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Aphrodite Days Out: Port of Call

The third venture of the Aphrodite ‘Days Out’ series.


Clad in some of Aphrodite’s latest arrivals and essential pieces, we took to the Port Of Call to try out some of their latest additions to the menu. Grabbing a couple of the more favoured specials (and a cocktail or two) we headed to the balcony to kick back and catch some sun.


Kenzie wore a classic Stone Island Compass Sweatshirt, Norse Projects Ezra Light Twill Trousers and a quality pair of Paraboot Michaels.


Charlotte opted for an Edwin Logo Tee, Nudie’s White Gritty Jackson Jeans and a fresh pair of CDG PLAY Converse. Layering up with Norse Projects’ Tyge Overshirt and accessorizing with Ray-bans Clubmaster Sunglasses.


Thanks again to the guys and girls over at Port Of Call! If you’d like to check out our outfits in more depth take a look at the short look book below, and if you see something you like, head over to our latest arrivals page to grab it.


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