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Stone Island Shadow Project Contour Parka

A design imagined under the concept of ‘Variable Adaptability’. The Stone Island Shadow Project  Contour Parka is available at aphrodite.

Remember Stone Island’s so-called ‘Toffee Wrapper’ jacket from way back in ’92? Well, this Shadow Project Contour Parka doesn’t stray too far from the unforgettable essence of that retro number. Glazed in the same rusted hue, the jacket rolls out as a striking silhouette from Shadow Project’s 23rd collection, yes you heard that right, their 23rd collection! So, with such a monumental touchpoint insight for Shadow Project, the tastemakers behind the brand felt this hooded garm would be the perfect piece to conceptualise under their ‘variable adaptibility’ notion for the new season.

Shadow Project Contour Parka

By ‘variable adaptibility’, we’re talking about the need for change dependant on your setting or unexpected weather, which, if you’re living in good old England like us fine people, it’s an element you, unfortunately, need to consider on the daily. Shadow Project call out the collection with these words, ‘the looming conditions of winter serve as a starting point for the concept of variable adaptability. Mechanisms of conversion, attachment, and expansion serve to widen the use of potential garments, empowering the wearer to modify them in accordance with shifting environmental circumstance.’

So, with that said, how does this Shadow Project Contour Parka actually diversify to battle general changes in scenery or harsh weather conditions? Well, sitting underneath its dual grid nylon outer that’s both translucent and light-refractive, not to mention insanely durable, is an insulating layer of quilted padding, perfect for retaining heat and protecting the wearer from declining temperatures. Additionally, in honour of its ‘Contour’ moniker, drawstring adjustments clinch in the design at its hood, hem and cuffs, locking in warmth while custom-fitting the design to your own personal stature. Furthermore, nylon jersey inlays tonally articulate the base – starting at the cuffs and working their way right up to the style’s chest to present an element of flexibility in areas which move the most.

Stone Island Shadow Project Parka Shadow Project Dual Grid Nylon Parka

As well as being garment-dyed, this Shadow Project Contour Parka also boasts an anti-drop agent, designed to supply a lasting viel of water repellency on the outer, while further detailing comprises of the brand’s signature, all-black compass badge at the left sleeve, joined by two hand-warmer pockets and a utility zip pocket on the arm.

Anything but bashful, this Parka is commanding in every sense, whether it be in colour, construction or purpose. Take a leap out of your comfort zone this season and soak up the goodness on offer from Stone Island Shadow Project as they continue to serve up their 23rd capsule to the industry’s watching eyes.


Stone Island Down Parka and Gilet | Frosted Black

Stone Island clothing is renowned for its craftsmanship, attention to detail and unique fabric treatments and finishes. They’re certainly no strangers to making a statement, but they’ve truly outdone themselves with the latest drop from the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, which includes a down-filled, outsized parka and gilet that sport a ‘frosted’ finish, giving a ‘just came home from an Arctic base camp’ look.

Stone Island Coat

The one-of-a-kind finish is achieved starting with the choice of fabric, with both pieces utilising a lightweight nylon fabric with an ultra-tight, smooth weave. This is then garment dyed under high pressure to set the base colour, before being treated with powdered pigment dye to get that uneven, almost three-dimensional frost effect.

Elsewhere, technical features and unique design touches are prominently seen in both pieces: the parka features a wide array of pockets to keep your essentials secure, along with a removable, wool-felt hood liner to provide even more warmth; while the gilet has asymmetrical, tactical styling with two large chest pockets and smaller pockets to the rear shoulders. Both pieces also have a unique finishing touch, as that iconic Compass badge is also treated to the same frost effect to keep the aesthetic complete.

Stone Island Hooded Coat

Stone Island Hand Corrosion Jacket

Stone Island Gilet

Stone Island Gilet

More Info:

Brand – Stone Island
Style:  Cable Crew Knit  6715513d6 V0029
Price: £550.00
Available: Now

Style:  Gilet  6715G0453-V0029
Price: £650.00
Available: Now

Style:  Gilet  6715G0453-V0029
Price: £995.00
Available: Now


The Stone Island Frost Parka and Stone Island Gilet are available, alongside other pieces from the latest collection, from Aphrodite Clothing now.

Fred Perry Parka

Fred Perry Parka

A lot can be said about the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath, after all, it is one of the most popular and iconic symbols in menswear history. It all began in the 1940s when Austrian footballer Tibby Wegner approached Fred Perry with the idea of crafting a sweatband bearing the Laurel Wreath. From then the brand traveled from strength to strength, making sports shirts bearing the classic logo which became popular as tennis-wear. Fred Perry shirts were then soon seen on the well-dressed Mods, which started off the brand’s massive influence on British Subculture. Also being associated with the Skinheads and Casual movement. After being around for half a decade, Fred Perry is now hugely popular.

An iconic piece is the Parka, which first became recognised when the Mods bought them from Military stores to keep their suits clean when riding their scooters. Ever since they have become a practical winter jacket which has been taken under Fred Perry’s wing and given a splash of colour this season. The field parka is available in two vibrant colour-ways; Blood Red and Persian Blue. The Fred Perry Jacket is crafted from durable nylon, with a checked tartan lining, providing warmth and comfort during the winter months.

Fred Perry Parka in red and blue

The field parka holds four outer pockets including two patch pockets for storing of mobile phones and wallets. As well as a peaked hood and smock neck with leather adjustments to battle the winter elements.

Fred Perry Parka zip detail

Not only does the Fred Perry parka provide practical accents of a Winter jacket, but also holds a piece of history within the embroidered Fred Perry Laurel Wreath to the chest, instantly adding classic style and branding for a flawless finish

Fred Perry Parka lining detail

Over the next few weeks, we will be getting more new season Fred Perry online and in-store.

Check out our range online now:

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

A Closer Look At The Canada Goose Expedition Parka

As a true master of the elements, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is an iconic silhouette in a long line of winter ready styles from one of the world’s most experienced cold weather outfitters.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

With a history that pins them as one of Canada’s most infamous products, Canada Goose have over half a century of experience when it comes to crafting jackets using down, with a now world wide reputation that grew from humble beginnings of being on the back of some of Canada’s Police men whilst on duty in the cold.

Now a fully-fledged fashion brand that has grown to become an international beacon of style and performance, the Canada Goose Expedition Parka is a prime example of how the brand has positioned itself to perfectly slot into a modern and contemporary wardrobe.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka
Despite its original purpose of supplying the National Science foundation at the McMurdo research station in Antarctica, the Canada Goose expedition parka has managed to carry on its extreme cold credentials into a functional city street look.
With a Teflon coated arctic tech fabric that operates as a protective outer, this jacket carries a duck down insulation and a two-way locking zip to ensure total warmth and protection. Coyote fur trims the hood, whilst four fleece lined hand warmer pockets ensure that you remain toasty no matter what the weather. Finished by the Canada Goose logo to the chest and an expedition name patch, this jacket is a genuine piece of heavy duty outerwear that is ready to stand up to anything the winter can throw at you, bringing with it an unrivalled amount of experience from one of the world’s harshest environments.

Canada Goose Expedition Parka

The Canada Goose Collection is now available online and in-store.

The Classic Fred Perry Mountain Parka

Fred Perry Parka

With a history that is draped in subculture and some of Britain’s most influential and iconic fashion movements, Fred Perry has become a national treasure when it comes to displaying our natural penchant for sharp, clean and historic design.

From twin tip polo shirts to gingham checked shirts, Fred Perry have come up with a whole host of timelessly iconic pieces that have stood the test of time to remain eternally desirable. From sporting beginnings as a project into sportswear by Britain’s first Wimbledon winner, Fred Perry himself, this homegrown label soon developed to become a fashion label that always maintained its effortlessly cool sporty undercurrent. From mods on their mopeds to the kids dancing the night away in the Northern Soul scene, Fred Perry carried an affinity with some of the strongest movements in Britain’s subculture history.

Fred Perry Parka

As a result, elements of the Fred Perry label have become beacons of style in the uniforms of a host of fashion movements, then slowly worked their way into a classic universal heritage look.

The Fred Perry Parka is the perfect example of how Fred Perry has influenced casual style with their directional looks. Originally a firm favourite amongst mods, the Parka jacket’s long cut and sleek cut provided the perfect protection from the elements for any sharply dressed mod. The Fred Perry Mountain Parka pays homage to exactly this, bringing forth that classic long bodied look, whilst also adding extra touches such as contrasting buttons and extra pockets to perfectly blend a heritage look with modern styling demands.

Fred Perry Parka

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Must Have Fred Perry Jackets

With strong affiliations to a whole host of British youth culture movements, Fred Perry have grown to become one of Britain’s most treasured institutions of formidable style.

Named after one of the nations greatest ever tennis players, Fred Perry drew its first breath of inspiration from a blend of sport and street style, creating a unique style that hadn’t previously been seen before. TheFred Perry brand took flight, promoting their new found style under the single banner of the Fred Perry laurel wreath, making all of their designs instantly recognisable, and infamously cool.

As the brand grew, so did the range. The new array of pieces, which ranged from twin tip polo shirts, through to footwear and Fred Perry jackets, had the young, fashionable British consumers clamoring for the Fred Perry brand.

Fred Perry JacketsFred Perry Ripstop Cagoule

In particular, one movement- the mod’s, adopted Fred Perry as their uniform of choice. Making the most of the labels sharp lines, sleek styling and smart look, the mod’s made Fred Perry shirts and polo’s a staple of their style, whilst using a Fred Perry Jacket to protect them from the elements whilst they were out on their scooters. It was the Fred Perry parka in particular that announced the arrival of the Fred Perry jacket- a loose fitting style that was perfect for any mod weekend out, the Fred Perry Parka became an iconic style and a firm Fred Perry jacket style that is still loved today. Taking inspiration from the original parka, the Fred Perry Mountain Parka offers a similar style principle, putting protection and functionality first whilst still retaining the insatiable Fred Perry look that has become so desirable.

Fred Perry Jacket

Fred Perry Mountain Parka

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Mens Designer Parkas

Mens Parka jackets have been one of the true staples of casual wear since their sharp rise to prominence in the 60’s. Bought forward to the fashionable eye through youthful rebellion, Parkas were first adopted by one of Britain’s most infamous cult movements; the mods. Providing great coverage from the weather, lightweight parka coats were adopted to help keep the mods warm and dry whilst riding their scooters. Meanwhile, heavier versions, which incorporated the use of fur and padded linings, were being used the world over in some of the world’s harshest climates.

Pretty Green Deansgate Parka – £125.00

Cementing men’s parkas into an unassailable position, the mod movement wore only the sharpest and clean cut of styles as their instantly recognisable uniforms. Perhaps most infamously represented by Phil Daniels, who famously played Jimmy, a scooter and mod culture obsessed youth in ‘Quadrophenia’, the classic men’s parka coat is the perfect example of laid back, simple style.

With classic styles featuring slightly looser fits that fall at thigh length, along with identifiable details such as fish tail venting at the back, the original parka coats were the choice of outerwear for an entire generation.

Pretty Green Mountain Parka – £150.00

Further advancements in the style however have bought around new features for the parka, with some labels adding modern touches to the classic piece such as tougher, more rugged materials, shorter cuts and hoods. With brands like Penfield adopting the look to continue their superb blend of style and protection, the Parka coat has become a utilitarian design, mixing practicality with fashion, providing an image that is in stark contrast with the original style that the mod’s adored.

However, despite all of the developments that the parka coat has undergone since the 60’s,one thing has always remained the same; the iconic men’s parka coat still provides unparalleled coverage and protection from the elements, no matter what the variation.

Stone Island David Light TC Jacket – £575.00