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Brand Guide: The Rise and Reign of Cole Buxton

Cole Buxton: New Kings of High-End Sportswear

Cole Buxton aren’t merely a brand; they are a bold statement in the world of luxury minimalism and athletic versatility. Theirs is the story of rewriting the luxury rulebook, where retrofuturist vibes mingle with timeless style and today we’d thought it only appropriate to take a minute to introduce you to the underdog that’s taking the fashion industry by storm.

Cole Buxton International Hoodie Close Up

The Cole Buxton International Laurel symbol has become synonymous with quality goods.

Cole Buxton: Authentic Sportswear

Cole Buxton, conceived by creatives Cole Buxton and Jonny Wilson, disrupts the luxury sportswear scene, evolving from a grassroots startup to an underground icon. Centred on “elevated wardrobe essentials,” the brand ditches flashy logos for a minimalist allure that resonates. With no conventional business background, Buxton and Wilson, self-proclaimed DIY “trailblazers,” immerse themselves in design, photography, and direct sales, shaping an authentic narrative 24/7.

Cole Buxton Down Jacket

The Nylon Down Jacket has proven popular with Aphrodite staff for its Winter credentials and contemporary silhouette.

After facing supply-chain challenges in 2021 – which may well have crippled any other, less hardy outfitters – Cole Buxton underwent a strategic transformation, restructuring such supply chains and welcoming guidance from experienced retail figures to steady the ship; allowing the brand to steer onward to become the sportswear giant it is today.

Crafting Iconic Styles, Redefining Athleisure

Beyond the atelier, Cole Buxton’s journey involves crafting iconic styles that redefine luxury. It’s about more than the manufacturing process; it’s a narrative woven into each garment. At the core is “Elevated Essentialism,” reshaping the luxury sportswear landscape. Embracing a direct-to-consumer focus, limited wholesale partnerships, and strategic fabric sourcing, Cole Buxton drives sustainable practices while adhering to mindful consumption principles.

Let’s dive into some of the products that have made Cole Buxton synonymous with expertly crafted, easy-to-wear everyday garments.

Cole Buxton’s Signature Pieces

Heavyweight Hoodies and Sweatshirts: Mastering the Art of Cosy Luxury

In the universe of Cole Buxton, comfort becomes an art form with the Cole Buxton heavyweight hoodies and sweats. More than just clothing, these pieces redefine cosy luxury, a signature touch in the brand’s repertoire. As Cole Buxton graces the racks of Aphrodite Clothing, these heavyweight essentials take centre stage.

Cole Buxton International Zip Hoodie

The two-way zipper, cropped length and large hood are all signature CB garment details.

Meticulously crafted, whether a cosy hoodie or signature Cole Buxton sweatshirts each thread weaves a narrative of comfort and style, demonstrating a commitment to quality that transcends the ordinary. This isn’t about racing to trends; it’s a deliberate stride into a realm where every stitch signifies enduring comfort and unparalleled style. 

Graphic T-Shirts: A Canvas for Self-Expression

For Cole Buxton graphic t-shirts aren’t simply a garment, they’re a canvas for self-expression. The quality tees, manufactured in the cottonwear mecca of Portugal, now set the standard in the athleisure market, embodying the brand’s philosophy with every fibre. 

Cole Buxton Dog T-Shirt Back Print

With its large rear graphic, the Dog T-Shirt is a reflection of the brand’s boldly minimal take on design.

Dismissing the clutter of trend-chasing fashion, Cole Buxton’s cotton tees stand as a timeless rebuttal to fleeting trends. Each tee is a crafted symbol, ensuring your wardrobe isn’t just contemporary but a manifestation of enduring style. 

Cole Buxton T-Shirts Spread

The Sportswear Tee returns this season in varying colourways, with the inclusion of a new ‘vintage’ lightweight iteration.

Signature Cole Buxton Accessories: Where Design and Craftsmanship Combine

For Cole Buxton, accessories aren’t simply second-string outfit additions; they’re statements of timeless style. Infused with iconic international embroidery the recent drop features caps crafted from durable ripstop material.

Cole Buxton Caps

Here paired with some classic sweats, the Cole Buxton Caps arrive this season in sturdy ripstop.

Amidst a world cluttered with fleeting trends, each piece is a shining beacon of the brand’s design credentials and their undying commitment to quality craftsmanship, ensuring that your accessories choice embraces a legacy that defies convention.

In a world of fast fashion, Cole Buxton aren’t about crossing the finish line first, it’s about the fine margins that get you there. The design process isn’t just about getting to the final collection; it’s a studied process where every element isn’t merely a detail but a statement of intent. Cole Buxton isn’t just a brand; it’s a commitment to craftsmanship. Obsessing over the next big thing isn’t their style. This is luxury sportswear with a timeless middle finger to the buy-bin-repeat sentiments of the past. Forget following the herd; Cole Buxton leads its flock into the future of luxury sportswear culture with products that last.  

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