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A Rare Revival: The Iconic adidas Bali Trainers Return

The iconic adidas Bali trainers, renowned for their rarity are making a triumphant return after decades off the scene. Dive into the details of this exciting revival and see why these trainers are once again setting pulses racing in the sneaker world.

Island Inspiration: Drawing Colors from the Vibrant Bali

Since their debut in 1977, the adidas Bali trainers have maintained a cherished status among collectors. Handcrafted in France and inspired by the vibrant island, these shoes became renowned for their unique design and limited availability. Their cultural significance and exclusivity solidified their position as coveted pieces in sneaker history.

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A Collector’s Dream: Why the adidas Bali Holds Enduring Appeal

Breaking the silence, adidas Originals has recently announced the reintroduction of these iconic trainers on the 1st of March, sparking renewed excitement. Going beyond mere footwear, the adidas Bali represents a distinctive fusion of artistry, cultural influences, and adidas heritage. Possessing a pair is akin to holding a fragment of timeless style, celebrated for its authenticity and enduring charm.

adidas Originals Bali Tongue

Premium Materials & Classic Branding: A Recipe for Timeless Style

This reimagined version of the adidas Bali remains faithful to the original’s spirit through a purist approach. The adidas team concentrated on a clean silhouette crafted with premium materials and classic branding, allowing the rich, vibrant colours to dominate and define the shoe’s identity.

adidas Originals Bali Heel Logo

The upper boasts buttery soft suede, complemented by deep blue 3-Stripes and a matching heel panel. A touch of heritage is interwoven with subtle adidas Bali branding on the tongue and heel, while a suede tongue adds a dash of lightweight comfort. The textured rubber sole, coated in the same rich blue and adorned with adidas branding, completes the classic, terrace-inspired look.

The re-release of the adidas Bali this March presents an opportunity to own a piece of history, transcending the realm of mere footwear. It stands as a symbol of heritage, craftsmanship, and timeless style, inviting enthusiasts to embrace and celebrate the legacy of this iconic sneaker.

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When is the releaas date?

Hey pandu, release date on these is 1st March. Sign Up to our newsletter to find out when they’ve go live.

Can i pre order the adidas bali size 8 pls?

Regards Mr Darren Mason

Hey Darren, we don’t do pre-orders but to find out exactly when they drop, sign up to our newsletter (either through our insta linktree or the pop up on the adidas trainers page)

@joe will the Bali be on general release like the bern were or will it be a raffle? Thanks

Hi, Mark. We don’t do raffles here at Aphrodite, the Bali will go live on the site the morning of release. Cheers, Joe

Are you able to send it to united states?

Hi Raven, we are able to ship to the US! However the Bali has now sold out. But word is that we’re getting a second shipment in very soon. If you sign up to our newsletter here https://www.aphrodite1994.com/newsletter-signup?utm_source=Instagram&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=Linktree+Newsletter you’ll find out exactly when the second lot go live. Best of luck!

why haven’t I received a refund in my bank account?

Hi! If you contact our customers services team at [email protected] with your order number and details of the enquiry, we’ll try and get this sorted as best we can. Cheers.

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