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Mountain 600 Boots

Danner Mountain 600 Boots : Hiking Innovation

Looking to the future whilst paying respect to its past, the Danner Mountain 600 Boots takes their design inspiration from a selection of hiking footwear styles, combining it with both traditional construction and a healthy dose of technical ingenuity. Continuing the American brand’s commitment to quality boots made with purpose, the Mountain 600 finds its roots embedded in the Pacific North West Coast, offering a host of features capable of dealing with the vast array of terrain and weather found on its trails. Slotting seamlessly into what Danner define as heritage performance, no matter whether you’re more traditionally inclined or find yourself placed firmly on the modern side of the fence, we’re sure these boots will put a smile on your face.


Danner Mountain 600


What are the Danner Mountain 600 Boots Made From?

Made from a full-grain leather, that is slightly more lightweight than that used on other boots in the Danner lineup, the Mountain 600 provides a substantial amount of protection whilst paying careful attention to not become overly clunky or heavy on foot. Subjected to 6 tests to ensure comfort, strength and durability, the boots come with purposefully reduced seams, which, when combined with the Danner Dry lining, gives waterproof qualities without hampering breathability.


Are the Mountain 600 Boots Waterproof?

Yes! As we briefly touched on, the boots come with Danner’s, Danner Dry technology which is 100% waterproof. Not only this but the leather is pre-treated to give further water resistance meaning if you come across wet terrain you can rest easy knowing your socks will remain dry.


Danner Mountain 600 Boots


What are the main features?

For those who can’t get enough of the nitty-gritty allow us to fill you in. Joining forces with Vibram, Danner delivers arguably one of their most responsive rides yet. Utilising an SPE (Specialised Performance Elastomer) midsole, which is created by combining a unique combination of synthetic / natural rubber alongside cushioning EVA foam, the flexible and featherweight composition brings all the support you could wish for.

But that’s not all! Look lower still and you’ll find a Vibram Fuga Megagrip outsole. One of the best in the business when it comes to the subtle art of not slipping over, its flex lines work in unison with the pliable SPE material allowing the foot to expand wider and cover more surface area. Decked out with multi-directional angular lugs that hook onto surfaces to provide a better grip, the entire package is finally sealed with Megagrip rubber throughout for built-to-last peace of mind.

Sole aside, there is also a removable Ortholite footbed housed within, which only serves to increase circulation and comfort properties to the max, you can see why these boots have quickly become a personal favourite of ours. If you’re not sold on the vast list of practical benefits, they are also very good looking with metal lace D-ring loops, an array of tasteful embossed branding and visuals which slot seamlessly into contemporary styling.


Mountain 600


How does the Danner Mountain 600 Fit?

Built around Danner’s DPDX last, the Mountain 600’s do fit slightly roomy so it may be something to bear in mind when making your choice. Danner do recommend sizing down at least half a size in order to achieve the perfect fit. Here is a helpful video of them on foot which may help you make your choice…



If we’ve missed anything or you have any questions be sure to leave them below in the comments but in the meantime why not shop our Danner Boots.

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