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CP Company Metropolis Jacket

CP Company Metropolis Jacket Is Back!

CP Company Metropolis Jacket Dyneema Primaloft AW20

Originally created for the turn of the century with the uncertainty of the Millennium and what it will bring, CP Company designed and developed the original Metropolis Jacket, which became part of the Urban Protection collection. With the idea of wanting to create practical, protective and the most innovative known, they came up with the cult CP Company Metropolis Jacket.

CP Company Metropolis Jacket
Fast forward to September 2020 and again with all of the uncertainty around the world at the moment,  the Metropolis jacket is back and better than ever. This brand new version of the jacket has been constructed from high-performance Dyneema® composition fabric which is 5 times stronger than steel and can float on water. The jacket also boasts all the innovative design features of the original and comes complete with a face mask. Other features include a Primaloft insulated inner jacket, secure front pocket, full zip fasten, storm flap, removable hood, and a removable Velcro logo. CP Company have truly created a unique futuristic jacket that will become a collectors edition in a few years to come.

Dyneema® composition fabric
The Metropolis has been crafted from the highest strength to weight man-made fibre, Dyneema. With a construction 5 times stronger than high strength steel, this is an ultra lightweight extra strong fabric that will last a lifetime.

This is a must-have for any CP Company collector and is strictly limited numbers.

CP Company Metropolis

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