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Essential Step By Step Guide: How to Re-wax Your Barbour Jacket

Re-Waxing guide for the much-loved Barbour Jacket – Protect yours and never experience its absence in your wardrobe again.

Home quarantine has become the norm for a lot for us over the last few weeks and keeping yourself occupied and busy has become a task in itself. Well, what better way to utilise the hours than to give your favourite Barbour jacket some much needed TLC.

So to help you out we have put together a step by step guide to help you through the (sometimes daunting) task of rewaxing your Barbour jacket at home.

Before we start:

A few quick pointers to take note of:

  • Fully read the instructions on the tin of your chosen wax product
  • The step by step guide will explain clearly the process of reviving your Barbour jacket and what wax is recommended however, it is always important to still read the instructions on the product you’re using for further clarity.
  • Always carry out the re-waxing process in a safe and suitable environment
  • And finally, keep all wax-products out of the reach of children!

Before and After Images

Barbour Jacket

Beginning the journey to reviving your Barbour Jacket:  

What you will need

Step 1 | Clean your Jacket...

You may enjoy a relaxing hot bath but remember your Barbour Jacket does not! This means washing machines are a no go – Instead carefully wipe the outside of your jacket using simply a sponge and cold water. No soap is necessary (no matter how luxurious it smells) it will remove the wax coating permanently, making it impossible to re-wax, causing steps 2 to 5 to no longer be relevant to you.

Step 2 | Soften the wax…

Take a tin of Barbour Wax Thornproof dressing. Haven’t yet purchased this? Not to worry you are in the right place! Once you have your wax, remove the lid and carefully stand the tin in a container of hot water. If you are currently questioning ‘how hot?’ – Just hot enough to soften the wax will do. It should take approximately 20 minutes to melt the wax into a complete liquid consistency.

Step 3 | Wax your jacket…

Now for the main event. Using an old cloth, work the melted wax well into the jacket paying close attention to the seams, creases and any dry patches. You should keep the wax tin in the hot water and top this up accordingly to ensure the wax remains soft. Wipe off any excess wax as you work and be sure to keep the wax away from the corduroy collar, the inside of the jacket and its pockets.

Step 4 | Dry Your Jacket…
Here’s to a trick of the trade – Use a hairdryer to even out the spread of wax and ensure for an extra smooth finish as your jacket dries!

Allow your jacket to dry overnight in a warm place hung away from other garments. Be aware your newly waxed jacket may lose excess wax for a short while so take extra care around other leather and upholstery.

Step 5 | Wear, Wax, Repeat!

Don’t forget to re-wax your jacket annually.

Characterised by its timeless identity and adept weather protection properties your Barbour Jacket takes care of you all year round – Now is the time to return the favour and give your tattered Barbour the home spa treatment it deserves.

We hope this feature has served clarity to the caring for your timeless Barbour classic. However, if after exploring these 5 simple steps you are still not convinced the re-wax is necessary then the before and after pictures speak for themselves – Don’t let your investment piece go to waste. We may not be able to promise your Barbour Jacket an infinite place in your outdoor-loving wardrobe BUT, if looked after it will last the years and serve every environment encountered, potentially even styling the next generation.

How to Clean Sneakers: A Video Guide

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to break out the pristine white kicks; easy, casual and timeless, the white trainer goes with pretty much all summer wear. But no sneaker stays white forever, and sometimes one wear is all it takes to bring your beloved footwear from sparkling to filthy. Fortunately, cleaning sneakers is incredibly easy if you have the right equipment to hand. Check out our handy video guide on how to clean sneakers below to see what we mean.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll need, and the steps we take to get those adidas Continental 80s back to their original gleaming white:

You’ll need:

  • Sneaker cleaning solution
  • A brush (preferably natural bristle or horsehair)
  • A basin of warm water
  • Microfibre towel
  • Sneaker cleaning wipes
  • Protector spray
  • (Optional) New laces
  • (Optional) Midsole pen to match your trainers’ colour

Step 1: Remove the laces. Whether you’re swapping them out for new ones or giving them a spin in the washing machine (we recommend popping them in a washing net or inside a pillow case), you’ll need to remove the laces to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 2: Brush away any loose dirt or debris. This helps prevent scratches and just makes life a bit easier going ahead.

Step 3: Wet the brush in the water basin and apply your sneaker cleaning liquid of choice to the bristles. A little goes a long way, but don’t be afraid to use as much as you like.

Step 4: Scrub all the affected areas of the shoe vigorously (including the sole if you’re a perfectionist)

How to Clean Sneakers

Step 5: Use the towel to dry off excess water and foam, and to give any extra cleaning to areas you may have missed

Step 6 (Optional): If needed, give the midsoles another once-over with a cleaning wipe

Step 7 (Optional): If you’re going the whole hog, use your midsole pen to restore the trainer’s original colour. Shake the pen vigorously, then pump the tip several times onto a paper towel or spare sneaker wipe until the paint starts to flow. Use the chiselled tip to apply an even coat to the required areas. Don’t worry if you make a mistake; a sneaker wipe will clean up any excess while the paint is still wet. Wait for the midsole to dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 8: Once the sneakers are completely dry, apply a thin, even coat of your protector spray of choice. Hold the container 15-20cm away from the shoe and spray until all surfaces are coated, making sure not to over-apply. Wait to dry, usually around a minute or two.

Step 9: Relace the trainers, with the originals or brand new laces if needed.

Step 10: Wear with pride!

This should get your beloved trainers back in peak condition in time for the summer, and hopefully keep them that way for longer. We’ve used tried and tested products from Jason Markk, Sneakers ER and Crep Protect, but feel free to mix and match with your own go-to brands.

You can find a selection of cleaning products below or shop our full selection both in-store and online now.

Crep ProtectCrep Protect Crep Protect Crep Protect

Jason Markk Jason Markk Jason Markk Jason Markk

Sneakers ER Sneakers ER Sneakers ER Sneakers ER

Comme des Garçons SHIRT Pocket Shirt - Blue

5 Brands That Are Bossing Stripes This Season

We are going to show you the top 5 brands to rock stripes with this Summer.

  1. APC
  2. Folk
  3. Comme Des Garçons Shirt
  4. Saturdays NYC
  5. Norse Projects

Stripes are always going to be a good look no matter your age or gender, its a universal style that has stood the test of time and has thrived every season, especially in the summer thanks to its nautical heritage. The classic navy blue and white striped tees (also known as the Breton tee) that we know today originated from the French coastal region of Brittany. French Navy seamen in the area were given a striped woven top that featured 21 horizontal stripes (one for each of Napoleon’s victories) as their uniform, known as a matelotor marinière which helped them to be easily identified.

It holds a minimal style that gives your outfit a clean pattern. But there are many different ways to rock stripes as there are so many different styles Thick stripes, thin stripes, loads of stripes, a few stripes, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, there are many different types out there, you just need to find out which one fits your look the best. In this blog post, we show you five brands who are nailing the nautical theme.

#1 – A.P.C.

Renowned for their clean stripe patterns, the Parisian leaders of urban coolness present to us their nautical inspired SS18 collection, recreated in true A.P.C. character with their minimal stripe patterns as shown below with the Ecru Sweater which sees stripe accents wrap the colour and across the mid-rift. Alternatively, check out their whole collection here if you want some lighter options.

APC Stripe Jumper

APC Jumper

#2 – Folk

The British brand offers you subtle textures, roomy silhouettes and a hazy palette. With the inspiration being utility and sportswear made casual you can guarantee any piece from this collection will be your season’s rotational comfort piece. Below we have the Folk Fine Stripe Tee layered with the Utility Bomber.

Folk Stripe Tee

Folk Stripe Tee

#3 – Comme Des Garçons Shirt

Eccentric spots, stripes and pastel pallets are the centrepiece of this seasons CDG Shirt collection and its a brilliantly bonkers combo of which we expected nothing less, welcome to Aphrodite Comme Des Garcons Shirt, we welcome you with open arms. We wanted to stay true to the CDG branding and clashed patterns, mixing the polka dot t-shirt with a vertically striped Shirt overlay for an eye-catching impact which even Rei Kawakubo would be proud of.

Comme des Garçons SHIRT Pocket Shirt - Blue

Comme des Garçons SHIRT Pocket Shirt in Blue

#4 – Saturdays NYC

Inspired by ancient trade routes, the collection is clad with trucker style caps, warning sign-like graphic prints with an earthy colour palette, giving your wardrobe that refined edge it so rightfully deserves. Showing the ultimate cosy combination using the Striped Jumper as the underlay, keeping you snug and warm whilst the T-Shirt gives you a sterling summer aesthetic thanks to the hit of Peach.

Saturdays NYC T- Shirt in White

Saturdays NYC T-Shirt in White

#5 – Norse Projects

Last but not least, the Scandinavian masters of minimalism are here with an adept mix of stripes, textures and pastel hues. Browse their collection and update your essentials, you won’t be disappointed. Here we have matched the Lilac Stripe Tee with the Oswald Seersucker shirt to give a subtle underlay that shows through the shirt.

Norse Projects Long Sleeve T Shirt in Lilac Heather Stripe

Norse Projects Long Sleeve T-Shirt in Lilac Heather Stripe

Shop Our Entire Collection Here

How To Wear Black Jeans

How To Style Black Jeans

The humble pair of jeans, your friend in your time of need, you can always rely on them to be the fundamental element to any outfit, whatever the occasion.

Once you have started to carve the path of brand loyalty and the perfect fit you, the next port of call is the shade. Not sure on what fit jeans are the most flattering for you? Check out our Jeans fit guide below.

Now black jeans are the holy grail of the denim world; with their power to give a slightly slimming effect to an outfit.

Black Nudie Jeans


We are all aware that the old faithful denim can be tarted up or down. The first look we are going to delve into is the smart casual, one of our favourite fashion terms ever.

For this article we have selected a pair jeans that will stand the test of time, and any styling looks we throw at them – the Edwin ED-80 Jeans in Black CS Selvage. A pair of jeans that should work for the average Joe. The ED-80 is a slim fit jean with a slightly tapered leg that works well for most men in their everyday lives. This pair of white-listed selvage denim has been crafted from a cotton and elastane blend resulting in comfort stretch fit, perfect for post pizza.

1. The Smart Casual Look – Black Jeans & White Shirt

To get the ball rolling, you will need a classic white shirt, an item any man of sound mind will have at least one of, and a man with a great mind will have an abundance of them. We have hand selected the APC Oxford Shirt in White, a shirt that has been crafted from sturdy oxford fabric with perfectly proportioned collar and mother of pearl buttons to the cuffs. Now, this piece firmly ticks off the smart aspect of the outfit, with a bold red marker.
How To Wear Black Jeans White Shirt

The ultimate casual styled jacket ,with a sprinkle of refinement, is the iconic coach jacketOur favourite one this season is the Saturdays NYC Copper Jacket in Stone Blue. This jacket has crafted from a nylon-polyester fabric that is double garment-dyed for a saturated colour and unique finish. Sporting a slightly oversized collar, hidden placket with snap disc fastening and elasticated hems.
How To Wear Black Jeans Coach Jacket

The statement sneaker – is any outfit complete without a pair? We love kicks that give a punch, if that is physically possible, and the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 in Red Stardust do just that. The court legend has returned in a buttery suede upper in a soft dusty pink shade, that perfectly compliments the coach jackets stone blue. Black jeans are the perfect canvas to showcase your avant-garde sneakers.

How To Wear Black Jeans Statement Sneakers

Et voila the complete outfit from The Smart Casual Look.

How To Wear Black Jeans Smart Casual

2. The Smart Look – On Foreign Shores

Here in the UK, we spend most of working lives wishing away our precious time until we can step foot off a plane and let the heat hit our sun deprived faces.  Do not fret though, you don’t have to leave your beloved black jeans back in the departure lounge , we have devised a plan to get them rolled up in your case.

How To Wear Black Jeans Abroad

Style your black jeans with a bold printed shirt, you don’t have to go full on statement shirt, like the Baz Luhrmann’s take on Romeo & Juliet (but we aren’t ones to judge if you want to go full hog). The perfect compromising piece has to be the Norse Projects Carsten Shirt in Kelp Green, this lightweight cotton shirt has been in a relaxed fit creating a slick contrast against the slim cut jeans.
How To Wear Black Jeans Shoes

With the Norse Project’s bold botanical print being centre stage of the outfit, we don’t want to dull it’s shine so black footwear would be the perfect pairing. We like to push the boundaries, so for an alternative look we have chosen the Paraboot Chambord Tex Shoes in Black.  A legend of style, comfort and quality, the Paraboot Chambord derby presents it’s self in a rich, waxy black leather for a touch of rugged luxury. Sat atop a hard-wearing Paratex rubber sole with a two-tone Norwegian welt, the uppers boast classic apron-front styling.

Blue skies are definitely calling with this Smart Look – On Foreign Shores from the How To Wear Black Jeans guide

How To Wear Black Jeans Abroad

3. The Relaxed Look

The perfect way to end this guide has to be with our favourite day of the week, Sunday – the day of slouching. With black jeans being a such a blank canvas it is so simple to throw on your favourite sweater and look effortlessly cool. The sweatshirt we have on our lust list this week is the APC US Stars Sweatshirt in Grey, is have been proudly made in California U.S.  and holds a simple, minimal style that follows a military aesthetic with APC branding on the chest with accompanying stars.

How To Wear Black Jeans Relaxed Sweater

Since we are feeling so relaxed, we want to keep this look monochrome and laid back so a black sneaker is needed. If you are haunting your stomping grounds do it in style with the Nike Air Max 97 OG Trainers in Black Sporting sleek layered uppers in a tonal black shade set atop a clean white sole unit with distinctive full-length Max Air bubbles, the Air Max 97 is finished subtly with contrasting silver mini Swoosh logo embroidery to the sides and tongue

How To Wear Black Jeans Black Sneakers

The Relaxed Look from the How To Wear Black Jeans guide has us counting down the minutes until the weekend.

How To Wear Black Jeans Relaxed Look

PS before we wrap things up here if you need a quality pair of men’s black jeans will last you a lifetime ever black – check out Nudie Jeans Lean Dean in Ever Black. A pair of jeans that have been crafted with a dye provides a stronger fixation for colour fastness properties and minimises excess dye.


Best Rooftop Bars In The World + What To Wear There

Rooftop bars; the sunsets, the sangria and the breathtaking city views, whats not to love? If you are like us and love to sip on a cold one after a long day of sightseeing, Conde Nast Traveler have put together their 10 best rooftop bars in the world. Their list are sure to have your phone buzzing with likes with their regram-able locations. These rooftops are the places to see-and-be-seen in, so grab some contemporary wardrobe staples.


One of our favourites from their gallery has to be the Ritz-Carlton;

Ozone, Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong The world’s highest rooftop bar is exactly what dreams are made of. On the 118th and ultimate floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, you’ll bask in extreme views of Hong Kong Island while sipping an HK Skyline, a blend of Zacapa Centenario Rum, absinthe, Imperial Oolong syrup, pink grapefruit juice, lime juice, and Dom Pérignon foam. Oh, and if you do venture from the indoor bar to the outdoor terrace, don’t look down!’

Fuel your wanderlust with the top ten best rooftop bars gallery over on Conde Nast Traveler

How To Wear Chinos

The quintessential piece of any modern day man’s wardrobe,  the humble chino, how did we get through the smart / casual occasions without them?  The hard-wearing yet comfortable material was originally cut for soldiers in the military, and slowly trickled down to civilian wear. The natural earth-tones were the perfect hues to be sat camouflaged on battlefields, and now are the versatile base for your weekend outfits.

Nowadays you wouldn’t think twice about throwing on your favourite pair of khaki chinos on a Monday morning, looking around the train on the morning commute to be greeted with nods of approval. But throwback a few decades and they wouldn’t be part of your office life, if it wasn’t for the dress-down Friday phenomenon of the late 90’s. Imagine that, a office life without that comfort, sends shivers down your spine.

Lets set the scene, the warm air is hitting your face, the sound of the sea lapping against the crystal white sand, and the sun is slinking and sinking behind the horizon. How would you fit your beloved beige chinos into this situation? Roll up those hems, let those ankles see daylight. Pair them with a loose fitting short sleeved shirt, maybe open a button or two you are on holiday after all, and a pair of navy suede tassel loafers. Creating the perfect holiday evening outfit, that is sure to gain you access to the VIP areas.

Ready to let go of summer? Fast forward a few months, and get ready to layer up. The fire roaring in the corner, your favourite real ales on tap, the slurring at the bar, see winter isn’t that bad, with a pint in your hand. Now how to catch the attention of your old flame. Dust the sand of those chinos, roll the turn ups down, pull on a pair of thick woollen knitted socks, and lace up a pair of leather hiking boots. Iron that flannel checked shirt, and get under that cable knit jumper, and you have mastered the irresistible casual winter look.

Edwin Chinos Fred Perry Jumper Fred Perry Shirt Red Wing Boots

Be the master of your own fate! Wear those chinos until they are threadbare! Ride that smart / casual wave in style, regardless of the season.
Shop our range of chinos right here right now


The Ultimate Guide To What To Wear On A Plane

British Summer Time; the wind, the rain, the plummeting temperatures – no wonder we are a nation with itchy feet. Sadly we aren’t all lucky enough to have a helipad at the bottom of our lawn and instead have to conquer the queues, security checks, bad plane food, cramped seats and dreaded delays. However we do have a pint sized piece of comfort in our quest for a slither of sunshine to hit our pasty faces; the ‘Travel Outfit’. It may be the only piece of the journey that us mortal souls have control of, so grab it with both hands and layer, layer, layer.
Luckily Jim Chapman, presenter, writer and GQ contributing editor, has put together a guide to what to wear on a plane, in which he makes sure dressing for style and comfort is on your radar when taking a flight. One of our favourite tips from the article is;  

” practice makes perfect and I’ve cracked it: flying with minimum inconvenience and maximum style has landed…. My chosen look follows simple “sports luxe” rules: keep it comfy, keep it casual, keep it minimal….You’ll have no worries about being too hot or cold if the air-con is inadequate, as the hoodie can be removed with next to no effort. 

We think Jim has dynamically covered the essential pieces needed for dealing with a commercial flight. Check out the full article over on GQ for more top tips on how glide through travel dressing.

A Guide to Wearing Casual Sportswear

So, it’s not exactly new news, but if you haven’t already heard it is now acceptable to wear your casual sportswear clothing out in public, in social places! Yes, you heard that right, this trend has been coming out the woodwork for two years now and we are here to give you that little bit guidance on how to ace this trend.

Now this doesn’t mean the clothing you laze on the couch with covered in stains! You still have to put some thought into this. But don’t worry we have cut it down into simple sections and even better we have selected a few of our favorite pieces.

Let me start by telling you, although it is casual sportswear it doesn’t mean everything must be exclusively sports labeled brands, even designer brands are flaunting their inner sportiness.


Starting from the basics with a simple tee, any block colour will work fine, even throw in a graphic front to mix it up a bit. Feeling a bit cold don’t want a jacket? Try a sweatshirt, a different option instead of a hoody. Again, like the t shirt, block colours work best but we always make exceptions for a good graphic logo front!
A decent polo doesn’t go a miss either long or short sleeve mix it up in bold colours, or go for a more subtle monochrome both work and they look great under a bomber jacket.

Jackets & Hoodies

An essential piece for your outfit is your outerwear. Start with the base of your outfit, what colour is your bottoms or your top? This is a good start to match colours or if you’re feeling bold add a pop of colour. Try not to add more and more colours though as you don’t want to look like a walking rainbow!
The bomber jacket is a great go to especially how they tend to come in a wide range of colours and they are a perfect match with a pair of slim fit joggers.
Hoodies have got to be the holy grail of casual sportswear, the comfiest piece of clothing possibly out there and it fits in with our trend. Now ditch your old scraggy hoody, you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle so opt for something clean and crisp.
Finally, we love a track top, the ideal candidate to layer with. Now don’t worry no running has to be involved wearing these! There are the heavier track jackets like Fred Perry and adidas which go great layered with a plain polo, or think Nike if you’re going for a thinner style. They have the Windrunner series which are great for adding a pop of colour to your outfit.


Ok, so time for bottoms, I think this is the easiest to style, you have two options joggers or shorts. Starting with joggers we love a slim fit jogger it’s just effortlessly cool, comfy and gives off a sophisticated look. But don’t shrug off a baggy jogger these are great for a more relaxed fit and look equally as good. Black, grey or navy are good starting points, try stick for a classic style with cuffed bottoms to show of your sneaks.
Now for shorts, it’s simple just go for a standard style jogger short, classic and casual the perfect exchange for joggers on a hot day.


Last but not least, the final step to creating your casual sportswear outfit. Now don’t skip this step and put any old trainers on, you have got this far don’t ruin it now, they are equally as important so carefully think this one through! Black and white are going to be your best bet if your struggling to match but this is also the part of your outfit where you don’t actually have to be so subtle so go daring if you want to.
As long as your sneakers are clean you have already won. Gone are the days of mucky trainers.

Your Guide On What To What To Wear To The Gym

What To Wear To The Gym

If you’re the type of guy who still likes to stay on trend whilst at the gym, check out our guide on how to stay practical and stylish whilst working out.

Joggers or Shorts

Depending on what is more comfortable for you, joggers and shorts are practical to wear at the gym. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to move in which is exactly what you want when doing cardio or weights. Try a pair of timeless Adidas joggers with the stylish 3 stripe detail, and a slimmer leg design with functional pockets. Otherwise, a pair of grey shorts with a comfortable drawstring waist might be better. Wear with a cotton t-shirt for a casual look suitable for the gym.


T Shirt and Hoodie

A lightweight t-shirt paired with joggers or shorts will make an ideal outfit for the gym. Pick a t shirt which carries a logo print to the front from Nike or Adidas for a subtle designer finish. For the transition from home to the gym, a staple hoodie is the perfect choice, especially in the cooler months.



Choose some practical trainers, which are guaranteed to be comfortable and stylish. Whichever trainers you choose, make sure they are comfortable enough to work out in and suitable for the gym. Trainers with a cushioned midsole will provide support during your gym session.

We hope this guide has helped you to find your ideal gym outfit!