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Danner Bull Run Boots Brown

Danner Bull Run Boots : Work or Leisure

Merging the worlds of casual styling and robust workwear, the Danner Bull Run Boots are one of the American based  brand’s fundamental silhouettes. Highlighting some of the most traditional and highly regarded techniques within the industry and merging it with both contemporary good looks and a serious array of real-world functionality, the boots have remained a constant on our shelves for years. If you’ve found yourself sitting on the Bull Run fence for too long or have yet to have them appear on your footwear radar, here is a full rundown of why they are so good.


Danner Bull Run Boots


What is the Danner Bull Run Made From?

Made from a full-grain leather, The Bull Run aims to strike the perfect balance between robust protection and all-day comfort. Unlined to allow for a more lightweight feel and greater breathability when things get warm, Danner deploy a series of 7 tests ranging from strength and density to pull to ensure the leather used is hardwearing enough to withstand external forces, but also malleable enough to mould to the foot over time. Constructed using techniques that date back to 1932 and made in the USA their stitchdown technique makes for a wider more stable platform and easier repairs should they be needed.


Danner Boots


Are Danner Bull Runs Waterproof?

Due to their unlined nature Danner Bull Runs are not waterproof, however that’s not to say they don’t offer any protection. Tanned with the inclusion of oil, the specialist treatment enhances the fabrics natural water resistant properties whilst also ensuring less maintenance overtime.


Danner Bull Run


Are Bull Runs Comfortable?

The Bull Run sits atop a Danner wedge sole. Not only does this sole grant contemporary visuals, but it comes engineered to follow the flow and anatomy of the foot offering support where its needed most. Both oil and slip resistant as well as non-conducive, the design allows room for a cushioned footbed for even more comfort. Recommended for smooth surfaces such as concrete or wood, a non-tracking grip ensures an easy ride.


Bull Run Boots


How Do Danner Bull Runs Fit?

Combining a Portland 503 last and the aforementioned stitch down construction, The Bull Runs come with a casual feel and slightly wider than usual fit to offer extra room across the forefoot and toebox. Despite this many people do usually take their true size however some may find they run a little roomy.

Take a look at them on foot below…



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Danner Mountain Light Cascade

Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots : For Those Who Cut New Trails

Why To Invest in the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots

If you’re the seasoned backpacker type or fancy yourself as a bit of an adventurer seeker, you’ll probably regard the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots as the holy grail of footwear. Packed full to the brim with hiking heritage, they’re equal parts practical as they are pleasing on the eye and that’s what has made them such a hit with outdoors lovers since 1979.

How are the Danner Mountain Light Cascade boots made?

Crafted in the brand’s USA factory, situated in Portland, Oregon, these sturdy boots are hand made from top to bottom by Danner’s trusted workforce. The latest iteration of the silhouette takes design cues from the OG Mountain Light – which debuted 42 years ago – ensuring that its purpose, its integrity and its quality output remain the same, only with the added benefit of modern-day tech riding out underfoot.

Full-grain leather is draped across the boot’s upper, offering a rugged tan aesthetic throughout which is accompanied by one-piece leather at the tongue. This extra structuring in the tongue means that the silhouette keeps its shape while also locking rain and debris out.

And the weatherproof properties don’t stop there as a GORE-TEX membrane sits within the boot’s lining, making it not only waterproof but breathable as well. The GORE-TEX liner will wick away moisture too, making the intensity of your pursuits, no matter how chilled or extreme, a complete breeze.

Danner Mountain Light Boots Laces

Are the Danner Mountain Light boots comfortable?

The simple answer is yes, they’re superbly comfortable. Weighing in at just 62oz per pair, these boots are incredibly light on the feet so you’ll never feel like you’re hauling unnecessary bulk about. Another great thing about them is the fact they require little to no breaking in time. Imagine you’re going on a spur of the moment hike with the lads but don’t own suitable footwear for such trails, just swing by and pick up a pair of these and be on your merry way. It really is that fuss-free of a process.

Positioned underfoot is a Vibram® Kletterlift outsole, which, as you can already imagine, having derived from the rubber outsole pioneer, is wholly durable and reliable. The micro-cellular wedge construction is specifically designed with rocky terrain in mind and this is proven in its shock-absorbing aptitude, plus its unparalleled traction.

Danner Mountain Light Sole

How do the Danner Mountain Light Cascade boots fit?

Built on a 650 EE last, the Danner Mountain Light Cascade offers a relaxed, casual fit and therefore we recommend taking a half size down to your usual size. The employment of a stitchdown construction also widens the overall platform for the foot.

Danner Mountain Light Boots Cascade Clovis

If you needed an extra nudge in committing to buying these boots, we hope this blog suffices. The longstanding heritage, minimal wear-in time and rock-solid performance imbued into this boot already has us sold. It should have you sold too.

Shop the Danner Mountain Light Cascade Boots. Shop the entire Danner Boots Range. Check out the Danner Mountain Light Boots in the video below.


Danner Boots Store Visit

We recently took a visit from our good friend Frank from Danner UK for a primer on the brand, its provenance, and a hands-on experience on just what makes their boots so special.

Frank from Danner UK at Aphrodite Clothing

Unlike in the US, Danner has a relatively low profile in Europe – in fact, Danner’s UK distribution is handled by Frank and a sole business partner – so it was great to hear about the ins and outs of the brand from someone with so much passion and expertise. Not only that, but we were able to get a sneak preview of what’s to come for the next couple of seasons: keep your eyes on our social channels for more information soon!

Danner Boots in store at Aphrodite Clothing

Big thanks to Frank and Danner for taking the time to pay us a visit. Check out our Brand Guide to learn more about Danner for yourself, then shop the range to grab a pair of these fantastic boots.

Frank from Danner Boots UK




Danners Brand Guide

Danner Boots

Of all the fashion trends of the last decade, perhaps the most important is the move towards sustainability – brands and consumers alike changing their habits and practices to benefit the planet we inhabit. Aside from the ethical considerations, the ‘buy-it-for-life’ mentality also makes sense financially: spending more money on individual products that are of a higher quality with the view to having them last a lifetime of wear. There are few products that benefit from this more than a good pair of boots. Not only will the right pair remain looking stylish season after season, but a well-looked-after pair of quality boots will last longer than any fashion trend, making them a perfect investment. With their insanely durable, fully re-craftable range of boots, the USA’s Danner Boots could be your new footwear go-to.


Danners History

The brand was founded by Charles Danner in 1932, who had noticed a drop in quality, American-made footwear after the Great Depression hit, and so set out to make his own. The boots were aimed at the burgeoning timber industry in the Pacific Northwest, and so had to be both durable and affordable. Thanks to his uncompromising approach to best quality at the best price, Danner soon developed a reputation for reliability, which earned them a contract to produce footwear for the U.S. military, which the brand still holds to this day.

After the Second World War, Danners started to branch out into other varieties of footwear, spurred on by the rising popularity of outdoor leisure activities in the 50s and 60s. In the early seventies, the Danner brand released its first specialised hiking boot, the 6490, which coincided with the peaking popularity of hobbyist hiking and mountain climbing. After receiving rave reviews in outdoor magazines and sell-out production runs, the brand was able to relocate to a larger factory in Portland, Oregon, which still remains their base of operations today.

This larger factory not only allowed production to increase but for the brand to branch out and experiment with ways to push the boundaries and make their product the best it could be. To this end they partnered with W.L. Gore Ltd. (now known as Gore-Tex) to add a liner to their boots that were not only waterproof but breathable, allowing them to reduce the weight considerably while still maintaining all the boot’s technical properties. This breakthrough served as the genesis for two of the brand’s most enduringly iconic styles: the Mountain Light and Danner Light, which form the core of the Danners range.


Where to Buy Danners

Today Danners still pushes these technical boundaries, working with industry experts like Gore-Tex and Vibram to create modern styles like the Mountain 600, while still making tweaks and improvements to their heritage range, ensuring that they’ve got a pair of boots for all tastes. They only use the finest leathers in their manufacturing process: each hide undergoes a strenuous sequence of tests to ensure consistency, durability and, of course, good looks. This attention to detail is readily apparent in the Bull Run work boot: a simple design elevated by a beautiful, waxy leather that’s sure to age wonderfully with proper wear and care.

We are honoured to welcome a brand of Danner’s stature to our range of the world’s finest menswear here at Aphrodite Clothing. We stock a curated selection of the brand’s heritage work and hiking boots, along with the more modern Mountain 600 boot; whichever pair you choose, you’re sure to have a new companion for years to come.

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