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Hugo Boss Brand Guide


Hugo Boss Brand Guide

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A History Of Hugo Boss

One of the few remaining true powerhouses of modern day fashion, Hugo Boss has managed to maintain its position as one of the most desirable, sought after and elegant brands in the world by offering constant innovation, whilst always remembering their traditional European styling roots. Not just a fashion brand, Hugo Boss has designed its self to become the ultimate label in representing not only a very specific style that is always on key, but also a lifestyle that will always be lusted after. From clothing, to aftershave and sunglasses, you can complete an entire Hugo Boss look and always represent the brands sleek styling ethos. In 1924, Hugo Ferdinand Boss founded the Hugo Boss brand in his workshop in Metzingen, a small town just south of Stuttgart, Germany. The Hugo Boss group still operates from the same town, although on a hugely altered scale from the original pokey work area of the brands founder- paying homage to their roots as a traditional tailoring brand. After going bankrupt early into his production career due to a notoriously tough pre World War Two economic climate, Hugo Boss managed to salvage six sewing machines from his workshop when his business went under, with which he began rebuilding his dream of the Hugo Boss fashion label. Hugo Boss began to blossom but Hugo Ferdinand Boss died in 1948, but the business that carries his name survived, and grew from strength to strength after the war. 

Now an internationally known label, with outlets all over the world, the Hugo Boss label is a mainstay in iconic, timeless fashion with an aesthetic that can’t be rivaled by any other. Always housing an effortless, elegant appeal, their influences from historic European styling result in fantastic quality pieces, with sleek silhouettes and sharp continental shapes.

 The Hugo Boss Collections

Hugo Boss manages to keep its unshakable hold on the fashion masses by splitting its iconic looks into distinctive brands: Hugo Boss Black, Hugo Boss Green and Hugo Boss Orange. Each label comes under the Hugo Boss ethic of simplistic, effortless style, but provides its own gentle twist on the brands strongly represented lifestyle, providing you with a Hugo Boss label piece for any eventuality.

Hugo Boss Black operates as the labels most complete range. Covering everything from on trend looks fit for any businessman, through to elegant evening wear and even some sportier pieces, Hugo Boss Black represents the brands ethos as one of the ultimate lifestyle providers, by providing a distinctively Hugo Boss look for any situation you might find yourself in. The Black range aims to give effortless luxury whether you’re pulling on a Hugo Boss Black shirt or swim shorts. This sleek range is refined, sophisticated, and one of the pinnacles of the labels ranges.

Hugo Boss Green focuses purely on supplying unique styling with a sporting pedigree and rich athletic design. The perfect clothing for taking on your next sporting pursuit, Hugo Boss Green takes the mundane, age old sportswear look and turns it upside down, making it perfect for casual wear whether you’re relaxing, or taking part in your favourite sport.
Hugo Boss Green displays the labels ability to offer something outside of the traditional tailoring of high end fashion brands. Perfect for the golf course, Hugo Boss gives the ultimate in relaxed designer fashion that keeps the same name and reputation of such a huge brand.

Hugo Boss Orange was given a new lease of life when it was re-launched in 2010. With the Hugo Boss brand being heavily centred upon classic style, with big influences in their designs being taken from their own history, as well as lessons learnt from elegant tailoring, Hugo Boss Orange is the trend driven, energetic edge to the label. With a design focus that stretches further than the stereotypically formal view of Hugo Boss, Hugo Boss Orange adds a fresh spin to the Boss brand, giving younger, more trend driven wearers a chance to work Hugo Boss into their wardrobes. From printed t-shirts, to quality cuts on denim, and casual shirting, Hugo Boss Orange is one of the most wearable and lovable branches of the Hugo Boss lifestyle spectrum. Perfect for those who keep spontaneous, urban casual looks, Hugo Boss Orange is the ultimate in laid back, sophisticated and unmistakable style. 

Hugo Boss has always been a hugely desirable and sought after label. Providing a refined balance between accessibility and aspiration, the brands sleek styling has helped develop a huge celebrity following. With stars from Jay-Z, to Orlando Bloom and Gerard Butler all been spotted wearing Hugo Boss on the red carpet, the brand demands huge respect where ever it is seen.

Popular Boss Orange Clothing

As with a number of designer brands, Boss Orange produce a number of different garments season upon season due to the popularity of the product. The clothing does differ slightly from season to season but the main base of the garment remains the same.  The likes of the Boss Orange Pushkyn polo shirt and Boss Orange Pejo polo shirt are so in demand that we regularly have to top up our stock.  Similarly the Tedd and Tyll t-shirt in white, grey and black are all some of the top performing products seasonally, with the popularity reflecting the generous price point and designer branding. The popular Boss Orange Keelo trainers are again some of the better selling items that we stock each season.  These also will have slightly different features each season but the base model is the same structure.



Hugo Boss Autumn Winter 2013 Runway Video

Here's a behind the scenes look at a Hugo Boss runway fashion show for the Autumn Winter 2013 collection. This gives you an insight into the happenings behind the scenes at the runway fashion show of a global brand. It is courtesy of the official Hugo Boss Youtube Channel.


Browse this seasons full range of Hugo Boss Orange Clothing, Hugo Boss Black and Hugo Boss Green Clothing


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