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Levis Vintage Brand Guide

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An Introduction To Levis Vintage

Levis Vintage JeansLevi's Vintage Clothing is an offshoot of the popular Levi's brand, focusing on the spirit and heritage of American work wear. By reproducing exact replicas of old styles from the years including the fit, fabrics, rivets, even down the to tags and patches, Levis Vintage have took the ordinary Levis range and gave it a new lease of life. A number of special editions and reissues are incorporated into the seasonal Levi's Vintage collections as the brand reinvigorates our passion for authentic, timeless pieces.

Fashion changes at an unassailable pace all over the world; however one element of this changeable obsession always remains constant, whether you’re a fashion connoisseur or a trend pack follower: denim.
Synonymous with the often confusing world of denim, American jean brand Levi’s are the undoubted godfather of all that is a modern pair of jeans, after becoming the first company to produce a pair to feature the fixed rivets that we see on every pair of jeans made today, over one hundred years ago.

This jean was made purely for the working man of the time. It was made tough and rugged for the miners of America, and all held together with those tiny innovative rivets. Denim was viewed as the best material for the job. It was the most accessible, usable and functional material at the time, and it was still a novel experience to the majority of America’s workers. The jeans were called the Levi 501, and were a huge success. Over the years they were adapted to suit the workers of the generation, and slowly but surely became the best selling jean of all time.  The 501 is a pure reflection of the American dream, a piece of clothing created to solely benefit those who worked hard to make their country work. A huge majority of 501’s, since some of very first pairs made, right up to a pair you’ll find on the shelves today, have been made using denim made in the USA. Cone Mills, in North Carolina, have been the main denim supplier to Levi’s since 1915.

The 501 became a highly adapted style, which was changed and altered to fit in with the developing worker of America. Levi’s have paid homage to the advancements that these workers went through, by storing a vintage pair of every 501 style ever made. In doing so, they have created a detailed collection of 501 jeans from throughout the ages, including one of the very first pairs to be made, which were discovered in a disused mine shaft in the Mojave Desert.  This, coupled with the worlds obsession with denim, and especially the rich history behind every pair of Levi 501 jeans, has led to the introduction of a new line of one of America’s best known companies.

Why Levis Vintage?

Levi’s Vintage embodies everything that both the 501 jean and the Levi’s collection have ever been. Perfectly capturing American work wear like a snap shot in time, the vintage collection brings the fits, fabrics, details and aesthetics of a bygone era back to the modern day wardrobe, drawing inspiration from their own archive over the years.

The beauty of the Levi’s Vintage collection comes from within, as every aspect of inspiration comes directly from the brands own archive and original philosophy: to provide