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REPLAY Jeans Fit Guide

Replay Brand Guide

Replay Jeans Fit Guide

Along with its sister labels REPLAY&SONS and WE ARE REPLAY, denim powerhouse REPLAY is situated under Fashion Box S.p.A.’s umbrella – an Italian company which prides itself on the mass production of denim, dating all the way back to 1981.

In the decades since its launch, REPLAY has redefined the jean sector by manufacturing styles which not only work great on the surface but that also carry so much more than the standard superficial requirements. We’re sure you’ll all agree, jeans are a crucial component within your rotations; not only do they see us through myriads of occasions, but they also help bolster the fabric of our own personal identity. REPLAY recognises and responds to this factor by continually toying with fits, fabrics, colourways and environmental needs which all meld to fulfil the wearer’s individual criteria.

Replay of Recent

In 2012 REPLAY and its parent company Fashion Box built a new path for itself after footwear maestros Matteo and Massimo Sinigaglia acquired a majority share within the business. As fresh-face CEOs of the business, the brotherly duo geared millennial-tuned matters into the company, for example, striking a four-year long deal with FC Barcelona’s first team and officially enlisting Neymar Jnr as one of the brand’s ambassadors, in turn grasping mass market appeal across the globe.

As well as injecting star power into the brand’s new-found formula, Matteo Sinigaglia additionally brought REPLAY up to speed with the ever-changing status of the industry, stating “we understood that denim has an authentic origin but needs a contemporary relevance.” With that said, the Sinigaglia family proceeded to launch the REPLAY Hyperflex line – a responsible denim range that strived to revolutionise the industry as we knew it. In doing so, REPLAY’s jeans uncovered tenancy at the epicentre of innovation, employing a three-layer manufacturing strategy that combined elasticity, fabric recovery and comfort. This leading-edge composition of a Lycra central corespin, wrapped in polyester with an outer cotton layer, helped engineer and then protect their jeans’ ability to stretch.

REPLAY Jeans Fit

How Do Replay Jeans Fit?

If you’re yet to invest in a pair of the brand’s jeans, we highly recommend doing so since there’s a plethora of styles that cater to all sorts of different needs. Discover the fit of REPLAY Anbass, REPLAY Rocco and REPLAY Zeumar in the jean guides below.

Replay Anbass Fit

Just one of the imprint’s signature silhouettes, but by a clear mile the most popular – REPLAY Anbass is a slim-fitting jean that will remain an evergreen piece within your roster. Subject to 44 pre-finish washes, the Anbass is constructed with a regular waist, tight cut through the leg and comfort-rich seating within the thigh. Often found carrying a five-pocket build and faint, sandpapered whiskers on its base, complete with a reverse leather brand patch.

REPLAY Anbass Jeans Fit

Replay Rocco Fit

In contrast to REPLAY’s Anbass, REPLAY Rocco is subject to just 5 pre-finish washes. Rendered with a regular waist and comfort fit construction on the hips, this straight leg jean boasts five classic pockets, a zip fly and plenty of everyday versatility.

REPLAY Rocco Jeans Fit

Replay Zeumar Chino Fit

In a brief but slick blip from their jean offerings, the Italian brand turns its attention to chinos with the REPLAY Zeumar. Regular on the waist and slim through the leg, this fitted design utilises the brand’s stretch-imbued Hyperflex 11.5oz denim and two production washes – comprising an old colour garment dye and stonewash. Choose the Zeumar chino for unrestricted movement through elevated occasions.


Balmain Denim Jacket

Style Guide : How To Wear Denim

Denim Styling For The Modern Man

Deriving from the work-mans’ aesthetic, denim has been a notable part of mens’ fashion culture for over a century, revolutionising the way men dress and express their style. Heavily influenced over the years by politics, music, art and youth culture, denim has become a timeless fabric in various forms, catering to every man in every generation. Whether it be in traditional indigo jeans, to distressed jackets in acid wash, denim has evolved beyond its originals means, allowing it to complement any outfit for any occasion.

Smart Casual

The first thing to come to someone’s mind when thinking of denim is a classic pair of jeans, being a statement piece for most male wardrobes. Being something that can easily smarten up an outfit without trying too hard, jeans are now a go-to for most day to night affairs. The versatility in the garment allows you to easily adapt to any formality, whether they be paired with a crisp white shirt and dress shoes for a smart day time look, or with some sneakers and a bold graphic tee for a more vibrant night time look.

One style that a pair of jeans is prominent in is the classic 50’s mod trend. Heavily influenced by music and modern style icons like Liam Gallagher, this look represents the essence of mens’ formal style clashing with a casual comfort.  Jeans have become a quintessential part of the look, with a roll up to highlight the socks typically styled with desert boots or dress shoes. Try styling it with an over shirt to layer up with various textures to nod to the smart comfort that the mod look boasts.

Edwin Denim JeansGet The Look:

ED 39 63 Rainbow Selvage Denim Jeans – BlueWallabee Shoes - Cola Suede


The Denim Jacket

Oozing style blended with a hint of edginess, a denim jacket is the perfect addition to any outfit. An easy way to dress up a basic silhouette, a denim jacket is the ideal ‘chuck-on’ that ends up making the statement for the full look.

Challenge yourself by stepping away from the traditional sense of a denim jacket and become bold with your choices, going for a treated version. With hand done distressing, a large logo embossment to the back alongside intricate metal detailing, the Balmain denim jacket featured in this look is forefront in its evolution. Let the jacket do the talking, pairing it with a darker hue such as black or a deep indigo navy to highlight the structure of the fabric and the natural wear and tear it will provide. Adding character and flair to your outfit.

Balmain Denim Jacket

Get The Look:

Balmain Denim JacketEdwin T Shirts Double Pack - BlackEdwin Jeans Slim Tapered - Kaihara BlackAxel Arigato Clean 90 Sneaker - White Leather

Double Denim

Usually a phrase that would spark dread amongst most, double denim is a trend that everyone should get in on. Allowing you to really appreciate it in all its’ forms, doubling it up gives you the chance to layer up on texture and shades, forming a coherent and versatile look.

DSquared2 is a main competitor amongst denim and experimentation, providing several treatments and design accents to nurture your style needs. With their statement distressing and paint splatter, layering up their items can really intensify the manipulation of the classic material, resulting in a raw and versatile appearance. Take advantage of the chance to layer up and introduce new prints amongst the acid wash, with a bold stripe to help break up the outfit. Match with a pair of sneakers to finish off the look.

DSquared2 Denim Shirt / Jeans

Get The Look:

DSquared Shirt Denim – BlueDSquared Skater Jeans - BlueFolk T-Shirt – Ecru / Navy Stripe

Denim allows you not only to nod towards a history of style, culture and revolution in your clothing, but also have fun and experiment with layering, fabric treatments and prints. Despite being a classic piece in menswear fashion, modernization of it over the years has introduced a youthful and raw aesthetic.

Explore our range of denim online at Aphrodite Clothing.

cold weather essentials

Cold Weather Essentials

It’s brass, the possibility of snow is inevitable and you can’t keep wearing all your clothes at once to try and stay warm. Desperate times call for desperate measures and what you need is some reliable, durable and protective gear to see you through mother natures worst. Robust denim, a Thick jacket, cosy beanie, tough boots and of course the all-important colourful socks. Behold, the answer to all your winter woes.

Winter Clothing

Unless you plan on hibernating until spring has sprung then the threat of snow looming on the horizon may have you shaking in your suede shoes. When it comes to cold, wet, generally unpleasant weather the truth is you just can’t go wrong with a premium pair of leather boots. We chose the Avoriaz Jannu from Paraboot. Handmade in France for the toughest terrain the boots feature a padded collar and tongue for exceptional comfort as well as a double-stitched Norwegian welt commando sole for grip, support and sturdiness. Top it all off with some heavy duty striped laces and a rich waxy brown colour for a touch of mature styling and watch your icey fears melt away. But, of course what is a good pair of boots without a really nice set of socks to go with them? Luckily for us our cold weather fellow northerners across the pond, Norse Projects have just supplied us a fresh batch of their twisted cotton yarn socks in yellow, purple and, the colour we decided to opt for, red. Very nice indeed.

Paraboot Avoriaz Jannu Boots

Next on the list is a jacket. What jacket? The jokers among you may ask and for that, we’d give you a solid exhale from the nostrils and a firm shake of the head. But we aren’t here to joke around not when it comes to waiting for the bus in below freezing. We’re looking for water and wind resistance, a warm lining and plenty of embedded functionality, let us introduce you to the Wyndham parka from Canada Goose. With the brands signature down filling, a removable fur ruff lined hood, rib knit cuffs and a total of 6 pockets including, fleece lined hand warmers, the jacket is designed with extreme conditions and the coldest climates in mind. Finished with a two-way heavy duty zip with additional press stud flap and the Canada Goose patch to the arm this coat makes all the right moves when it comes to keeping you nice and toasty on your urban escapades.  Nipping out on a teabag run at work? No worries. Football match? See you there. The beach in -6°C? Lets do it.

Canada Goose Wyndham Parka

For those of us who have ever got caught in the rain in a pair of sweatpants we know it’s less than ideal. Couple this with the harsh frost ladened winds and you’ve got yourself a pretty abysmal time by all accounts. Well, try not to beat yourself up too much because, as we all know, after the rain comes a rainbow, in this case, a rainbow pair of selvage denim from Edwin. Cut from a 12.8oz denim with a mid-rise and relaxed, tapered fit, the jeans are robust enough to last you a lifetime without sacrificing on comfort. Made in the Kuroki Mill in Japan the denim is complete with signature Edwin branding to the back and some delightful stitch detailing.

Edwin Rainbow Selvage Denim Jeans

Did you know the majority of your heat escapes through your head? Well, that’s what everyone reckons anyway. Regardless throwing on a beanie at this time of year is never not a good idea. To finish our look off we decided to go for some subtle matching, pairing an olive Canada Goose beanie with the tones found throughout the camo patterning. Made from a thick 100% wool for both a quality fit and insulating properties, it boasts the unmistakable Canada Goose seal of approval to the front ensuring everyone you pass on the streets knows you mean business.

Canada Goose BeanieSo there we have it some of our top picks to see you through to the summer. You can find all of the products shown above online and in store right now as well as a wide offering of other boots, coats, legwear and accessories.

How To Repair Denim, Featuring Nudie Jeans

Over the years we have championed Nudie Jeans at Aphrodite and we actively try to engage with our customers in-store and online to tell them as much as we can about the quality and the story behind the brand. Some of our die-hard denim connoisseurs will wear their jeans continuously for months, letting the denim show the wear and tear of their daily lives over time. A faded outline around a pocket shows where they carry their phone; a hole in the bottom area might indicate a lot of sitting down; a stained area might have a funny story attached to it.  A pair of Nudie jeans can be a timeline of your life.

Of course, not everyone feels comfortable wearing denim with holes in which generally happens through a passage of time with every pair of jeans.  Pre-washed jeans are the worst offenders for sustaining holes and abrasions over a shorter period of time than a dry/raw pair.  This is because the washing/dyeing process weakens the cotton and it breaks down quicker. To combat this, Nudie has produced a series of videos and infographics, In honour of ‘Repair, Reuse, Recycle’ to give your jeans a new lease of life.  Below we have shared one of the videos from Nudie Jeans which shows one of their experts repairing a pair of Nudie.  In their own words “…repairing your favourite pair is a fairly easy task” and watching this video, they make it look quite straightforward to anyone that isn’t afraid of using a needle and thread.

In a time when money is tight around the globe, it might be an option that you turn to rather than purchasing a new pair of jeans. If you love your jeans and can’t bear to part with them, repairing them give you a new appreciation for them to know that you have breathed new life into them when they were looking so fragile and weak.

What You Need:

  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread (or contrasting if you’re brave)
  • Scissors
  • Textile glue
  • A spare patch of denim

STEP 1: Ready up your thread in the sewing machine, trim the raw area of the torn Jeans for a clean work area. Cut out a patch of denim from your least favourite but similar tonal jeans.

STEP 2: Place a smattering of textile glue around the affected area, as well as a liberal amount on the spare patch. Apply the patch to the tear, adhesive down.

STEP 3: Time to fire up the sewing machine and begin the attachment. Begin to create a layer of extra fabric by sewing up, down, and all around the tear and patch.

STEP 4: Once adequately attached, check over for any loose areas and trim any excess thread / excess denim from the patch.

Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

Nudie Jeans Fit Guide

Are you wanting to buy a pair of Nudie Jeans, but you’re not sure which fit will suit you? Not to worry, check out our simple guide to discover which pair will become your signature style.

Where Do Nudie Jeans Names Come From?

Now you may think, Grim Tim, Steady Eddie, Dude Dan…What does it all mean? The names of the different styles were inspired by founder Maria Erixon’s family and friends. There are many different styles of Nudie Jeans. These are the styles that we currently stock:

  • Grim Tim
  • Lean Dean
  • Skinny Lin
  • Steady Eddie II

How Do They Fit?

We break down each style of Nudie Jeans below to try and guide you to the pair that will be right for you.

Grim Tim

Nudie Jeans Grim Tim

The Nudie Jeans Grim Tim is a slim fit with a straight leg, keeping the same width from from the waist to the ankle opening. Other features of the jean include a full button fly with outer pockets and the iconic orange Nudie stitching. The ultimate ‘in-between’ jean for those casual days.


Lean Dean

Nudie Jeans Lean Dean

The clue is in the name, Nudie Jeans Lean Dean is a slim, tapered leg jean fabricated from a light cotton with an added stretch for comfort. The silhouette has a normal rise and waist, with a slight taper from the knee to the leg opening.

Skinny Lin

Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin

The Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin is an ultra-tight jean crafted from organic cotton with an elastane bend. The regular rise and curved waistband add comfort, with a 12.25oz power stretch denim. The ultimate skinny jean from Nudie, if you like your jeans to be super tight, invest in Skinny Lin.

Steady Eddie II

At the other end of the spectrum comes the reworked Steady Eddie silhouette. Ideal for those who want a looser fit without looking like the ‘after’ photo in a diet ad, the Steady Eddie boasts a regular fit that’s neither too tight nor too loose, with a subtle taper from the knee to the ankle ensuring your shoes aren’t swamped by excess fabric.

What to wear with Nudie Jeans

A pair of Nudie Jeans can add a classic element to different looks. In our past outfit grids, we have channelled skater boy chic along with timeless Britpop style. The beauty of jeans is that they’re so versatile, especially Nudie as they are so many styles and fits to suit any occasion. For example, you can rely on a pair of Skinny Lin jeans to match with a slim fit shirt and brogues for a smart casual trip to the pub. If you’ve got a day out planned, Lean Dean provides the right look with extra comfort. Simply pair with a white logo t-shirt and a lightweight windbreaker for an everyday look.


Where to Buy Nudie Jeans

Here at Aphrodite Clothing, we stock a wide range of all styles in a variety of colours.

How To Wear Black Jeans

How To Style Black Jeans

The humble pair of jeans, your friend in your time of need, you can always rely on them to be the fundamental element to any outfit, whatever the occasion.

Once you have started to carve the path of brand loyalty and the perfect fit you, the next port of call is the shade. Not sure on what fit jeans are the most flattering for you? Check out our Jeans fit guide below.

Now black jeans are the holy grail of the denim world; with their power to give a slightly slimming effect to an outfit.

Black Nudie Jeans


We are all aware that the old faithful denim can be tarted up or down. The first look we are going to delve into is the smart casual, one of our favourite fashion terms ever.

For this article we have selected a pair jeans that will stand the test of time, and any styling looks we throw at them – the Edwin ED-80 Jeans in Black CS Selvage. A pair of jeans that should work for the average Joe. The ED-80 is a slim fit jean with a slightly tapered leg that works well for most men in their everyday lives. This pair of white-listed selvage denim has been crafted from a cotton and elastane blend resulting in comfort stretch fit, perfect for post pizza.

1. The Smart Casual Look – Black Jeans & White Shirt

To get the ball rolling, you will need a classic white shirt, an item any man of sound mind will have at least one of, and a man with a great mind will have an abundance of them. We have hand selected the APC Oxford Shirt in White, a shirt that has been crafted from sturdy oxford fabric with perfectly proportioned collar and mother of pearl buttons to the cuffs. Now, this piece firmly ticks off the smart aspect of the outfit, with a bold red marker.
How To Wear Black Jeans White Shirt

The ultimate casual styled jacket ,with a sprinkle of refinement, is the iconic coach jacketOur favourite one this season is the Saturdays NYC Copper Jacket in Stone Blue. This jacket has crafted from a nylon-polyester fabric that is double garment-dyed for a saturated colour and unique finish. Sporting a slightly oversized collar, hidden placket with snap disc fastening and elasticated hems.
How To Wear Black Jeans Coach Jacket

The statement sneaker – is any outfit complete without a pair? We love kicks that give a punch, if that is physically possible, and the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 in Red Stardust do just that. The court legend has returned in a buttery suede upper in a soft dusty pink shade, that perfectly compliments the coach jackets stone blue. Black jeans are the perfect canvas to showcase your avant-garde sneakers.

How To Wear Black Jeans Statement Sneakers

Et voila the complete outfit from The Smart Casual Look.

How To Wear Black Jeans Smart Casual

2. The Smart Look – On Foreign Shores

Here in the UK, we spend most of working lives wishing away our precious time until we can step foot off a plane and let the heat hit our sun deprived faces.  Do not fret though, you don’t have to leave your beloved black jeans back in the departure lounge , we have devised a plan to get them rolled up in your case.

How To Wear Black Jeans Abroad

Style your black jeans with a bold printed shirt, you don’t have to go full on statement shirt, like the Baz Luhrmann’s take on Romeo & Juliet (but we aren’t ones to judge if you want to go full hog). The perfect compromising piece has to be the Norse Projects Carsten Shirt in Kelp Green, this lightweight cotton shirt has been in a relaxed fit creating a slick contrast against the slim cut jeans.
How To Wear Black Jeans Shoes

With the Norse Project’s bold botanical print being centre stage of the outfit, we don’t want to dull it’s shine so black footwear would be the perfect pairing. We like to push the boundaries, so for an alternative look we have chosen the Paraboot Chambord Tex Shoes in Black.  A legend of style, comfort and quality, the Paraboot Chambord derby presents it’s self in a rich, waxy black leather for a touch of rugged luxury. Sat atop a hard-wearing Paratex rubber sole with a two-tone Norwegian welt, the uppers boast classic apron-front styling.

Blue skies are definitely calling with this Smart Look – On Foreign Shores from the How To Wear Black Jeans guide

How To Wear Black Jeans Abroad

3. The Relaxed Look

The perfect way to end this guide has to be with our favourite day of the week, Sunday – the day of slouching. With black jeans being a such a blank canvas it is so simple to throw on your favourite sweater and look effortlessly cool. The sweatshirt we have on our lust list this week is the APC US Stars Sweatshirt in Grey, is have been proudly made in California U.S.  and holds a simple, minimal style that follows a military aesthetic with APC branding on the chest with accompanying stars.

How To Wear Black Jeans Relaxed Sweater

Since we are feeling so relaxed, we want to keep this look monochrome and laid back so a black sneaker is needed. If you are haunting your stomping grounds do it in style with the Nike Air Max 97 OG Trainers in Black Sporting sleek layered uppers in a tonal black shade set atop a clean white sole unit with distinctive full-length Max Air bubbles, the Air Max 97 is finished subtly with contrasting silver mini Swoosh logo embroidery to the sides and tongue

How To Wear Black Jeans Black Sneakers

The Relaxed Look from the How To Wear Black Jeans guide has us counting down the minutes until the weekend.

How To Wear Black Jeans Relaxed Look

PS before we wrap things up here if you need a quality pair of men’s black jeans will last you a lifetime ever black – check out Nudie Jeans Lean Dean in Ever Black. A pair of jeans that have been crafted with a dye provides a stronger fixation for colour fastness properties and minimises excess dye.


edwin jeans fit guide

Edwin Jeans Fit Guide

A name synonymous with quality denim, Japan’s Edwin Jeans have risen from humble beginnings to be one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of denim apparel. A large part of the brand’s appeal is the scope of their sizing, ensuring that there’s an Edwin Jeans fit for those who like a loose, traditional fitting jean, a sleek, skintight look, and everything in between. But, as with many denim brands, Edwin uses a numbering system for their different styles that can be quite bewildering at first glance. Luckily, our denim experts have compiled a brief guide to help give you all the information you need to choose your perfect pair.

What Do Edwin Jeans Style Numbers Mean?

With few exceptions, all Edwins are designated with an ED number to help consumers choose the Edwin Jeans fit that’s right for them. But what do the numbers mean? The two-digit number in the style number refers to a corresponding year that may have seen this fit be popular. For example, the ED-45, a loose-fitting jean, refers to 1945, where denim jeans and overalls were first starting to be worn casually and would almost always be a loose fit. Conversely, the slim-fitting ED-80 corresponds to the 1980s, where tight jeans were the norm.

So, for those in a hurry: as a rule of thumb, the lower the number, the looser the fit. Simple, right? Now we can move on to a more detailed look at the individual fits and their differences, to help pinpoint your ideal pair of Edwins.

Edwin ED45 Fit

Edwin Jeans Fit ED-45

The Edwin ED-45 is a loose tapered fit with a mid-rise, designed to be looser in the seat and around the thighs, while still preserving a smaller leg opening. This Edwin Jeans fit is perfect for men with larger thighs who don’t want a tight top block or the excess fabric at the leg opening of a straight jean and looks fantastic with trainers or boots.

Edwin ED55 Fit

Edwin Jeans Fit ED-55

The brand’s current most popular fit, the ED-55 ticks a lot of the same boxes as the ED-45, but with a slightly trimmed-down top block and lower rise for a neater look while still remaining just as casual. The slight taper in the leg, relaxed fit and mid-rise all add up to a very versatile cut, which will suit the widest variety of men and individual styles, and is also easy to size up or down to dial in a tighter or looser Edwin Jeans fit.

Edwin ED80 Fit

Edwin Jeans Fit ED-80 Selvedge

Another of the brand’s most popular styles, the Edwin ED-80 is a slim cut without being too skinny, designed for a sleek look. The slight taper to the leg means the jeans sit perfectly on top of shoes, perfect for showing off your trainers or handmade brogues.

Where to Buy Edwin Jeans

As one of Edwin‘s main UK stockists, with a large range available both in-store and online with express international shipping available, Aphrodite Clothing is your one-stop shop for the perfect Edwin Jeans fit.

What Do Edwin Jeans Style Numbers Mean? With few exceptions, all Edwin jeans are designated with an ED number to help consumers choose the fit that's right for them. But what do the numbers mean? The two-digit number in the style number refers to a corresponding year that may have seen this fit be popular. For example, the ED-45, a loose fitting jean, refers to 1945, where denim jeans and overalls were first starting to be worn casually and would almost always be a loose fit. Conversely, the slim fitting ED-80 corresponds to the 1980s, where tight jeans were the norm.

So, for those in a hurry: as a rule of thumb, the lower the number, the looser the fit. Simple, right? Now we can move on to a more detailed look at the individual fits and their differences, to help pinpoint your ideal pair of Edwins.” }

Stone Island Jeans Fit Guide

Stone Island Jeans Fit Guide

We know it’s a struggle to find the ‘perfect’ pair of jeans, it’s that impossible task to look for something that not only feels good on but are they the right colour? do they fit my body shape? Internet Shopping doesn’t make this quest any easier, its the worry of receiving a pair that just doesn’t hit the spot and having to return them. Here at Aphrodite, we want you to be fully satisfied with everything you buy from us, so we are tackling this issue head first and giving you a little peace of mind, so you can be confident when purchasing your pair of Stone Island jeans. So with that being said, take a few minutes to browse through our Stone Island Jeans Fit Guide and find out if you need ‘Slim, Skinny or Tapered’.

How Do Stone Island Jeans Fit

In this guide, we will cover each of the main styles of denim jeans that Stone Island currently manufacturers. We will discover how each of those styles fit to find the best one for your preference. This includes the:

  • Stone Island Slim Fit Jeans SL
  • Stone Island Skinny Jeans SK
  • Stone Island Regular Tapered Jeans RE-T

Stone Island Slim Fit Jeans – SL

The SL is a Slim Fit Jean featured below in Navy denim. It is a perfect cross between the skinny and the tapered. With a mid-rise the same as the tapered style, the leg starts off with a wider circumference around the thigh for a comfortable fit, narrowing just below the knee and carrying on to the bottom in a straight cut.

  • Slim cut
  • Mid rise
  • Regular leg length is 32 inches; long leg length is 34 inches

Stone Island SK Jeans Fit

Stone Island Skinny Jeans – SK

The SK is a Skinny Fit jean featured below in Wash Denim. It is the slimmest of the styles and has a slightly higher rise for contrasting comfort. While they also feature a wider thigh circumference, they narrow above the knee giving a closer fit to the other styles and come in slightly narrower at the bottom for a classic skinny fit.

  • Skinny fit; narrow from the knee down
  • Mid-high rise
  • Regular leg length is 32 inches; long leg length is 34 inches

Stone Island SL Jeans Fit

Stone Island Regular Tapered Jeans – RE-T

The RE-T is a Tapered Jean featured here in Real Denim shade. With their mid rise and spacious thigh circumference, these are the roomiest of the styles. Starting wider around the thigh and groin area for a spacious fit, they taper in on a very slight gradient, from around mid-thigh and continue all the way to the bottom creating a perfectly executed tapered silhouette.

  • Regular fit
  • Mid-low rise
  • Tapered from knee down
  • Regular leg length is 32 inches; long leg length is 34 inches

Stone Island RE-T Jeans Fit

After reading this you should know which style of Stone Island Jeans is best suited for you, so we hope we have boosted your confidence with shopping online, and if you are still hesitant, get yourself down to our Store in Sunderland and we will be happy to assist you any way we can.

How Do Stone Island Jeans Fit In this guide we will cover each of the main styles of denim jeans that Stone Island currently manufactuers. We will discover how each of those styles fit to find the best one for your preference. This includes the:

Stone Island SL Jeans Stone Island SK Jeans Stone Island RE-T Jeans” }

adidas Originals Pre-Orders – January

After a bit of a quiet November, adidas are back with a vengeance for the new year, delivering a whole slew of classic styles in colourways both classic and fresh, ensuring you start 2018 with a bang.

Kicking off proceedings we have a pair of styles of the newly-resurgent Indoor Super, taking the archival model from the squash courts to the streets in two retro-inspired colourways. With their perforated suede uppers and uniquely textured gum cupsole units, this is a classic style that was long overdue for a reissue.

Speaking of welcome returns, January also sees the release of a duo of Samba OG styles, one displaying a retro sportswear-inspired white colourway with hits of rich green, the other reminiscent of the legendary adidas Dublin from the City Series. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with this casual classic.

Next we have the Super variant of the venerable Jeans model, dressed up in a pair of sophisticated colourways, reminding us that this was always a shoe that was designed to both perform well and look good.

Always a favourite, the Gazelle Super comes made up with its usual colourful suede uppers, with a twist in the form of a black rubber outsole, giving them a high-contrast look that’s sure to pop even against those wintry streets.

Finally, we have a version of the popular adidas 350 in an ever-popular colourway: the red-on-black ‘Brussels’ pattern. Originally a Japan-only release, then resurrected by the Spezial program, the 350 was an instant hit, and with its simple, perforated uppers in premium leather and solid rubber sole, is sure to be a classic for years to come.

We will be taking pre-orders for all the above styles from the 1st of December 2017, with delivery expected sometime in January 2018.