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Canada Goose Crofton Hoody in Black

Canada Goose Crofton Hoody : Comfort & Status

Canada Goose’s core collection of outerwear is sought-after worldwide. Be it the Langford Parka, the Armstrong Hoody, Wyndham silhouette, or any of the brand’s other noteworthy iterations, these iconic designs are linchpins of the organisation and we welcome them every year with open arms. But while these tried and tested favourites hold permanent tenure in our wardrobes, every now and then, it’s time to shake it up and carve a spot for new styles within our collection. Want to know our recommendation for switching things up this year? It’s the Canada Goose Crofton Hoody.

Portable & Packable

Personifying the luxury label’s longstanding dedication to high quality and style, this latest jacket is simultaneously deluxe and dependable. Ideal for navigating the transitional months ahead, the Canada Goose Crofton Hoody is a complete all-rounder and can seamlessly adapt to any scenario. For instance, the silhouette boasts the ability to pack away into its interior left pocket within a moment’s notice – doing so to form a portable pouch complete with a branded shoulder strap that can also double up as backpack straps when the jacket is unpacked and put on. These elasticated straps essentially allow for a hands-free, over the shoulders look.

Canada Goose Crofton Hoody Fit

Canada Goose Crofton Hoody Fit & Insulation

Streamlined in Canada Goose’s slim fit, the garment opts for a channel fill construction (750 fill power white duck down) to yield the highest thermal capacity without unnecessary bulk. And the technical tooling doesn’t stop there. The brand’s official Thermal Experience Index™ indicates that the Crofton Hoody is perfectly suited to light activity, with a temperate gage of 5° to -5°, you can utilise this outerwear design whether you’re off-grid on hiking trails or nestled deep within urban dimensions.

Having struck a superb balance between insulation and motion, the design is also rendered to be wind resistant and water repellent, meaning that if you’re caught in untimely spring showers, you don’t need to take a rain check, simply breeze through blustery downpours when in the cityscape.

Crofton Hoody Canada Goose

Additional Features of the Canada Goose Crofton Hoody

Available in a trio of versatile shades – red, black and navy – the Crofton Hoody features an array of additional features, including a suede tricot chin guard for optimal softness and minimal skin friction. It also carries a cord lock hood with reflective accents for a custom fit and increased visibility in poor conditions. Power Stretch® cuffs and underarm gussets both address the body’s contours and enhancing its fit plus range of motion whilst two exterior and three interior pockets provide ample space for keeping your hands warm or storing smaller valuables.

Signed off with the synonymous red disc logo at the sleeve, the Canada Goose Crofton Hoody harmonises the need for comfort with the desire for status. Put your faith in the brand’s expertise and make this jacket your next go-to for tricky weather. Take a closer look at the design in the video below.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody

Canada Goose Lodge Hoody – Versatility Guaranteed

Versatile, lightweight and protective, the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody is an iconic piece of the brand’s outerwear lineage. Boasting a number of function focused features and slotting seamlessly into modern day styling, the well-rounded piece proves itself an ideal choice whether traipsing through city streets or hot footing across more rigorous terrain. Having recently been on the receiving end of an aesthetic update, we think there is no better time to take a closer look at what makes the Lodge Hoody such a personal favourite for us and so many others.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody


What Is The Lodge Hoody Made From?

The Canada Goose Lodge Hoody is crafted form the brand’s Base Camp 20D material. Made up of a nylon ripstop shell fabric in both a classic glossy baffled and sleek modern matte finish, the composition ensures plenty of durability without adding too much additional weight. Offering both wind and water resistance to further strengthen its practical position, the jacket comes insulated with a 750 fill power hutterite white duck down for exceptional heat retention.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Jacket


How Does It Fit?

The Lodge Hoody is cut to fit slim on the body and sits at hip length. The purpose of this, aside from giving it a smart easily worn appearance, is to trap hot air in and keep out any unwanted draught as well as allow the piece to be layered much more effectively and preserve freedom of movement.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Down Jacket


Where Is It Made?

Like the majority of Canada Goose’s offering, the Lodge Hoody is made in Canada using imported and domestic materials. For example the down used throughout the jacket is sourced in North America and incorporates Canadian Hutterite for a truly quality finish.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Chest Pocket


Is The Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Waterproof?

Whilst not entirely waterproof, the garment does boast some water resistance thanks to the ripstop nylon fabric it comes made from and its DWR coating. This means that battling intermittent light showers should be no problem but when facing down pours and cold temperatures the jacket excels as a mid-layer beneath a shell.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Hood


What Are The Key Product Features?

When it comes to features, the Lodge Hoody packs a serious amount into its rather trim package. Starting with storage capabilities, on the exterior you can find zip pockets to the chest and each side. Continuing inside a zip secured security pocket is ideal for keeping important items on your person whilst a further mesh drop pocket delivers quick and on-the-go access to personal belongings.

Further enhanced with a drop hem at the back for further elemental protection, adjusters to the hood and waist as well as an interior draw cord and power stretch cuffs are on hand for a more refined and tailored fit. With a tricot chin guard to stop abrasion when worn fully zipped up, the jacket also boasts a two-way zipper with interior storm flap to bolster your defences. Finishing with a fully packable frame, the Lodge Hoody can be easily folded into its chest pocket for not only easy carrying but a useful travel pillow should the situation call for it.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Two-Way Zip


Will it Keep Me Warm When Temperatures Drop?

Despite its lightweight nature the Lodge Hoody still packs a warming punch. Rated on the brand’s Thermal Experience Index as suitable for temperatures ranging from 0°c down to -15°c, it sits in Canada Gooses, ‘versatile’ characterisation meaning it specialises in core warmth, comfort and usability. Whilst slightly less insulating than some of their other output, this jacket balances heat retention with the desire for those who wish to travel unencumbered.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Internal Pocket


Is The Jacket Packable?

Yes, the Canada Goose Lodge Hoody compresses fully down into its zip chest pocket, allowing for easy carrying if temperatures begin to rise. It also doubles as a handy travel pillow for any long haul excursions.


Canada Goose Lodge Hoody Packable

If you have any further questions or we missed anything, be sure to put them in the comments below and we’d be happy to help!


Canada Goose Chilliwack Jacket

Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket : Staff Knowledge Share

The Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket Explained 

When it comes to designer knowledge and the finer details of various Aphrodite items, few people are wiser in the area than our very own store staff. The Aphrodite ‘Staff Knowledge Share’ series offers our team members the chance to share their expertise on a wide range of luxury brands that call our roster home and this week it’s Jorge’s turn to explore the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket. Fiercely durable and guaranteed to keep you toasty when the weather takes a turn for the worse, let’s find out what Sales Assistant Jorge knows about this iconic design.

Canada Goose Jacket

Backstory & Construction:

Currently available in black and royal blue (Polar Bear Institute) colourways, with red, olive and graphite versions served up seasonally, the Chilliwack Bomber jacket is a personal favourite with Aphrodite customers. Though nowhere near as bitter as the Arctic, from which the brand continually draws inspiration, up here in the North of England things can turn pretty cold, pretty quickly, which is why jackets of this thermal caliber are well-loved in the region.

Crafted with a robust polycotton outer that’s sure to resist general wear and tear, plus heavy abrasions, it’s lined with nylon which makes it efficient in gliding on top of base layers for that extra swatch of warmth. Additionally, the Chilliwack boasts a fill power rating of 625, therefore meriting the silhouette immensely insulating. More specifically, the utilised duck down has approximately two million fluffy filaments that interlock and overlap with each ounce, creating warming pockets of air while worn through in testing temperatures. CG certifies the design appropriate for the most extreme conditions with a temperature gage of -10°C to -20°C.

A removable fur ruff is featured at the hood. The fur has been ethically sourced in North America and its purpose is to diminish air flow; instead framing the face and creating turbulent warm air within the hood which directly retains head and neck heat. This retention is further functioned with wiring set within the hood which provides stability and structure.

Water-resistant and imbued with Arctic Tech®, the shell of the garment features a zip closure and storm flap, four fleece-lined pockets with an extra zip pocket situated on the sleeve and ribbed trims for locking in body heat. With functionality firmly on side, Canada Goose complete the jacket’s exterior with some colourful details, including the signature red, white and blue disc logo, coupled alongside monikers placed at the zipper and bottom left pocket.

Canada Goose Fit & Sizing:

When investing in a jacket of the Chilliwack’s stature we know how important it is for our customers to be sure that they’re ordering the right size, which is why we’ve detailed some sizing advice in the notes below.

  • The Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber runs from sizes S to XXL here at Aphrodite.
  • From past experience, we’ve found that our own customers tend to drop one size down to their normal size as the Chilliwack’s construction can be fairly generous. However, if you’re happy to take the time to test various sizes, we always recommend starting with your usual size.

Caring for the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket:

  • Dry clean only. Remove fur ruff before dry cleaning to avoid damage.
  • Do not machine wash.
  • As a standard, Canada Goose offer a lifetime guarantee if the product is faulted by themselves – offering to repair or replace the jacket if damaged.


Canada Goose Chilliwack


Adds Ons & Alternatives:

The Chilliwack Bomber Jacket can be paired with an array of CG accessories to ensure that your look is uniform from head to toe. Here at Aphrodite we stock a selection of Canada Goose hats & scarves in an assortment of colours for your liking.

If you’re unable to secure the size you need in the Chilliwack, we think the Canada Goose Wyndham Parka is a great alternative. Priced slightly higher at £895, it’s formulated with all of the same elements of the Chilliwack – just losing the bomber’s ribbed hemline and also opting for a new snap fastening.

Priced at £850, the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomer Jacket is now available online and in-store at Aphrodite.

Canada Goose Armstrong Coat

Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody: A Closer Look

The cool, blustery conditions of winter are unavoidable as we enter January and far beyond, but with thay said, it’s certainly not all doom and gloom from here on out. With these plummeting, erratic temperatures, comes a much-needed chance to update your rotation, making this month the perfect time to invest in the Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody.

If you’re already the proud owner of a Canada Goose garment, we’re pretty confident you can vouch for the brand’s function-first motto. CG pieces are undeniably purpose-driven; they fuse the brand’s affinity for extreme conditions with a desire to develop apparel that responds to the harshest of elements in a robust, yet sleek, street-sturdy manner. All sound good? Keep reading…

Features of The Jacket

Whether you’re bound for an Après Ski scenario this year, or simply need to navigate the UK’s climates, we’re recommending the Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody as your number one companion. Why? Well, to begin with, the jacket is fabricated with a durable nylon shell, featuring Cordura® fabric in pinpoint areas to withstand everyday wear and tear. In addition to this, the entire silhouette is packed to the brim with fluffy down fill; meaning whether you’re on the slopes or in the city’s tangled streets, this one will keep you immensely insulated.

Canada Goose Armstrong JacketCanada Goose Armstrong Hoody BackCanada Goose Logo

How Does The Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody Fit?

While we’re on the topic of the jacket’s exterior appeal, it would be foolish to continue without mentioning its favourable fit. The Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody is built to retain heat through the utilisation of a bespoke cut and an assortment of functional features. These include drawstring adjustments at its hood, a zip-through closure and Recessed Power Stretch® cuffs with a thumbhole construction for keeping sleeves in place during activity.

Also to the exterior, two fleece-lined pockets sit either side of the coat’s waist for keeping your hands warm through cold days or for storing several of your everyday essentials. As well as these crucial compartments, a further set of interior pockets provide more storage for necessities, while one of them also allows the jacket to fold down and pack away into within a moment’s notice. Convenient or what?

To finish, adept and meticulous Canadian craftsmanship ensures every feature on the jacket is certified to the highest of standards, while the brand’s signature red disc logo completes the left arm with performance prestige.

Where Can I Buy The Canada Goose Armstrong Jacket?

Take a more in-depth look at the Canada Goose Armstrong Hoody in the video below or browse our full selection of Canada Goose online.

cold weather essentials

Cold Weather Essentials

It’s brass, the possibility of snow is inevitable and you can’t keep wearing all your clothes at once to try and stay warm. Desperate times call for desperate measures and what you need is some reliable, durable and protective gear to see you through mother natures worst. Robust denim, a Thick jacket, cosy beanie, tough boots and of course the all-important colourful socks. Behold, the answer to all your winter woes.

Winter Clothing

Unless you plan on hibernating until spring has sprung then the threat of snow looming on the horizon may have you shaking in your suede shoes. When it comes to cold, wet, generally unpleasant weather the truth is you just can’t go wrong with a premium pair of leather boots. We chose the Avoriaz Jannu from Paraboot. Handmade in France for the toughest terrain the boots feature a padded collar and tongue for exceptional comfort as well as a double-stitched Norwegian welt commando sole for grip, support and sturdiness. Top it all off with some heavy duty striped laces and a rich waxy brown colour for a touch of mature styling and watch your icey fears melt away. But, of course what is a good pair of boots without a really nice set of socks to go with them? Luckily for us our cold weather fellow northerners across the pond, Norse Projects have just supplied us a fresh batch of their twisted cotton yarn socks in yellow, purple and, the colour we decided to opt for, red. Very nice indeed.

Paraboot Avoriaz Jannu Boots

Next on the list is a jacket. What jacket? The jokers among you may ask and for that, we’d give you a solid exhale from the nostrils and a firm shake of the head. But we aren’t here to joke around not when it comes to waiting for the bus in below freezing. We’re looking for water and wind resistance, a warm lining and plenty of embedded functionality, let us introduce you to the Wyndham parka from Canada Goose. With the brands signature down filling, a removable fur ruff lined hood, rib knit cuffs and a total of 6 pockets including, fleece lined hand warmers, the jacket is designed with extreme conditions and the coldest climates in mind. Finished with a two-way heavy duty zip with additional press stud flap and the Canada Goose patch to the arm this coat makes all the right moves when it comes to keeping you nice and toasty on your urban escapades.  Nipping out on a teabag run at work? No worries. Football match? See you there. The beach in -6°C? Lets do it.

Canada Goose Parka

For those of us who have ever got caught in the rain in a pair of sweatpants we know it’s less than ideal. Couple this with the harsh frost ladened winds and you’ve got yourself a pretty abysmal time by all accounts. Well, try not to beat yourself up too much because, as we all know, after the rain comes a rainbow, in this case, a rainbow pair of selvage denim from Edwin. Cut from a 12.8oz denim with a mid-rise and relaxed, tapered fit, the jeans are robust enough to last you a lifetime without sacrificing on comfort. Made in the Kuroki Mill in Japan the denim is complete with signature Edwin branding to the back and some delightful stitch detailing.

Edwin Rainbow Selvage Denim Jeans

Did you know the majority of your heat escapes through your head? Well, that’s what everyone reckons anyway. Regardless throwing on a beanie at this time of year is never not a good idea. To finish our look off we decided to go for some subtle matching, pairing an olive Canada Goose beanie with the tones found throughout the camo patterning. Made from a thick 100% wool for both a quality fit and insulating properties, it boasts the unmistakable Canada Goose seal of approval to the front ensuring everyone you pass on the streets knows you mean business.

Canada Goose BeanieSo there we have it some of our top picks to see you through to the summer. You can find all of the products shown above online and in store right now as well as a wide offering of other boots, coats, legwear and accessories.

Canada Goose Armstrong Parka

Canada Goose and Moncler: Winter Coats With An Edge

Canada Goose and Moncler: Winter Coats With An Edge

We’re delving into two of our top luxury outerwear brands. When it comes to taking on a bitter winter’s day, Moncler and Canada Goose are the go-to choices for customers around the world. Just as is the case with Moncler, Canada Goose is engineered to retain warmth through sleek design elements. Read on to learn more about each iconic winter essential. 

Bold winter layers: Moncler mens winter coats, gilets and overshirts.

Moncler and Moncler Grenoble are most certainly reigning high in the ranks when it comes to designer winter coats, and these timeless garments are consistently created to withstand the coldest seasons. .  Amidst a range of accessories and loungewear are the perennial gems it wouldn’t be winter without plus a whole gang of newcomers we seriously suggest you take a look at.

With a diverse range of styles to choose from, each piece embodies the essential hallmarks of the brand. Moncler winter coats are distinguished by their luxury functionality, from locking in warmth with certified down fillings, to distinctive outer shells keeping you sheltered from the elements.  For slightly milder climates, you’ll find an innovative selection of gilets, ideally suited to Autumnal days. You can also layer up in style with the brand’s array of premium hoodies and sweats.

With their staple down insulation, these lightweight pieces are perfect for everyday wear. There’s also an optimum selection of slightly smarter layers to choose from, as the brand lends its effortless design flair to its range of overshirts. — an office favourite here at HQ!

The Moncler brand lends itself to dominating even the harshest of conditions, providing a versatile layer which carries the brand’s compatibility with endurance. Shop our entire range of Moncler winter jackets, and choose a garment that’ll take you through frosty winters for years to come.

Discover more from this distinguished brand with our in-depth style guides on the Moncler Ecrins jacket and the Moncler Maya jacket. Browse our full range of Moncler jackets online, and add a coveted piece to your outerwear collection.

Moncler Marly Jacket

Moncler Lappe Vest

Canada Goose winter jackets: Arctic design for everyday

Canada Goose has become a ubiquitous brand, set apart visually by its contrasting palette of vibrant colours and earthy tones.   

On a deeper level, the brand has a long-standing arctic purpose, embedded in the design and winter-ready engineering that Canada Goose garments have mastered in years gone by. These garments are simply synonymous with cold climates.

A healthy selection of classics and new silhouettes in classic colourways, with each design constructed from their Arctic-Tech fabric and premium duck down insulation, these are guaranteed investment pieces that will last a lifetime.

Canada Goose winter jackets boast an array of design elements that make them perfectly suited to an adventure, even when the temperatures plummet. With a product offering that ranges from parkas to gilets, the collection is characterised by dynamic, stand-out design features. Browse our full selection of Canada Goose jackets online, and add a timeless staple to your wardrobe.


Canada Goose Langford ParkaCanada Goose Hybridge Lite

David Beckham: Style Icon

As a latter-day saint of all things men’s fashion, what will David Beckham be remembered for the most? What is the former England captain’s legacy? His ability as a footballer came unrivalled, the elder statesmen of the Three Lion’s golden generation, one of the first athletes to build a multimedia empire and captivate celebrity tabloid culture from its inception thanks to his marriage with pop superstar turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham but you knew all this. Whilst his playing style and ability may have left him his menswear style has picked up since the heyday of Posh and Becks, making him the style Icon we know today.

He’s developed this ‘fashion thing’. I saw his transition to a different person… so long as it doesn’t affect his football it doesn’t bother me

-Sir Alex Fergusson

The staple in the wardrobe comes from his now seemingly lifelong deal with adidas, the brand that adorned their 3 stripes to the shoulders of the then Manchester United player and birthed a partnership that saw Becks become one of the most lucratively sponsored athletes in the world, rivaled only by Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in his heyday. From the moment he announced himself with that long-range effort against Wimbledon to the day he retired with PSG the boot of choice has been adidas’ long-running predator series, a boot that has seen Beckham lend his own white to champagne colourway even post-retirement, and used as inspiration on newer models such as the adidas Sobakov.

Whilst flexible with his adidas deal, the company does allow him to adorn other trainer brands (just nothing with a swoosh), but you’d be relatively hard pushed to find Beckham in an out and out athletic trainer that isn’t a three stripe affiliate. As seen above, Beckham’s variety of adidas have seen themselves being dressed in smarter confides with tapered and cropped trousers replacing his normal raw denim. It’s refreshing seeing someone like Beckham embrace a contemporary style, mixing knit sneakers with tailored menswear for an ultra-smart look, at it brings another facet to his style game.

Embracing American timeless apparel in his stint stateside at LA Galaxy, Beckham’s fashion wouldn’t be complete without the incorporation of a Polo Ralph Lauren tinged outfit. Mixing formal occasions with his unavoidable moments in the public, the Polo logo has sat proudly upon Beckham in a variety of different constraints, but it’s with his dress down fashion that a light pop of chambray works effectively against jeans and T-shirt. Pushing his style into a traditional menswear style has been an updated fashion prerogative in recent years, and his ability to offer a triple threat of streetwear, menswear and formal wear makes him undisputed in his lookbook dominance.

The heritage menswear look demands a robust boot, something that of course Becks has in abundance. With a wildly changing day to day life, one that includes occasional motorbike rides, trips to the country in the Land Rover Defender and touching down in NYC, the ever-ready Beckham packs similarly sensibilitied boot choice to blend with his outfit whether that be the Chelsea Boot style seen above or the Redwing Moc Toe below.

With style developing through influences and environment, is it a surprise that Manchester still holds a huge inspiration for Beckham’s style? A tonal outfit topped off with a pair of Clarks Wallabees, stood next to a Stone Rose poster with a buttoned-up worker jacket. The only way this could be more Manchester is if there was a patch boldly displayed.

An unusual collaboration with Belstaff that has seen 3 capsule collections and a short film also makes total sense considering Beckham’s modern image, tapping into his enthusiasm for motorcycles, and his penchant for jeans, white t-shirt and a biker jacket. All designs are intrinsically Belstaff, celebrating their craftsmanship and motorcycle heritage.

Layering is a key cornerstone of men’s fashion, so it’s no surprise to see Beckham likes to layer items from brands like Canada Goose and Moncler in his cold-weather wardrobe. Known to incorporate pieces from North Face too, it’s the restructured blazers and down gilet that Beckham is known to wear now than his baggier style of the bygone decade.


Canada Goose Outerwear New Arrivals & Restock

As the winter season reaches its final stretch, it can give a feeling of being never-ending: as I write this, harsh winter storms are battering most of the UK. Thankfully, your friends at Canada Goose have got you, quite literally, covered with a new styles and restocks of their popular Lodge and Brookvale ranges.

Canada Goose Brookvale Jacket

Appearing in both Jacket and Hoody styles in a range of versatile colours, the Lodge and Brookvale are designed to give the wearer all the core warmth they need no matter the weather, while still remaining lightweight and packable for when the sun decides to shine. Featuring ripstop shells for the perfect balance of light weight and durability, and filled with the brand’s signature Hutterite white duck down, whichever style you choose it’ll be the perfect companion for all your adventures.

Canada Goose Lodge Hoody

The highlight of the drop comes in the form of the PBI Lodge Hoody. Much like the previous seasons’ PBI Chilliwack and Expedition Parka jackets, the PBI Lodge Hoody is created in conjunction with Polar Bears International, an organisation dedicated to preserving polar bear habitats worldwide, and is distinguished by its signature ‘PBI Blue’ colourway and Polar Bear logo badge to the sleeve. Every sale of these jackets also gets donated to the PBI, so you can rest assured that you’re doing good while you’re looking good.

Canada Goose Lodge Jacket Badge

Shop the whole Canada Goose range in-store and online at Aphrodite.

Canada Goose SS18 drops at Aphrodite

Canada Goose was our saviour in winter, with styles such as the Chilliwack, Hybridge and Chateau parka being bestsellers throughout the colder months with their insulating properties. The brand for premium outerwear has just dropped their SS18 collection, introducing a range of slimline bomber jackets and lightweight pieces which will be ideal for the unpredictable weather.

Canada Goose SS18

The Faber bomber jacket is a prime example of what Canada Goose stand for; premium outerwear which always looks impeccable. Presented in a distinctive sandstorm camo colour-way, it has to be said that after seasons of block coloured garments, you would look twice after seeing the Canada Goose badge. The Faber, which is also available to buy in black, is the lightweight version of the Chilliwack bomber jacket. A two-way zip decorates the front, covered with a storm flap to conceal the fastening for a sleeker look. The abstract print alone is set to make this jacket turn heads. Not only oozing contemporary style, the Faber is durable and wind resistant without the excess weight. Crafted from Dura-Force nylon fabric which gives the jacket these properties without making the garment too heavy during the warmer days. Pockets are featured on the hips, with a military-style pocket to the sleeve. Of course, the Canada Goose logo sits on the sleeve, pride of place for an iconic finish.

Canada Goose Blue Jacket

The Dunham jacket is a similar style to the Faber, but holds a slightly slimmer fit. The casual padded bomber in permafrost grey features a high neckline which is crafted from ribbed cotton, making it comfortable and ensuring a great fit around the neck. Elasticated panelling is subtly boasted across the middle of the sleeves for movement and detail, co-ordinating with the black cotton cuffs which also have a stretch ability. Contrasting quilted panelling throughout the jacket gives a flattering, modern look which boasts timeless style. Choose from either the permafrost grey or black colour-way in this style.

Canada Goose Grey Jacket

The Cabri hoody is the ideal piece to transition between the elements, this silhouette is hooded, with a slim fit and light down fill to the durable nylon shell. Offering strategically placed down baffles to lock in warmth where you need it most, the hoody also has ribbed accents to the cuffs and hem for extra fit and comfort. One feature that makes this jacket so practical is the interior straps, enabling the wearer to take off the jacket and carry it on their shoulders if needed. The Cabri is available to buy in marine blue and black.

If you’re on the look-out for a durable jacket to suit the transitional weather, check out our range of Canada Goose online now. Also available in our Sunderland store.

Canada Goose SS18