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Stone Island Shadow Project Brand Guide

Introduction to the Stone Island Shadow Project Brand

Founded in 2008 as a collaboration between sportswear company owner and creative director Carlo Rivetti and the design team of Michaela Sachenbacher and Errolson Hugh, which is also known as ACRONYM. With their combined knowledge of technical fabrics, performance and design the result is a futuristic, urban fusion of must-buy pieces.

Stone Island Shadow Project use revolutionary treatments and textures with hi-tech research on advanced fibers, to gather together and create something luxury and unique. Providing comfort, style, and performance.

Using iconic pieces, they have been made over adding cutting edge fabrics and integrating them into sporty silhouettes. Using fabrics with an urban aesthetic like high definition jacquards, water-resistant jersey and nylon and also offering more elements such as extra zippers and pockets. The masculine collection still features iconic trends from Stone Island but with an added makeover of innovative fabrics.

Stone Island Shadow Project Jacket

Latest Collection

The S/S 17 Stone Island Shadow Project is a 15-piece collection, a range of hoodies, jumpers, tees, shorts, jackets and shoes. Taking similar silhouettes from A/W16 but making fewer coats and more jumpers and summery pieces.  It has a simple yet effective colour palate using dark hues with a hint of navy and coffee. They used fabrics such as 100% cotton, leather, polyester, a 3/1 twill with exceptional durability that has a melting threshold of 150C. Stone Island have also developed and applied a fallout colour treatment to the interior of each garment, resulting in a truly unique three- dimensional state. Jackets are fitted with gateway pocket function, for access to possible pockets of garments worn underneath and all garments are fitted with Stone Island Shadow Project badge on the left arm, or printed logo on the chest for t-shirts.

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