This season’s collection from Our Legacy aims to close the gap between the youthful casual wear and the more formal wear.  Since there creation in 2005, we can safely say this brand has never stuck to one style and trend, they float from trend to trend, picking inspiration up as they go to create a unique pieces and never committing to any given trend, This season is no different.

“A Constellation Within”, is Spring Summer 2012s official collection. It ranges from the brands favourites to the more unique concepts and pieces to add a little life and soul to the assembly.

Our Legacy pieces are versatile, wearable in various occasions and easily transferable, from daytime to night time. From shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and jumpers, threre something for everyone.


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