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Adidas Guam Returns: Two New Colourways

Adidas Guam Steps Back into the Spotlight with Two Versatile New Colourways in Lux Suede.

For aficionados of iconic adidas trainers, the excitement is palpable as the cult-favourite adidas Guam makes a triumphant return, adorned in two colourways that cleverly play on previous iterations. Originating in the early 1980s, the Guam, derived from the Yugoslavian-produced Milano model, and crafted in Japan, has solidified its place in the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts. In a nod to the Island Series, the latest renditions unveil two colour options – Active Maroon with silver accents and Light Onix Grey boasting black details.

In its heyday, the Guam garnered widespread acclaim, captivating both runners and casual wearers alike. Renowned for its plush comfort and timeless design, this revival faithfully captures the essence of the original silhouette, infused with subtle modern enhancements.

Adidas Guam Trainers in Grey and Navy - Iconic City Series Sneaker Returns

The ‘Active Maroon’ variant boasts a rich, dynamic hue complemented by sleek silver accents, creating an energetic aesthetic reminiscent of classic Guam styles. Meanwhile, the ‘Light Onix Grey’ option, adorned with black details, exudes sophistication and versatility, evoking a timeless charm that harks back to the adidas Guam’s heritage.

Adidas Guam Trainers in Maroon - New Release from the City Series in Suede

Both colourways arrive in sumptuous suede, elevating the Guam’s tactile appeal and ensuring a luxurious feel with every step. What sets these renditions apart is their commitment to authenticity – featuring the original sole unit in a timeless off-white, a nod to the adidas Guam’s legacy and a classic look that effortlessly transcends trends.

As these new adidas Guam colourways emerge, they cleverly play on the nostalgia of previous iterations, encapsulating the essence of vintage charm while embracing contemporary style. Whether you choose the vibrant ‘Active Maroon’ or the understated elegance of ‘Light Onix Grey,’ these sneakers promise to be more than just footwear; they are a thoughtful homage to the enduring legacy of the adidas Guam in the ever-evolving landscape of sneaker fashion.

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How much for the Grey trainer’s please

Hi, Tracy. Both pair of Guams will be £89 on release. Due to a delay on adidas side, their release date has been put back to late Feb/early March so keep your eyes peeled! Cheers

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