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ETQ Arrives for Spring 2017

Minimalist Sneaker Perfection

Aphrodite is pleased to welcome ETQ. to our trainers range.
As the line between high fashion and streetwear becomes ever more blurred, the demand for footwear that straddles the gap between the two aesthetics has seen incredible growth in the last few years. In between the classic releases from sportswear brands and the luxurious models from fashion houses costing several hundred a pair, there now exists a middle-market for those looking for a premium aesthetic without paying through the nose for a luxury label. Alongside such brands as Filling Pieces and Buttero, ETQ aims to deliver premium footwear without the inflated price.

ETQ Footwear

Formed in 2010 with the mindset of eliminating unnecessary branding and creating footwear that the creators themselves wanted to wear, the brand has been sought out by people all over the world for its low-key designs that let the shoes speak for themselves. Crafted in Portugal from premium leather and featuring subtle design features like rolled edge seams and chunky ruggedised soles, the silhouettes would feel at home in any outfit you care to pair them with, from athleisure gear to relaxed trousers and knitwear.

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