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Paul Smith Brand Guide

Paul Smith Brand Guide

An Introduction to the Paul Smith Brand

The Paul Smith brand has, over the years, become a staple in contemporary men’s fashion, providing unique looks that diversify wardrobes for over 40 years. Now with over 14 collections, Paul has never looked stronger, going from strength to strength with every coming season.

The History of the Paul Smith Brand

With no career plans or qualifications, Paul Smith was propelled into a menial job at his local clothing warehouse in Nottingham by his father, where an initial interest in the fashion world first occurred. Meanwhile, a passion for sports, in particular, cycling spurred Paul into pursuing a career in the sport until an accident at the age of 17 when he suffered a career-ending injury that resulted in six months in hospital.

Some say this was a blessing, as his time in hospital allowed Paul to meet new people, arranging to meet them again at a pub popular amongst many students that attended a nearby art college. Talking about fashion and music amongst other things gave Paul an insight into a new culture that emphasised vibrancy of colours, creativity, and an aura of excitement. Paul embraced this and wanted to be part of it.

In 1976  Paul was showing his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith brand.  Paul had delved into the fashion world, managing his first boutique in Nottingham followed by the opening of his first shop in  1979 with the encouragement of his current wife, Pauline Denyer. After taking classes as well as being helped by his wife in the world of tailoring, Paul Smith was soon able to produce the designs that he personally wanted to see in the fashion world. In 1976  Paul was showing his first menswear collection in Paris under the “Paul Smith” label. The designer opened his second London store in 1982, his third in 1983 and fourth in 1987 – the same year he unveiled his first New York boutique.

Now in business for over 40 years, Paul has now established himself as a centrepiece for British menswear, with a natural ability to anticipate and spark trends that go outside the scope of fashion, leading into the context of popular culture. A happy go lucky attitude combined with his knowledge culminates to provide a fashion designer who mixes traditional design with mischievous essences.

 “It’s clothes I love, not fashion” You can get a snippet of his personal life, and unique creative flair over on his personal instagram page

Paul Smith zebra logo

What sets Paul Smith apart?

Aside from his unique attitude, something that many of his most loyal fans say is that his continued involvement in the business is what sets him apart from the rest. With hundreds of retail shops that sell internationally as well as wholesaling to select retails around the globe, it is easy to see the possibility of Paul being diluted in terms of importance and relevance in the business, but this is not the case. Paul Smith is fundamental in his self-named fashion powerhouse business, retaining influence in the design, production, distribution, and marketing of his products. Its this intimacy that draws many to the quintessentially British brand, the idea of buying a product you know has been thought about by the man is a very satisfying experience.
‘I’ve been [designing] for 40 years and sometimes you need to take a breath and readjust. The world is so oversupplied; not just fashion, everything. There’s too much stuff out there and for us it’s how you have relevance in an overcrowded world. We’re all running so fast.  ES Magazine, out Thursday 10th March 2016

Paul Smith beanie

Paul Smith Collection

The Paul Smith brand has had numerous collections of the years, we are stockists of the PS Paul Smith Collection. A more casual approach to the majority of his other ventures, the collection still maintains the essence of Paul Smith: Mixing staple designs with unique twists. Focusing on printed t-shirts, cotton shirts, and technical jackets, Paul Smith offers a casual wardrobe for any man interested in staying stylish even when dressing down. This idea is exemplified perfectly by the infamous zebra, as seen on many of the items in the collection. Symbolising a playful approach to fashion whilst staying functional, the multi coloured zebra has now become a staple in high street fashion. Collaborations in this specific collection have also allowed the collection to produce its own unique identity outside of Paul’s more formal ventures.

In recent seasons, Paul has looked and taken inspiration from West Coast America and 70’s workwear. Using desert landscapes that show dry heat, tropical plants and colours has produced a collection with very soft impressions yet maintains a vibrancy necessary to make pieces truly stand out. The conjunction of vivid purples and oranges that symbolise desert sunsets allow for unique, never seen colour combinations to produce a truly unique collection, not only for Paul Smith but for the fashion world as a whole.

Of course, focusing on workwear means an emphasis on quality has to be made. The shirts, in particular, is constructed mostly by heavyweight cotton fabrics that are designed to last.

Paul Smith zebra cartoon

 Celebrities in the Paul Smith brand

Of course, with such refined British heritage, Paul Smith has a lot of celebrity attention, especially in its suiting.  Famous names such as Wayne Rooney, Robert Pattinson, Rupert Grint, George Best are all examples of people in the public spotlight that have been snapped wearing Paul Smith clothing.

Paul Smith Autumn/Winter 2017 Video

The following video from the Paul Smith Official Youtube channel highlights the Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2017 collection. We would appreciate your thoughts on the collection via the comments box below.


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