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Levis Vintage Brand Guide

Finely honed to capture the real essence of the true American spirit, Levi’s Vintage pays homage to the golden era of American creation; a time when industry was rife and work wear was king in the wardrobe of the typical American dreamer. A wonderfully diverse and eclectic range of clothing that has the undoubted touch from Levi’s; one of the founding fathers of modern denim, Levi’s Vintage faithfully recreates some of their most infamous and best loved designs, using their huge archive of some 40,000 plus specimens to accurately recreate the style of Levi’s most cherished pieces.


With styles that pour out cult nostalgia, this niche collection comes from one of the true kings of denim. Formed in 1853, in San Francisco, Levi’s were the prime instigator in the rise of blue denim. Famed for crafting the first primitive jeans that resemble the style that we know and love today, Levi’s were an institution to the American worker, who craved the label’s blend of durability and style.

The infamous belt patch that features the Levi horses was developed as a trademark display of Levi jeans’ strength, which was ultimately down to a patented metal rivet system which helped keep the denim together at points of high strain such as the pockets.
This rivet technique took hold, and soon became the norm for any jean design, leading right up to the modern day.

Levi’s exploits in providing clothing for the American worker made them infamous, with everyone from the cowboys of the Midwest to the gold rush minors of California clamoring to ply their respective trades in a pair of Levi jeans. Keeping the illustrious and respected history of Levi’s alive, the Levi’s Vintage collection uses traditional craftsmanship and superior quality materials that are kept exclusive to the Vintage range to give the replications of their own historic designs a truly authentic edge.

Concentrating on the little details, Levi’s Vintage provides a cult heritage look that offers a truly eclectic snap shot of a single point in this iconic brands diverse history. Every angle is covered to show the archived pieces the utmost respect, stretching as far as designs featuring the exact same branding as their retrospective counterparts, from the belt patches to pocket detailing.Not just stopping at the aesthetics, Levi Vintage jeans use individual dying and washing techniques to give their jeans an appearance that is an honest reflection of their inspirations, offering fades straight off the shelf that are normally sited on denims that are 3 or 4 years old, along with aged rivets and buttons that have been carefully re-worked by hand.

Everything down to the very fit of the jeans is true to its roots- ignoring modern trends and keeping the faith in the heritage appeal behind their archived pieces, Levi Vintage jeans make the most of some of the best fabrics around, utilizing selvedge edged denim to ensure that this range’s pieces of pure, faithful recreation stand the test of time, just like the original garments that they pay homage too.

A leader in cult styling, Levi’s Vintage breaks the mould of the norm and mundane, bringing authentic, characteristic style back to the fore of the modern man’s wardrobe. A truly impressive tribute to the illustrious past of one of the world’s most infamous labels, Levi’s Vintage are beautifully presented, expertly balanced, and instantly eye catching, featuring traits that their counterparts from the Levi’s mainline range simply can’t rival.

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