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How to Care for Red Wings: Tips for Long-Lasting Performance

Congratulations on becoming the proud owner of a pair of legendary Red Wing boots! Crafted with premium materials these boots are built for a lifetime of adventure. But even the most rugged Red Wings need a little love to keep them performing at their peak. This comprehensive guide equips you with everything you need to know about Red Wing boot care, ensuring they become cherished companions for years to come.

Let Your Red Wings Breathe Easy:

After epic adventures, allow your boots to cool and air-dry completely. Trapped moisture can lead to mildew and leather breakdown. Once dry, brush off loose dirt and debris with a soft brush, paying close attention to seams and the welt (where the upper meets the sole) to prevent build-up.

Red Wing Blacksmith Sole

Tackle Tough Stains Gently:

For stubborn stains, use a damp cloth with warm water and a mild soap like saddle soap. Harsh chemicals are a big no-no, as they can damage the leather’s protective qualities.

Red Wing Moc Toe Boot

Deep Clean:

For particularly grimy situations, consider a leather cleaner specifically designed for full-grain leather. However, avoid using this deep cleaning method too frequently, as it can strip away natural oils. Always follow the product instructions carefully for best results.

Nourish for Long-Lasting Comfort:

Regular conditioning is key to keeping your Red Wing boots supple, waterproof, and performing at their peak. Here are two options to choose from, depending on your desired outcome:

  • Replenish and Protect with Leather Conditioner:

    Use a high-quality leather conditioner like the Aphrodite Red Wing Natural Leather Conditioner [link to product] to replenish moisture and maintain flexibility. Apply a thin coat with a cloth or brush, focusing on dry areas. Let it absorb completely before buffing with a clean cloth to remove any excess conditioner.

    Conditioning frequency depends on how often you wear your boots and the climate. During active use, every 4-6 weeks is ideal. In drier climates, you can space out conditioning treatments.

  • Deep Condition and Darken with Mink Oil (Optional):

    While not essential for all Red Wing leathers, mink oil offers a deeper conditioning treatment that darkens the leather and enhances its water resistance. If you prefer this richer look and extra protection, here’s how to apply Aphrodite Red Wing Mink Oil [link to product] effectively:

    1. Clean and Dry Thoroughly: Ensure your boots are completely clean and dry before applying mink oil. Dirt and moisture can prevent the oil from penetrating the leather properly. Brush off any loose debris and use a damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Let the boots air dry completely for at least 24 hours.

    2. Warm Up the Oil (Optional): While not strictly necessary, slightly warming the mink oil can make it easier to apply, especially in colder temperatures. Place the container in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Be careful not to overheat the oil.

    3. Apply a Thin Coat: Using a clean cloth or your fingers, apply a thin, even coat of mink oil to the entire surface of your boots. Pay particular attention to areas like seams and flex points. A little goes a long way, so avoid over-applying.

    4. Let it Soak In: Allow the mink oil to sit for at least 30 minutes, or even longer for a deeper conditioning treatment. You can leave it overnight for maximum absorption.

    5. Buff and Remove Excess: Once the oil has absorbed, use a clean cloth to buff away any excess residue. The leather should not feel greasy or sticky.

    Remember: Mink oil will darken the leather, so be sure you’re happy with this effect before applying.

Maximise Protection (Optional):

While Red Wing leather is naturally water-resistant, for extended protection in wet conditions, consider applying a waterproofing spray designed specifically for full-grain leather. Follow the product instructions carefully for best results.

Bonus Tips for Red Wing Boot Care:

  • Store Wisely: Keep your boots in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. Remove the laces and insoles to improve airflow and prevent moisture build-up.

  • Strong Laces, Strong Support: Replace worn or frayed laces with new ones to maintain a snug fit and proper ankle support.

  • Less is More: Excessive cleaning can strip away natural oils and dry out the leather. Stick to the cleaning routine outlined above, and your boots will thank you for it.

With consistent care, your Red Wing boots will become trusted companions for countless adventures. So, lace up, embrace the journey, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

New Balance Rainier Boot

New Balance’s Rainier Boot – The Hiking Hybrid You Didn’t Know You Needed

The New Balance Rainier silhouette was first introduced back in 1982, and was crafted upon the advice of well know mountain expert Lou Whittaker.

Following a mountainside accident on an ascent up Mt Rainier, Lou claimed that it was his breathable and comfortable trainers that saved his feet from a possible amputation incident. While he praised the trainers that saved his skin, he did note that they lacked the support and grip that was needed for a hillside ascent. He formulated an idea for a trainer-boot hybrid that would combine the best of both worlds, and took it to New Balance owner Jim Davis, and in 1982 the Rainier Boot was born.
New Balance Rainier Boot
It arrived crafted to Lou’s request, a lightweight boot with a trainer like construction. To the upper a mesh base offered breathability while a leather or suede outer panel protected the wearer from rocks and rubble. Metal eyelets offered secure lacing and subtle branding was offered in the form of ‘NB’ embroidery to the Rainiers side panels. Underfoot a rubber sole provided traction and grip on loose ground, making any mountainside ascent a breeze. The model proved popular and only two years after its creation, it was used to achieve the greatest feat of all, summiting Everest.

New Balance Rainier Boot New Balance Rainier Boot New Balance Rainier Boot

Following Teddy Santis’ revival of the model in a New Balance x Aime Leon Dore Collaboration in 2022, New Balance have re-released the style to demanding consumers. Updating it with a Vibram outsole, but remaining true to the rest of the OG construction, this Rainier Boot arrives as functional as it ever has been. While now it is viewed as more of a lifestyle boot, there’s no doubt that it doesn’t pack a punch (or kick?) when it comes to vigorous hiking…  Did we mention that someone has climbed Everest in these?

Retailing at just £149.00, you can pick up a pair online or in-store now at Aphrodite Clothing,

Paraboot Bergerac Boot : Tradition Meets Innovation

Steeped in heritage, the Paraboot Bergerac boot is a fusion of tradition, adventure and innovation.

The brand was named after the Para region in Amazonia, where the brand’s innovative rubber soles were sourced. Paraboot shoes and boots have a timeless appeal that transcends trends and fashion, for over 100 years, the family-owned company has been making stylishly functional shoes and boots in France.

Paraboot boots

The Paraboot Bergerac boot is a classic silhouette built using traditional craftsmanship, these Bergerac boots from Paraboot feature premium leather uppers alongside a sturdy and rugged stitched sole to ensure comfort and grip. Paraboot’s success has been long-lasting, the brand insistence on using the finest materials has served them well. The manufacturing process consists of over 150 different tasks carried out by hand, from crafting the soles to packaging, running through leather cutting, stitching, assembly and finishing. It’s a process over 100 years old, first carried out in 1908 when the company was formed.

A classic silhouette, the Paraboot Bergerac boot is crafted using a Norwegian welt. A technique in which Paraboot is the world leader. The process consists of stitching the upper to the sole using a welt, with both seams remaining visible. This ensures that the boot is comfortable, sturdy and waterproof. The upper of the boot is fixed to the sole giving the Bergerac Boot that distinctive look.

PARABOOT Bergerac Boot

The Paraboot silhouette features a premium leather upper, helping the boot to stay waterproof and comfy all year round. The leather is meticulously pressed in their own factory in France and inspected by hand for the perfect cut of material. To produce a seamless look to the outdoor boot. While the sole of the boot is produced using a vulcanization blend which helps improve the rubber. The process makes the sole of the boot comfier, highly flexible and wholly resistant, helping the boot last for longer. The Bergerac Boot is finalised with added detailing to the collar of the boot, which is complete with a Paraboot logo tag to help complete the look.

The Paraboot Bergerac Boots are now available to buy online and in store in various colours

Danner Mountain Light Boots Brown

Danner Mountain Light Pettygrove Boots

Arriving on our doorstep in a classic brown colourway, Danner presents their Mountain Light Prettygrove Boots for the new season. For more than 40 years, the Danner Mountain Light has set the gold standard for any rigorous footwear looking to hit the market, and in that time, nothing has ever managed to dethrone this stellar silhouette.

Danner Mountain Light Pettygrove Boots

The story of these handmade boots begins when Charles Danner founded the company in 1932 with the intention to make high-quality boots that were durable. His ideas became reality as here we are presenting this premium pair of boots to your wardrobe. A fresh approach has been introduced to this latest model thanks to Dri-Lex. Ideal for warm-to-hot conditions, Dri-Lex provides rapid drying whilst resisting odor and mildew and being completely breathable. Constructed from rich and durable suede, this boot has a distinctive hiking-inspired look and offers a high level of comfort and support. The classic lacing system incorporates a traditional look which is commonly found in outdoor styles.

Danner Mountain Light Pettygrove Metal Eyelets

Inspired by Danner’s original Airthotic instep cup, the interior of this updated boot boasts an Ortholite cushion which increases the spring in your step, softening each stride throughout the streets. One of the main assets of the shoe, the Vibram Christy outsole, completes the design. This soft rubber compound guarantees traction atop various terrain, ideal for any of the activities you have planned this autumn and winter.

Danner Mountain Light Boots Pettygrove Anti Slip Sole

Choose to pair the Danner Mountain Light Pettygrove with laces in brown or gold – depending on your mood or pursuit. We’re pretty confident that these boots could be the last pair that you will ever need to buy. The winning combination of premium suede, Danner wedge outsole, and classic hiking aesthetic will keep them feeling relevant for years to come.

Wear with trousers or jeans for a casual look, or style with your hiking gear for a day full of adventures.

Shop the Danner Mountain Light Pettygrove Boots

Astorflex Greenflex at Aphrodite

Astorflex Greenflex : Pure Italian Elegance

As far as desert boots go, the Astorflex Greenflex is the crème de la crème. You won’t catch this lauded Italian label cutting corners when it comes to both quality and craftsmanship; the beloved silhouette is developed meticulously each season for the brand’s core collection and is made in line with traditional European manufacturing processes.

Astorflex Greenflex Suede In 3 Colours

Steeped In Rich Italian Heritage

Astorflex boasts a colourful enterprise that dates all the way back to the early 1900s where it first produced clogs – a wooden shoe that was superbly popular back in its day, and still is in some places now, for example in European hotspots Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Although the clog remained ubiquitous in several regions, Italy eventually fell out of love with the clog and that’s when Astorflex began evolving, turning its attention to much more supple fabrics like suede and leather… Enter the desert boot.

Astorflex Greenflex Dark Chestnut

Available In Multiple Colours

A trio of versatile shades – whiskey, stone and dark chestnut – the Astorflex Greenflex oozes elegance with its low-profile construction, sleek and simple lacing structure, and durable crepe sole. Handcrafted using suede that’s been sourced locally in Tuscany, the Astorflex Greenflex is rich in style and substance and is an easy match for a number of items in your rotation. Whether you’re looking to pair the boot with formal fits or casual clobber, rest assured that it’s built to work for both.

Astorflex Greenflex Whiskey

Underfoot, a natural rubber crepe sole is present, offering the wearer superior comfort that lasts, so no matter if your pursuit takes an hour or all day, you’ll never absorb shock or discomfort from the ground. Plus the natural rubber makes this shoe an eco-friendly choice for the style and the planet-conscious.

Premium, classy and sure to never go out of style, create space in your collection for the Astorflex Greenflex this autumn. Read More about the history of the brand in our Astorflex brand guide.

Shop The Astorflex Greenflex Collection

cold weather essentials

Cold Weather Essentials

It’s brass, the possibility of snow is inevitable and you can’t keep wearing all your clothes at once to try and stay warm. Desperate times call for desperate measures and what you need is some reliable, durable and protective gear to see you through mother natures worst. Robust denim, a Thick jacket, cosy beanie, tough boots and of course the all-important colourful socks. Behold, the answer to all your winter woes.

Winter Clothing

Unless you plan on hibernating until spring has sprung then the threat of snow looming on the horizon may have you shaking in your suede shoes. When it comes to cold, wet, generally unpleasant weather the truth is you just can’t go wrong with a premium pair of leather boots. We chose the Avoriaz Jannu from Paraboot. Handmade in France for the toughest terrain the boots feature a padded collar and tongue for exceptional comfort as well as a double-stitched Norwegian welt commando sole for grip, support and sturdiness. Top it all off with some heavy duty striped laces and a rich waxy brown colour for a touch of mature styling and watch your icey fears melt away. But, of course what is a good pair of boots without a really nice set of socks to go with them? Luckily for us our cold weather fellow northerners across the pond, Norse Projects have just supplied us a fresh batch of their twisted cotton yarn socks in yellow, purple and, the colour we decided to opt for, red. Very nice indeed.

Paraboot Avoriaz Jannu Boots

Next on the list is a jacket. What jacket? The jokers among you may ask and for that, we’d give you a solid exhale from the nostrils and a firm shake of the head. But we aren’t here to joke around not when it comes to waiting for the bus in below freezing. We’re looking for water and wind resistance, a warm lining and plenty of embedded functionality, let us introduce you to the Wyndham parka from Canada Goose. With the brands signature down filling, a removable fur ruff lined hood, rib knit cuffs and a total of 6 pockets including, fleece lined hand warmers, the jacket is designed with extreme conditions and the coldest climates in mind. Finished with a two-way heavy duty zip with additional press stud flap and the Canada Goose patch to the arm this coat makes all the right moves when it comes to keeping you nice and toasty on your urban escapades.  Nipping out on a teabag run at work? No worries. Football match? See you there. The beach in -6°C? Lets do it.

Canada Goose Parka

For those of us who have ever got caught in the rain in a pair of sweatpants we know it’s less than ideal. Couple this with the harsh frost ladened winds and you’ve got yourself a pretty abysmal time by all accounts. Well, try not to beat yourself up too much because, as we all know, after the rain comes a rainbow, in this case, a rainbow pair of selvage denim from Edwin. Cut from a 12.8oz denim with a mid-rise and relaxed, tapered fit, the jeans are robust enough to last you a lifetime without sacrificing on comfort. Made in the Kuroki Mill in Japan the denim is complete with signature Edwin branding to the back and some delightful stitch detailing.

Edwin Rainbow Selvage Denim Jeans

Did you know the majority of your heat escapes through your head? Well, that’s what everyone reckons anyway. Regardless throwing on a beanie at this time of year is never not a good idea. To finish our look off we decided to go for some subtle matching, pairing an olive Canada Goose beanie with the tones found throughout the camo patterning. Made from a thick 100% wool for both a quality fit and insulating properties, it boasts the unmistakable Canada Goose seal of approval to the front ensuring everyone you pass on the streets knows you mean business.

Canada Goose BeanieSo there we have it some of our top picks to see you through to the summer. You can find all of the products shown above online and in store right now as well as a wide offering of other boots, coats, legwear and accessories.

Danner Store Visit

We recently took a visit from our good friend Frank from Danner for a primer on the brand, its provenance, and a hands-on experience on just what makes their boots so special.

Frank from Danner UK at Aphrodite Clothing

Unlike in the US, Danner has a relatively low profile in Europe – in fact, Danner’s UK distribution is handled by Frank and a sole business partner – so it was great to hear about the ins and outs of the brand from someone with so much passion and expertise. Not only that, but we were able to get a sneak preview of what’s to come for the next couple of seasons: keep your eyes on our social channels for more information soon!

Danner Boots in store at Aphrodite Clothing

Big thanks to Frank and Danner for taking the time to pay us a visit. Check out our Danner brand guide to learn more about Danner for yourself, then shop the range to grab a pair of these fantastic boots.

Frank from Danner Boots UK



fracap boots

Fracap AW17 New Arrivals

The Italian brand  Fracap are renowned for their crafting of impeccable footwear. Ideal for all seasons, a pair of trusted Fracap boots would make a practical and timeless addition to your premium shoe collection. New styles have recently dropped here at Aphrodite, so we’re going to tell you all about them (we’re nice like that).

First up is the M120 Indian Suede Boot in Camel. A flawless silhouette in a light brown colour-way, with striking red laces to decorate. The Indian Suede boot is fully lined with leather, with hiking inspired eyelets and a flexible white vibram sole which also have a strong grip for the icy days. If you’d prefer a darker colour, the same silhouette is available in taupe, with a slightly darker vibram sole. The same boots are also available in a dark brown and yellow leather if you’d prefer a different look which will also make a statement.

Fracap Boots

The statement Scarponcino returns this season in a grey suede colour-way. With a clean look, the Scarponcino sits upon the durable Vibram sole to assist in the tough weather conditions.

Built to last, the Scarponcino is also available in a black leather colour-way, a staple colour-way which will match almost any laid-back outfit. A pair of Fracaps is just what you need if you like to see quality craftsmanship in your shoes.


Fracap Boots

A wide range of designer boots for men are available from Aphrodite.

Red Wing Brand Guide

New Red Wing Styles Arrive for Autumn

Summer is rapidly approaching its end: with the chill in the air, out goes the lightweight wardrobe and in comes knitwear, heavier denim and more robust footwear. And as any boot aficionado will tell you, they don’t come much more robust than Red Wings.

For Autumn 2017, the Minnesota-based brand present a brace of new styles, along with reworkings of old favourites. The Rover boot, for instance, is a handsome boot that’s partway between the Iron Ranger and classic Round-Toe styles, and is made up in the brand’s oil-tanned Rough & Tough leather on a coffee-coloured Comfort Crepe sole for the perfect blend of versatile good looks and all day comfort.

Elsewhere we see subtle twists on the classics, with the 6” Moc Toe boot swapping out its white Cushion sole for a sleek black Traction Tred option, while the Iron Ranger boot is decked out in Hawthorne Muleskinner roughout leather, which combines the casual look of suede with the hardwearing nature of full-grain leather for the perfect autumn boot. Finally, the smart Blacksmith boot appears in both oil-tanned leather and the new Spitfire waxed roughout leather.

Whichever style catches your fancy, you’re ensured to be rewarded for your investment with a bulletproof, good-looking and timeless pair of boots. The new Red Wing collection is available from Aphrodite Clothing now.