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The cold harsh winters of Canada aren’t exactly the most nurturing of environments- however; it is in the extremes of these baron snowdrifts and sub zero temperatures that the inspiration for one of the nation’s most cherished exports was born.

Canada Goose has become the Great White North’s leading example of Canadian ingenuity and design, with the unmissable Canada Goose patch logo being spotted not just on the streets of Toronto, but on the far flung fashion conscious cobbles of Milan and Stockholm.  However- the success of Canada Goose was far from spontaneous. With a studied, cautious growth, the label remains as humble today as it did in its earliest existence back in 1957.

Originally founded as Metro Sportswear Ltd by Polish immigrant Sam Tick, the company started out life producing raincoats, woolen garments and outerwear that were created specifically for the outdoor lifestyle in treacherously cold climates. The early 1970’s saw a key era for Metro Sportswear, as they began to craft down filled jackets. It also saw Sam Tick’s son in law, David Reiss join the company, and eventually become CEO, leading to new innovative approaches to crafting down filled outerwear- becoming a leading private down manufacturer. This reputation gave Metro Sportswear the impetus to start creating custom made to order down filled jackets and parkas, which were used by authorities from the Canadian Rangers, to the nations city’s Police departments.

By the 1980’s Metro Sportswear employed over 50 people, with production still taking place entirely in Canada. Every stitch was finished on home soil, making Metro Sportswear’s products wholly trusted and relied upon. It was at this stage that the brand began to undergo the transformation into the label that it is recognized as today. Metro Sportswear was then purchased by David Reiss- his first act in charge was to officially register any of their down filled parkas under the name of Snow Goose. The 1990’s saw expansion, and Metro Sportswear started to sell their now cherished products in Europe, where another company had already registered the Snow Goose name. As a result, anything sold in Europe was registered and branded as Canada Goose.

The name stuck, and when David Reiss’ son Dani took control of the business, in 2001, he made the decision to only produce under the name of Canada Goose, and, most importantly, keep all of their production firmly in Canada, rather than move manufacturing to cheaper methods abroad.

Dani Reiss was essentially responsible for turning Canada Goose into the global phenomenon it is today- by focusing on the made and used in Canada aspect of the unique labels story, he forged a desirability for effective outerwear that carries its own sense of style and purpose. It was this attention to the Canada Goose story that led to the label spreading to far flung corners of the globe- all under Dani Reiss’ w12atchful gaze.

At now over 50 years old, Canada Goose is a true representation of its home country’s past and present. Still respecting its roots as a home grown label that serves its wearers to protect them against the elements as they work, Canada Goose is just as much a piece of Canada now as it was back in 1957.

With a sense of authenticity, Canada Goose relates to the stories of those who have worn the label over the years, with innovations in style and design coming from feedback from everyday wearers on home soil, to some of the world’s bravest pioneers. One of these intrepid explorers was Canadian mountaineer Laurie Skreslet. The early 1980’s saw him undertake his mission to scale Mount Everest whilst wearing a specially designed Canada Goose parka. Features that were used on the jacket for his climb are still used on designs today, proving Canada Goose’s commitment to supplying only the very best quality and details to its wearers.

It is this passion that drives Canada Goose to maintain its heritage, and continue to bring their made in Canada philosophy to the world. With each and every stitch on a Canada Goose jacket still being finished on Canadian ground, the cold weather identity and superior craftsmanship behind each Canada Goose jacket is truly sought after.

With materials that are specifically chosen for their hard wearing, protective nature and premium feel, the Canada Goose jacket has become a cult wardrobe piece for some of the world’s most famous faces- from Daniel Craig to Drake, the Canada Goose patch has become a trademark for authentic Canadian production and unmissable style.

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Published by Sarah Kearney, Online Editor at Aphrodite Clothing

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