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Stone Island Nylon Metal Colour Weft Fabric

What is Stone Island’s Nylon Metal Colour Weft Fabric

Stone Island are renowned for their extensive fabric research and garment dying which over the years have set them apart in the fashion scene and helped them gain an army of dedicated followers, collectors and connoisseurs of the brand. Revered by many, the brand is constantly researching and testing and their drive and dedication have been setting themselves head and shoulder above many of their counterparts for years.

Due to the brands extensive research, they have been able to produce some exclusive worldwide fabrics including Raso Gommato, Nylam, and Monobravo. Another fabric to add to their collection is the Nylon Metal Colour Weft. Featuring heavily in Stone Island’s SS17 collection, the Nylon Metal is one of the most versatile fabrics issued from Stone Island’s textile research, and for the SS17 season has been enhanced with coloured tones. The enriched shadings of colour has been introduced in the shape of the tinted shiny weaved yarns while the finished garments have undergone the brands double garment dying process- enhancing and enriching the colour.

Aphrodite are stocking a range of garments for the SS17 season which take advantage of the Nylon Metal Colour Weft Fabric including a range of jackets.

Stone Island Jacket

The below video showcases the properties and details of the fabric.

6615 Stone Island _ Spring Summer ‘017 Nylon Metal Colour Weft from Stone Island on Vimeo.

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