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Paul Smith Logo Stripes

Paul Smith: Brand Guide

Paul Smith: A Uniquely British Approach to Contemporary Menswear

For over 40 years, the Paul Smith brand has been a prominent name in contemporary men’s fashion and, offering unique looks that add diversity to wardrobes, Paul Smith continues to grow stronger with each passing season.

Paul Smith Logo Stripes

Who Is Paul Smith? A History:

Paul Smith’s journey into the fashion world began unexpectedly. With no career plans or qualifications, he found himself working at a clothing warehouse in Nottingham, propelled by his father. However, a passion for sports, particularly cycling, initially captivated Paul. Unfortunately, a career-ending injury at the age of 17 redirected his path. During his six months in the hospital, Paul had the opportunity to meet new people and engage in conversations about fashion and music, which exposed him to a vibrant culture of creativity and excitement. Inspired by this newfound world, Paul wanted to be a part of it.

In 1976, Paul showcased his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith brand. He opened his first boutique in Nottingham and later expanded with additional stores in London and New York. With the support of his wife, Pauline Denyer, and his own determination to learn and excel in tailoring, Paul Smith began producing designs that reflected his personal vision. Today, after more than four decades in the industry, Paul Smith has established himself as a centerpiece of British menswear, known for his ability to anticipate trends and infuse his designs with mischievous elements.

Paul Smith’s Unique Hands-On Approach:

One distinguishing factor that sets Paul Smith apart is his continued involvement in the business. Despite the brand’s global reach, with hundreds of retail shops and international wholesale partners, Paul remains intimately connected to all aspects of his self-named fashion powerhouse. He retains influence in design, production, distribution, and marketing, which resonates with his loyal fan base. The idea of purchasing a product that has been thoughtfully crafted by the man himself creates a satisfying and unique experience. Paul’s hands-on approach ensures the brand’s relevance and maintains his personal touch.

Paul Smith Collection:

Among the numerous collections associated with the Paul Smith brand, we are proud stockists of the PS Paul Smith Collection. This collection takes a more casual approach while still embodying the essence of Paul Smith’s style. Mixing staple designs with unique twists, the collection offers printed t-shirts, cotton shirts, and technical jackets for men who value style even in more relaxed attire. The iconic multi-coloured zebra symbolizes the brand’s playful yet functional approach to fashion and has become a staple in high-street fashion. Collaborations within this collection have further enhanced its unique identity, distinguishing it from Paul’s more formal ventures.

In recent seasons, Paul Smith has drawn inspiration from West Coast America and 70’s workwear. Using desert landscapes as inspiration, the collection incorporates soft impressions and vibrant colors, representing desert sunsets. These combinations of vivid purples and oranges result in never-before-seen colour palettes that make the collection truly distinctive. Emphasizing quality, particularly in workwear, the collection features heavyweight cotton fabrics designed for durability.

Paul Smith Shirt Jacket

Paul Smith stands out in the world of men’s fashion due to his unique attitude and unwavering involvement in all aspects of his brand. The PS Paul Smith Collection, known for its casual yet stylish designs, captures the essence of Paul’s creative vision. Through collaborations and inspired themes, Paul Smith continually pushes boundaries and offers a diverse and innovative approach to fashion.

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Brilliant I’m a big PS fan

Us too mate! Some lovely stuff arriving in store all the time so keep an eye out. Personal favourite of mine is this collared cardigan Joe

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