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Autry Footwear

Autry Brand Guide

Autry joins the footwear line-up at Aphrodite clothing…

Autry Footwear History

Introduced to wardrobes in 1982, Jim Autry founded the timeless pairs that are Autry trainers. Focusing on tennis, running, and aerobic-style trainers, he created casual footwear that would always sport the American flag on the side of the shoe. Autry won several awards during the 80s for their innovative and technical sports shoes, as well as being rated 5 stars by the Runner World magazine in 1987. The popularity of this shoe spiked at just the right time, it was a period where there was a lot of clout around wearing a trainer as an everyday shoe and not just for sport. Autry did just that, from being a shoe that was originally marketed as a tennis shoe to an 80s casual trainer phenomenon.   

Autry Footwear

While the success of his footwear brand was just blooming, the footwear creatives took a step back in the 90s when founder Jim Autry sadly passed away, and no descendants were interested in carrying on the legacy, leaving the brand to be off the radar for 20 years. It wasn’t until 2019 that Autry was picked back up by Alberto Raengo and his two business partners, alongside Patrizio de Marco, the ex-CEO of Gucci and Bottega Veneta. After being known as the “shoe with the American flag”, Autry returns as just that in their comeback, still sporting the American flag for their signature look, also bringing in some 80s aesthetics.

Autry Footwear  Autry’s Designs

The reintroduction of Autry has seen reimagined styles of their iconic models, keeping classic 80s designs and great craftmanship throughout, the designs have hardly changed since the debut. Perforated vamps, vintage layered details, and minimal white leather combine to create a modern take on the pieces that Jim Autry introduced to the world. Aesthetically, Autry trainers are sleek and timeless, a pair that you can’t help but come back to. They go with everything, and the un busy silhouette has also allowed for the brand to experiment with colours to the uppers and the soles, while its vintage-esque designs have come around at a perfect time in fashion where the 80s and 90s are starting to repeat themselves.     

Autry Footwear

With a timeless aesthetic and easy to wear visual, you can pick up a pair of Autry Trainers online at Aphrodite Clothing.


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