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Paul Smith Logo Stripes

Paul Smith: Brand Guide

Paul Smith: A Uniquely British Approach to Contemporary Menswear

For over 40 years, the Paul Smith brand has been a prominent name in contemporary men’s fashion and, offering unique looks that add diversity to wardrobes, Paul Smith continues to grow stronger with each passing season.

Paul Smith Logo Stripes

Who Is Paul Smith? A History:

Paul Smith’s journey into the fashion world began unexpectedly. With no career plans or qualifications, he found himself working at a clothing warehouse in Nottingham, propelled by his father. However, a passion for sports, particularly cycling, initially captivated Paul. Unfortunately, a career-ending injury at the age of 17 redirected his path. During his six months in the hospital, Paul had the opportunity to meet new people and engage in conversations about fashion and music, which exposed him to a vibrant culture of creativity and excitement. Inspired by this newfound world, Paul wanted to be a part of it.

In 1976, Paul showcased his first menswear collection in Paris under the Paul Smith brand. He opened his first boutique in Nottingham and later expanded with additional stores in London and New York. With the support of his wife, Pauline Denyer, and his own determination to learn and excel in tailoring, Paul Smith began producing designs that reflected his personal vision. Today, after more than four decades in the industry, Paul Smith has established himself as a centerpiece of British menswear, known for his ability to anticipate trends and infuse his designs with mischievous elements.

Paul Smith’s Unique Hands-On Approach:

One distinguishing factor that sets Paul Smith apart is his continued involvement in the business. Despite the brand’s global reach, with hundreds of retail shops and international wholesale partners, Paul remains intimately connected to all aspects of his self-named fashion powerhouse. He retains influence in design, production, distribution, and marketing, which resonates with his loyal fan base. The idea of purchasing a product that has been thoughtfully crafted by the man himself creates a satisfying and unique experience. Paul’s hands-on approach ensures the brand’s relevance and maintains his personal touch.

Paul Smith Collection:

Among the numerous collections associated with the Paul Smith brand, we are proud stockists of the PS Paul Smith Collection. This collection takes a more casual approach while still embodying the essence of Paul Smith’s style. Mixing staple designs with unique twists, the collection offers printed t-shirts, cotton shirts, and technical jackets for men who value style even in more relaxed attire. The iconic multi-coloured zebra symbolizes the brand’s playful yet functional approach to fashion and has become a staple in high-street fashion. Collaborations within this collection have further enhanced its unique identity, distinguishing it from Paul’s more formal ventures.

In recent seasons, Paul Smith has drawn inspiration from West Coast America and 70’s workwear. Using desert landscapes as inspiration, the collection incorporates soft impressions and vibrant colors, representing desert sunsets. These combinations of vivid purples and oranges result in never-before-seen colour palettes that make the collection truly distinctive. Emphasizing quality, particularly in workwear, the collection features heavyweight cotton fabrics designed for durability.

Paul Smith Shirt Jacket

Paul Smith stands out in the world of men’s fashion due to his unique attitude and unwavering involvement in all aspects of his brand. The PS Paul Smith Collection, known for its casual yet stylish designs, captures the essence of Paul’s creative vision. Through collaborations and inspired themes, Paul Smith continually pushes boundaries and offers a diverse and innovative approach to fashion.

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PS Paul Smith Happy Collection Aphrodite

PS Paul Smith Happy Collection

How incredibly fitting that Paul Smith, the veteran British designer, who is rarely seen without a smile on his face, has launched a new line of clothes dubbed the Paul Smith Happy Collection. Smith, or ‘Smithy’, as he’s fondly nicknamed by friends, is no stranger to adulation, be it from fellow designers or admirers of his eponymous label. Once famously crowned ‘the nicest man in fashion’, Paul Smith is well aware, of course in the humblest manner, that people – far and wide – flock to his stores to be cheered up.

Paul Smith Happy Collection Aphrodite Clothing

PS Paul Smith Happy Collection window installation at Aphrodite1994.

In 1970 a young, chipper Paul Smith cut his creative teeth inside the four walls of his first boutique, a cramped 3 square meter store at 6 Byard Lane, Nottingham, better known back then as ‘Paul Smith Vêtements Pour Homme’. Two stand-alone employees oversaw all operations in-house, Paul himself, and Homer – a show-stopping blonde, aka Paul’s beloved Afghan hound. The two coincidentally looked like twins.

Smith and Homer are equal parts responsible for laying down the early workplace culture and lively nature of Paul Smith, the brand. Nottinghamians would enter Byard Lane, and just like any other clothing establishment, you’d find yourself greeted by the store manager, only this time it was different. The boss at Paul Smith was actually Homer the dog. “There weren’t any other shops that I knew of where you walked in and the manager was a dog. This might sound silly, but honestly, I think Homer was one of the main contributions to the success of the shop”, says Paul.

Paul Smith Byard Lane

A promotional flyer for the original Byard Lane store, Nottinham.

The camaraderie between Paul and Homer was pure alchemy and customers instantly fed into it. Smith’s personable manner, mixed with Homer’s adorable ways and exuberant energy charmed every single person that walked through the door. The boutique became known for its happy, wholesome spirit and, just like how Paul Smith stores are beheld today, the resounding feeling when you walked in was of warm hospitality.

Fast forward 51 years and sadly Homer is no longer manning the store. However, he does remain fondly remembered and even stole the spotlight in Paul Smith’s 50th Anniversary collection last year, the capsule was titled ‘The Story of Homer’. The sense of glee kick-started by Homer and Paul in the brand’s formative years very much lives on today. From the brand’s kaleidoscope of colours, to its playful animal mascots, and more recently, the Paul Smith Happy campaign, everything just feels monumentally joyful and totally sincere with this British label.

Paul Smith Dog Homer

The Story of Homer campaign, image credit –

The Paul Smith Happy Collection first launched in the spring of ‘21 after a period of stillness due to the pandemic and is inspired by the feeling of being with friends, listening to music and connecting with nature – moments of pure joy, basically. The line spans almost every department and is easily identified via a ‘PS Paul Smith’ logo which also takes the shape of a smiley face motif.

The line perfectly represents the kind spirit of the brand, and the human driving force behind it. Despite receiving a knighthood, dressing a slew of Oscar-winning stars, and acquiring hundreds more stores since Homer’s humble rein in Byard Lane, Paul and his brand remain impeccably humble and approachable. The capsule is a testament to the label’s modest, but merry ways.

PS Paul Smith Happy Tee

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Nudie Jeans Sustainable Sweatshirt Grey

Fashion’s Journey To Sustainability

Five Brands Pursuing A Sustainable Planet

Would you be more inclined to buy a garment if you were sound in the knowledge it was crafted sustainably? In 2019, as the demand for fast fashion continues to spike, this question is something the industry must actively ponder.

Until recently, fashion’s impact on the environment had been seldom spoken of. The more well-documented pollution players are frequently exposed to blame in the press, but who should really be taking all the rap? With over 10% of the world’s carbon footprint falling on fashion, changes – evidently – need to be made. Here at Aphrodite, we caught up with some of the key brands in our line up to find out how they plan to kick-start the journey to sustainability.


If you’ve ever visited us in store or browsed our plethora of footwear pages online, you’ll certainly be familiar with Slovakian label Novesta. Renowned across Europe for its quality craftsmanship, the brand’s trainer offerings are immensely clean cut and timeless. Of course, aesthetics are positioned at the forefront of the label’s operations, but the topic of sustainability scales pretty high on the brand’s agenda too.

Novesta’s ethical efforts spill out and into the manufacturing process, where they choose to handcraft their products solely using natural materials. The employment of natural rubber, cotton and linen make Novesta’s products thoroughly sustainable. As a result, the brand’s ecological actions have caught the attention of animal welfare charity PETA. Now dubbed officially VEGAN by PETA, Novesta is proud to promote the switch to ethical fashion throughout the globe. Shop Novesta’s sustainable styles here.

Novesta Star Dribble


Cross a thousand miles or so across the European continent and you’ll discover Swedish imprint Nudie Jeans. Pledging to uncover ‘the naked truth about denim’ since its inception, the label has actively pursued the journey to sustainability for some time now. Brand founders Maria Erixon Levin, Joakim Levin and Palle Stenberg have always been impassioned by the promise to pursue a sustainable planet, doing so while supplying some of the best denim styles we’ve ever laid our eyes on.

In a substantial effort to create a safe working environment for its staff, Nudie Jeans opts for the use of 100% organic cotton across its collections. Unlike conventional farming, organic cotton is grown without the exposure to harmful chemicals, creating in turn, a safe environment for employment, while also encouraging purity of the eco system. And the brand’s efforts don’t stop there.

Many of you may be familiar with Nudie Jeans’ repair services, we ourselves have hosted one of the label’s repair shops, much to the delight of local denim aficionados. The purpose of these repair shops is to provide the garment with longevity. In Nudie Jeans terms ‘we don’t believe throwaway and jeans are words that belong together.’ The introduction of repairs means that your investment can be sustained, without the need to purchase time and time again. In total, Nudie Jeans repaired 55,173 pairs of jeans in 2018 – a 6,000 increase on 2017. Pretty impressive we must admit! Browse Nudie Jeans’ approach to sustainability here.

Nudie Jeans Organic Cotton SweatshirtNudie Jeans OutfitNudie Jeans Lead Dean


In Britain menswear brands are also aiming to spread the word on sustainability. Eponymous label Oliver Spencer endeavours to improve the environment with an array of sustainable movements. Bleue Wickham-Burnham, Head of Sustainability at Oliver Spencer, explored the topic with Aphrodite.

“Any waste effluent from the dyeing and treatment of fabrics is cleaned in-line with European standards. This basically means it’s crystal clear when it leaves the factory. One of our mills in the north of England is fed by a river, where the water is put back afterwards – you could literally drink the water as it’s being put back into the river!”

Similarly to Nudie Jeans, the London-based brand also operate a repair service, allowing costs and unnecessary waste to remain at their lowest. On top of this, Oliver Spencer continues to strive for the use of eco-friendly fabrics: “For winter 41% of the cotton we use by volume will be organic. We hope to continue this until we get to 100%, unless we start using regenerative organic cotton before then.” Take a look at Oliver Spencer’s eco-friendly designs here.

Oliver Spencer Shirt


Across town at Paul Smith, activities and operations are being tweaked all the time to ensure transparency and the utmost social responsibility. The label’s PS Paul Smith collection, a favourite with Aphrodite customers, is growing more and more sustainable each season.

Brand Financial & Sustainability Analyst at Paul Smith, Jessica Halsey, weighed in on the label’s strategy: “We are proud to announce that almost 85% of our PS collection jersey is made from organic cotton. Using organic cotton means that we can be sure the cotton farming is non-intensive and no harmful pesticides have been used in the process.”

On top of this, you’ll be interested to know that Paul Smith is doing even more to pursue ethical operations. And what we mean by that is, if you’re hitting the beach this season you may well find yourself in the possession of Paul Smith’s sustainability efforts.

“Recently we have introduced recycled polyester into our garments, most notably our Paul Smith collection swim shorts. They are part composed of post-consumer plastic bottles. We love the idea that something can be recycled and repurposed into something completely new whilst reducing the impact consumer waste has on the planet.” Catch Paul Smith’s organic cotton collection here.

Paul Smith Polo ShirtPaul Smith T-Shirt


Across the pond, outdoor pioneers at Patagonia live and breathe the essence of sustainability. ‘Worn Wear’ is an initiative the brand introduced to alter the relationship people have with their clothing. Avoiding a ‘throwaway’ stance at all costs, Patagonia ‘keeps your gear in action for longer’ at their repair base in Nevada – the largest repair facility in North America. Each year, the brand repairs over 40,000 items back to new, we certainly can’t complain with that!

Textile use and treatments are also of high interest to Patagonia and it’s something the brand continuously re-evaluates each season. From using recycled materials to craft its garments, to choosing PVC and phthalate-free inks and searching for non-harmful alternatives, the brand has become synonymous with sustainable production. Purchase Patagonia’s ethical styles here.

Patagonia Outfit

Though sustainability within the fashion arena is still in its inception stage, evidently, it’s of great concern to many brands who are continuously making crucial improvements to their operations to care for the environment, the staff they employ and the communities they work within. Enjoy shopping the featured styles with a clear conscience


Top 10 Graphic Print T-Shirts

No matter if you’re team front print or back print, prefer your top half attire colourful or monochromatic, we can all agree that nothing screams summer like a good old-fashioned graphic t-shirt. Lightweight, breathable and packing a sufficiently weighty visual punch they are a great way to add some extra depth to your outfits when the spring layers begin to come away and your shorts finally find their way back from the dark corners of your winter wardrobe. So, with the temperature rising and the allure of the local beer garden becoming almost unbearable there has never been a better time to stockpile your short sleeve essentials and bulk up with a heaping helping of colourful callouts.

Maison Kitsune T-Shirt

Maison Kitsune

With a music label, coffee shops and an astoundingly good ready-to-wear line under their belt you’d probably imagine that Maison Kitsune are about ready to take a back seat and appreciate the multifaceted, tricolour empire they’ve manged to construct around them. Well, as the Franco-Japanese brand unveils its plans to open the first of its Kitsune hotels in 2020, we’re here to tell you that’s where your wrong and we have just the crustacean based t-shirt to prove it. Boasting a ribbed neck and cotton jersey fabric, the t-shirt swaps out the usual fox motif for a crab resulting in both a classically refined Kitsune style illustration and a clever bit of advertising for their Bali based accommodation. Top marks from us.

Paul & Shark T-Shirt

Paul & Shark

Continuing the theme of sea-based creatures up next we have Paul & Shark. Keeping quality high on the agenda the Italian yachting brand takes the humble t-shirt and imbues it seam to seam with their usual premium craftsmanship. Displaying a colourful rendition of the classic shark logo screen printed to the chest the garment is rounded out with double-stitched hems, a ribbed neck and a slightly less weighty cotton perfect for the rising temperatures.

Patagonia T-Shirt


No stranger to the occasional colourful back print, Patagonia again return this season with a fresh addition to their t-shirt line-up. Made From 100% organic in the brand’s typical ecological fashion, the t-shirt comes with taped shoulder seams for improved shape retention and a bold psychedelic mountain sunset scene plastered to the rear. If this doesn’t make you want to power your way to the top of the nearest slight incline we don’t know what will.

Ten C T-Shirt

Ten C

In-keeping with the brand’s militaristic aesthetic this Ten C t-shirt swaps out loud prints for a more subdued approach, instead opting to let it’s Italian made quality do all the talking. With side splits adding an extra dash of functionality and a bound neck for structure the t-shirt is rounded out with a lowkey shoulder logo print.

Paul Smith T-Shirt

Paul Smith

In somewhat contrasting fashion, next up is British designer Paul Smith. Using their affinity for colourful characters the short sleeve top exchanges the usual zebra motif for a slightly more morbid line-up of printed skulls to the chest. Subtly flanked by the brands logo below the t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and comes with the selection of ribbing naturally found in a top-half garment of this stature.

adidas Originals T-Shirt


Tapping into one of our most basic human instincts, the need for an ice lolly when it’s a bit hot, adidas apply a playful approach to the conventional double-sided formula. Working the classic trefoil logo into a vibrant tropical island scene to the front, the t-shirt employs a, ‘juicy mix icecream’ print emblazoned to the back.

Stussy T-Shirt


Of course, it wouldn’t be right to do a rundown of some of our favourite printed bits without mentioning Stussy. With arguably one of the most recognised logos in the streetwear game and an impressive resume serving up some of the best in graphic-heavy garments it doesn’t come as any surprise that they found their way onto the guest list. This particular specimen displays the aforementioned script callout to the front with a circular emblem print to the back for expected levels of effortless appeal.

Comme des Garcons T-Shirt

Comme des Garcons

Brandishing a piquant yellow base this t-shirt from Comme des Garcons is a must have for the more minimally minded among us. With a completely clean front and accompanying logo back print, the t-shirt is crafted from a slight stretch material for bonus comfort points.

Ralph Lauren T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren

Retaining a staunch preppy swagger with an added helping of patriotic flair the best dressed bear in fashion returns just in time for the hot weather. Cut in a custom slim fit associated with the New York based brand, the t-shirt is topped off with some tasteful branding and a contrasting ribbed neckline.

DSquared2 T-Shirt


For those looking for a more high-end addition to their summer shirting Canadian born twins Dan and Dean canten of DSquared2 have got you covered. Put together with fit and quality in mind the t-shirt sees the world-renowned logo reworked into a contemporary overlapped design that takes centre stage for an unmistakable finish.

Shop all the t-shirts listed above as well as plenty of other short sleeve styles online and in store now.

Moncler Polo Shirt

9 of the Best … Polo Shirts

While it sometimes feels like the polo shirt has been around forever, it’s less than a hundred years old. Ever since its invention by tennis legend Renée Lacoste in the 1920s, men all over the world have adopted and adapted the polo shirt as part of a casual wardrobe. Its lightweight feel and construction lends itself to a huge variety of looks, and the wide variety of polo shirts on offer ensures that there’s a perfect version for everyone.

Here at Aphrodite we have a huge selection of men’s designer polo shirts. But sometimes too much choice is a bad thing, so we’re here to help with our selection of the 9 best polo shirts for men this summer. Whether you’re looking for a luxury take for those special nights out, a bold option for everyday layering, or a non-traditional take from one of our top brands, you’ll find some great ideas in our selection below.

Polo Shirts Over £100

Moncler Arm Logo Grey Polo

Moncler Arm Logo Polo Shirt

While known for their highly luxurious, down-filled jackets, Moncler always has a top-notch polo or two in their seasonal lineup. For Spring/Summer 2019, the standout piece is this version, which boasts striped detailing to the cuffs, along with jacquard-woven text branding to the left arm and, of course, the all-important Moncler felt logo to the chest for that iconic finish.

Stone Island Yellow Polo Shirt

Stone Island Tipped Collar Polo Shirt

A perennial fixture of Stone Island‘s lineup, the polo shirt appears this season in this summer-ready washed lemon colour. Nodding to classic versions with twin-tipped detailing to the collar, and improving on the formula with engineered shoulders for exceptional comfort, the finishing touch comes with an embroidered square logo to the chest.

Ralph Lauren Navy Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren All-Over Logo Polo Shirt

From the brand that brought the polo shirt from the sports field into the fashion sphere, this version replicates the iconic Polo Ralph Lauren logo across the full body of the shirt. A nod to the preppy classic ‘critter’ garments, which also boasted all-over embroidery, this polo is ideal for wearing solo with shorts for that elusive collegiate vibe.

Polo Shirts Under £100

CP Company Blue Polo Shirt

CP Company Garment Dyed Polo Shirt

Bringing their signature garment-dyeing techniques to this most classic of garments, CP Company present their take on the polo shirt. Coming in a wide range of colours, we’ve selected this slightly washed-out blue that would look the business relaxing on a yacht in the French Riviera, perhaps — or, more likely, your favourite beer garden.

Maison Kitsune Polo Shirt

Maison Kitsune Fox Logo Polo Shirt

One of the newest brands in our lineup, Maison Kitsune tap into the polo’s Gallic origins perhaps better than anyone else. Crafted in Portugal from a fine cotton piqué fabric, the cut and quality are both spot on. But the real selling point is that fantastic tricolour fox logo embroidered to the chest.

Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo Shirt in Mint Green

Fred Perry Twin Tipped Polo Shirt

One of the most iconic polo shirts in the business, the Fred Perry polo shirt requires no introduction. This season the heritage brand has unleashed a brace of polos in the kind of sun-drenched colours that are begging to be worn all summer long. The signature Laurel Wreath embroidery to the chest is the icing on a particularly summery cake.

Alternative Polo Shirt Picks

Paul Smith Knitted Polo Shirt Aubergine

Paul Smith Knitted Shirt Aubergine

While the polo shirt is already one of the best casual garments for warmer-weather wear, Paul Smith really ups the classic factor with this knitted version. The knitted polo has a storied history with some of the world’s most iconic snappy dressers — think the likes of Steve McQueen or John F Kennedy — and Paul Smith has nailed that vibe perfectly.

Y3 Classic Polo Shirt Black

Y-3 Classic Polo Shirt

If your tastes skew more towards the dark and urban, Y-3 have the polo for you. While the polo shirt isn’t necessarily part of the streetwear canon, Y-3 have really made it work with their version. Boasting a looser cut and heavier fabric than the norm, this polo would fit perfectly with an all-black ensemble and your latest sneaker purchase.

Oliver Spencer Dunmore Polo Shirt Lilac

Oliver Spencer Dunmore Polo Shirt

London-based tailor-turned-designer Oliver Spencer has made a name for himself with his use of custom-crafted jersey fabrics, so it follows that his namesake brand would provide us with some excellent polo options. This version comes in a super-soft striped jersey fabric and boasts a rugby inspired collar along with a chest pocket for a subtle yet unexpected upgrade.

Find all these designer polo shirts along with many more choices in-store and online at Aphrodite today.


Paul Smith: Best of British New Arrivals

Paul Smith New Arrivals Spring Summer

Although British designer Paul Smith needs no introduction, quite frankly, his twist of fate backstory is worth a run over. Having kicked-off his youth as an avid cyclist, Smith’s sporting ambitions quickly ground to a halt due to a serious accident – in what would later be labelled ‘cycling’s loss and fashion’s greatest gain’. Discovering an immense appreciation for design during his recovery, Paul’s creative flair soon landed him his debut in Mayfair’s suiting stronghold, Savile Row. And well, the rest remains history.

Spring Summer 19

Roll the clocks forward 50 years later and with immeasurable amounts of experience under his belt, Sir Paul Smith and his label are as relevant as ever to the masses. Here at Aphrodite, staff and customers alike can’t get enough of the London-based brand and its classics of tomorrow vibe. Echoing last season’s pledge to simplicity, unrivalled quality and easy-to-wear aesthetic, SS19 invites more of the same into the mix. So expect plenty of short-sleeve staples, colourful cotton essentials and the brand’s iconic Zebra leading operations from the front.

One of several new arrivals dropping online and in-store, this zebra tee represents Smith’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. Crafted with pride from organic cotton, the eco-friendly design holds a super soft touch and is a certified hit for the streets. Rounding out with a ribbed crewneck, the brand’s playful zebra and signature logo complete the silhouette at the centre. Shop styles in black and white online.

Paul Smith Jacket

Next into the spotlight, this slick overshirt offers a two-in-one shirt jacket aesthetic, presenting to the wearer a seamless blend of style and substance. With only a woven brand tab fitted to the chest, the versatile piece comes prepared to serve your wardrobe all year round, while its buttoned pockets provide space for keeping all your small valuables in check. Cop navy and khaki versions online now.

Paul Smith Navy Overshirt

Paul Smith Blue Overshirt

Other hits among the line-up include contrasting versions of this lightweight, nylon-blend jacket. Designed to ensure you never fall victim to the forecast again, the jacket’s shower-proof properties and foldable hood undoubtedly pack a practical punch. Finished with a stand collar and drawstring hem, the weather-conscious styling guarantees elevated levels of warmth. Shop now in blue and lemon.

Paul Smith Jacket

Finally, consider your streetwear wishes granted with the issue of this blacked-out hoodie, made from pure cotton and boasting a distinctive Paul Smith difference. Decorated at the chest with the designer’s logo, its contemporary construction secures on the body with a half zip closure. Detailed with ribbed trimmings, the pullover’s roomy kangaroo pocket promises to transport all your trusty items from one place and on to the next. The ultimate layering companion, throw this cosy piece on and set straight off on your travels.

Paul Smith Hoodie

Every inch fashion’s national treasure, Paul Smith and his offerings remain as synonymous with Britain as a hearty full English, The Beatles and a good cup of tea. To ensure you don’t miss out on this timeless collection, pop in-store or browse Aphrodite online now.

knights watch paul smith

The Knights Watch – Paul Smith

Britain’s foremost independent fashion designer has brought a simmering batch of menswear this new season to coincide with the hot, hot heat on display. As is standard for the Prêt-à-Porter pro, Paul Smith’s most recent collection is highlighted by vibrant graphic prints on short sleeve designs, all over print features to staple menswear, workwear influenced overshirts, branded basics and formal to casual footwear, all bearing the distinctive stripe pattern of the master tailor.

Functionality and style can sometimes be at odds with one another when it comes to fine attire, but that’s where the ethos of Paul Smith’s collections shine through, bringing fine performing clothing to the designer table with distinct designs ready to wear regardless of the conditions. The new season brings lightweight short sleeve shirts to the masses, including a contemporary spin in the form of artistic dots across the shirt. Shown above in a pairing alongside the new in Paul Smith Seneca Shoes and a crisp pair of denim.

Workwear and uniform have been at the forefront of Paul Smith’s design. The designs are a mainstay of the legendary designer’s arsenal, since his adoption of the brand R.Newbold in 93′. Using the sensibilities of the utilitarian style PS has worked in another variation to the workwear design with a shirt jacket in a soft yet sturdy cotton twill. With subtle branding and unique cues like contrasting piping and concealed buttons, this is a piece that will subvert classic British design and sit proudly in any wardrobe.

As it is the season to be boiling, A cool cotton T-Shirt is a sub-zero option to remain as seasonally serene as possible. The Paul Smith T-Shirt collection comes constructed from a super soft organic cotton jersey as standard, placing a statement logo on the chest of the garment. With a variety of different colours and designs  On offer across the PS range, it’s not hard to find your favourite summer Tee. For the adventurers amongst us, pair your new Paul Smith purchase with the signature back pack.

Best of Summer at Aphrodite

The summer is well and truly kicking in, with the hot temperatures set to soar and holiday plans heating up, it only seemed fair to show our best of the summer selections with a mixture of brand new items and sale steals, make sure you’re kitted out with the best of summer.


Champion T-Shirt Script Logo – SALE
It’s all about being vibrant in our best of summer highlights, no one wants to go to the beach in all black. We’re stout advocates of a good quality t-shirt, and Champion is a brand that doesn’t scrimp on quality. Their script logo t-shirt comes in an eye-catching yellow base, with the red, white and blue of the logo shining brightly on the chest.
Fred Perry T-Shirt  Colour Block 
Sometimes it’s hard to show off whilst in your minimal holiday dressing, but at least show a contemporary air with a colour blocked piece. Fred Perry have placed their laurel wreath to this pastel-tinged design and it’s perfect for on its own or under a linen shirt.
Polo Shirts
Lacoste Polo Shirt  – SALE
With certain brands, you just can’t argue with the pedigree, and for polo shirts, that’s Lacoste all over. The brand were the originators of this classy design back in the 30s, and they’re still going strong with the design today, dressed here in a warm weather ready light blue.
The world cup might be over but we’ve still got football fever over here at Aphrodite. In honour of the finals, Fred Perry commemorated specific nations with their own polo shirts prior to the cup, so channel your inner samba with this Brazillian iteration of the staple twin tipped polo.
Folk Shirt Horizon – SALE
If it isn’t a lightweight fabric then it’s not even worth it. The Folks at Folk thought that too, issuing a subtle but sure-fire holiday hit in the form of their linen and cotton blended horizon shirt, decked here in a soft yellow.
It never gets easier trying to reinvent the wheel, but the punk spirit still lives on through Vivienne Westwood. Embellishing the standard white shirt with a side fastening pointed collar and extra panelling at the rear for more room to breathe.
Stussy Stock Terry Shorts – SALE
Who cares about pairing and matching, you’re on holiday just chill out! These proud pink terry shorts by the way of the original streetwear company, Stussy, have the skate and surf pedigree to guarantee comfort in the sunshine. After all, it is a California brand.
From one warm climate to another, we’ve got the towelling style of Stone Island’s sweat shorts ready to be equipped for the sunshine. With four outer pockets to choose from, there’s a lot of versatility in this perfect holiday garment.
Swim Shorts
Barbour Swim Shorts – SALE
When it comes to swimming, the individual with the jazziest shorts always looks best poolside. Whether you go reserved with a simple colour combo pattern, or with an outlandish eye-catching display, just remember you won’t see them again for another year. Your safe bet is with these gingham edition Barbour swim shorts.
Paul Smith Multi Stripe Swim Shorts
As stated above your shorts have to be jazzy, and there’s nothing jazzier than this instantly recognisable pattern from Paul Smith.
Eastpak Springer Bum Bag – SALE
Tourist vibes courtesy of the ever dependable Eastpak brand. Sling your passport, money, suncream and anything else worthy of its confines.
BOSS Green Holdall Pixel ZT
On the other spectrum, if you’re the sort that likes to pack light when travelling, this Boss Green Holdall is a perfect size for daily or monthly travel. With carrying handles reinforced with leather this is the classy statement holdall every travelling gent needs.
Norse Projects Heather Cap  – SALE
In a perfect summery pastel palette, this basic Norse Project cap is popping essential to protect your face from the rays.
Paul & Shark Cap 
With their yachting pedigree, you can guarantee this Paul & Shark statement cap to be rich in anti ray technology, with a rich red colouring.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses
The industry standard of designer sunglasses, Ray Ban have updated their Wayfarer sunglasses with G-15 lens to ensure protection from the harshest of sun.

Kind of Blue: Summer Shirts Edition

Welcome reader. Relax, take a seat, and press play on our summer shirt feature. Drink? We thought you’d never ask.

Short Sleeves

The sight of a short sleeve blue shirt strikes fear into a number of men and with justification. It can be a divisive affair, more pie guzzling than Ryan Gosling, but don’t fret we’re here to help!

Paul Smith – Light Blue
For menswear, there are certain brands you can guarantee to provide a simple and effective design British sensibilities. The highest of our priced short sleeves but fitted perfectly off the peg for all body types. Small details like a contrasting top button, logo tab to pocket and stripe details to the side seams give the shirt unique embellishments to push it away from its contemporaries.
Ralph Lauren – Deep Blue
Although your token blue shirt is a light blue number, this deep blue creation from the Polo brand is a versatile offering that can work in casual and more formal designs with it’s contrasting blue offering a foil to most staple formalwear palettes. Crafted from a featherweight twill fabric, this is perfect as a summer shirt to air it all out.
Fred Perry Oxford – Mid Blue
Offering a perfect middle ground to the above offerings, this mid-blue oxford offering from the laurel wreath is casual wear through and through with button-down collar, box pleat and contrasting locker loop to the rear of the shirt.


For all you men in blazers, this is the section for you. Honestly, the next time you lean those elbow patches on the bar to talk about the footsie 100, you won’t look like a Richard.

Comme des Garçons SHIRT Fine Stripe – Blue
Clean cut, no-nonsense, and surprisingly not an eccentric offering from Comme De Garçons shirts. Show your fashion awareness with the Japanese brand’s best in men’s formal attire taking an eloquent approach to the men’s striped shirt.
APC – Stripe Blue / Ecru
Kings of French cool, APC bring a minimalist contemporary air to every seasonal offering from the brand, and it’s a consistent presenting in this striped shirt with a cream and blue mix in its colouring. A timeless approach to a timeless item.
Ralph Lauren Gingham – Blue / White
This typically preppy garment might not be striped per se, but it fits our agenda and you’ve gotten this far so why should you care, this shirt is too nice to kick up a fuss.


Pigeonholing this in as it’s our only Hawaiian that fits the criteria, and it’s not really a Hawaiian at that, more a box fit, box fresh, punching above its weight, casual commando in the fashion field.

Oliver Spencer Hawaiian Shirt – Blue
You see why we included this now, right? Relaxed boxy fit, soft fabric composition, multi-button collar options, it’s a swiss army knife in a shirt.


The carbon fibre of the blue shirt world, the chambray is you high performing supercar in your wardrobe. More of a Tesla in Aesthetic than a Bugatti, it’s what’s under the hood that counts, and the chambray is packing some serious power.

APC – Blue
This genuinely might be the greatest shirt ever made in the history of the greatest shirts ever made. APC has the uncanny knack of knocking every garment out of the metaphorical park of quality, and this Japanese cotton clad chambray is a year-round killer.
Ralph Lauren – Chambray Denim
Dyed with indigo and stonewash to create a denim blue complexion it’s ‘Murica in a classy chambray design, embracing the denim colour to great effect on a casual and lightweight design. Pair with more denim for the authentic rawhide look.
Norse Projects Anton Chambray – Light Indigo
Norse Projects have the uncanny ability to nail the a-typical stylings of any staple garment with their Scandinavian minimalist air. When we’re eventually able to 3d print objects by verbal demand, the scream of ‘Alexa, Chambray Shirt’ will yield this exact design.


Even the word ‘Oxford’ connotes a world of regal, timely gentlemen and women oozing the aroma of books and rich mahogany, taking the bimmer out for a spin to the local shop to pick up a box of earl grey in anticipation of afternoon tea and scones.

Ralph Lauren Oxford – Blue
It’s hard to offer a shirt selection without omitting Ralph Lauren, they’ve dominated the preppy shirt creation since the dawn of man (that’s a fact). Does what it says on the tin etc.
Norse Projects Anton Oxford – Navy
Take the previous piece on the Anton Chambray and replace the c-word with Oxford. Consistency.
Fred Perry Oxford – Light Smoke
To be honest, as much as I love oxford shirts, they’re just the same thing with a different logo. You cannot go wrong with the selection at hand (Unless you don’t buy any).


The book ender of sorts, a good overshirt (or shacket if you’re so inclined) is the layering item you need in your arsenal. Add it to a summer wardrobe for a lightweight layer and throw it under a big coat for the winter lets focus on summer for now though.

Stone Island Overshirt – Blue
Current kings of the overshirt, Stone Island place their tech sensibilities on a metallic nylon overshirt. Fastening to the front, with a statement crinkle effect and supremo construction courtesy of the Italian maestros.
Paul Smith Zip Shirt – Denim
Combining the shirt and a zip with great aplomb is the dark indigo iteration in the Paul Smith zip shirt. Featuring twin patch pockets to the chest and buttoned cuffs, it’s a typically subtle affair from the rainbow man, offering the classic British fashion sensibilities with a contemporary air.
APC Denim Jacket – Washed Indigo
This is literally, at the fundamental of it all, a blue shirt, that fact cannot be disputed. It’s a blue shirt you wear over things, like an overshirt. Therefore it deserves being placed in our ‘kind of blue’ overshirts section. Plus it also happens to be a denim jacket, therefore, you can wear with any of the above items and it’ll look crispy.