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Jason Markk – Keeping Kicks Fresh Since ’07

When you’re buying a fresh pair of kicks its quite easy to overlook the idea of shoe-care. Which is a bit crazy in our opinion. When you compare trainers to your clothes, they don’t get half of the amount of love and care that they deserve, even though they’re usually the centre-point of every outfit. Lucky for you lot shoe-cleaning experts Geoff and Fola, from Jason Markk, have popped up to our Sunderland store this week to give us a bit of a refresher on how to properly look after your most prized possessions.


Fola, left, and Geoff, right, talking the team through the brands history and industry leading products

We admit, the premise of shoe-care can be a bit overwhelming, after all there are hundreds of different products on the market that do a million different things. That’s why its always easiest to stick with the OG’s.

Founded in 2007, eponymous brand Jason Markk was the first to offer a wide range of shoe-care, replacing the need for homemade remedies that could potentially damage or ruin your trainers. Fast track roughly 15 years into the future and they’re are still the go-to for all-round shoe-care, especially on the Aphrodite shop floor.

Jason Markk Staff TrainingGeoff explained that the brands eco-friendly mindset and natural products are what sets them apart from competitors

If you ever happen to visit us in store, be sure to ask a member of staff about how to care for your trainers, we’ll be more than happy to give you a run through the details of each product and the best ways to use them. Shopping online? Then check out the detailed description and how-to-use section under each shoe-care product.

Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner

Jason Markk Shoe-Cleaner in action

Again, big thanks to Fola and Geoff for popping up to refresh our Jason Markk knowledge, be sure to give the guys a follow at @jasonmarkk.eu on instagram.

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