How To Clean Your Sneakers, Featuring Crep Protect

Crep Protect Spray

Using Crep Protect To Clean Your Sneakers

As anyone who’s into their trainers (or sneakers, if that’s your thing) can tell you, cleaning them can be a bit of a nightmare. Unlike traditional dress or work shoes that tend to have uppers made of a single material in a single colour, trainers are often made from a whole slew of different textiles, leathers and tech materials in a much greater range of colours. While this is a large part of their appeal, the effect is somewhat diminished once they inevitably get dirty. This often results in sneakers getting consigned to their box in a cupboard, out of fear that one false move will destroy their pristine good looks. Thankfully, there are a whole host of options such as Crep Protect to protect and restore your beloved footwear, meaning you can bring them out of the box and onto the streets where they belong.


Introducing Crep Protect

One of the more popular ranges in this new generation of shoe care product is Crep Protect, and with good reason.  It’s affordable, effective, and the range of products is concise enough to keep everything simple while still covering all likely scenarios. That said, tackling a beloved (if manky) pair of sneaks can be a daunting task, especially if you fear damaging the more delicate materials like suede. Fortunately for you, my scruffy-shod friend, Crep Protect has you covered with its Cure cleaning kit. The kit comprises of a good-sized ration of its namesake cleaning solution, a natural bristle scrubbing brush and a microfibre buffing cloth. The only other things you’ll need to get started are a basin of warm water and some time. Then just follow the steps below to give your hardworking footwear the pampering they deserve.


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How To Use Crep Protect

STEP 1: Remove the laces from your shoes, to let you get in and around the tongue area unhindered. If the laces are dirty too, consider replacing them, or otherwise send them through the washing machine inside a pillowcase or sock. Give the shoes a once-over with the brush to get rid of any dirt, dust or other detritus while they’re still dry.


STEP 2: Wet your brush and apply a fifty-pence sized amount of the Cure cleaning solution to the bristles, then get stuck in and give the uppers and soles a good scrubbing. The thoughtful people at Crep specifically chose short hog-hair bristles for their brush, for the perfect balance of being tough on cleaning while soft enough not to damage even the most delicate materials. Additionally, the cleaning solution itself is composed of 98% natural ingredients like jojoba, coconut extracts and good old water; as Crep themselves say, “it’s like a spa day for your shoes”.


Crep Protect Sneaker Cleaner


STEP 3: Rinse your brush and brush away any excess lather from the uppers, then let your shoes dry. Be patient; while leather uppers can dry in as little as five minutes, suede and more plush materials can take a few hours. Give them a final buff with the microfibre cloth, then simply admire your handiwork, and allow yourself to shed a single, manly tear at the sight of your best kicks restored to their former glory.


OPTIONAL STEP: To prevent anything from spoiling the moment in the near future, consider applying a coating of Crep Protect spray. This will keep your sneakers shielded from practically any everyday hazard you can think of, and is well worth doing to keep that pristine look for longer.

Watch An Official Demonstration

Check out the video below to see Crep Protect in action in our very own store! Like what you see? Shop our range of Crep Protect products including the protection spray and Crep Cure pack.



I want to buy

What about the soles of shoes

Hi William, we would recommend using the Crep Protect cleaning solution / brush along with some water to clean the soles of your shoes. Thanks, Aphrodite.

what if I sprayed my leather jordans w the rain repelent will it get messed up?

Hi there,

The Crep Protect repellent spray works fine on many materials including leather.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards,
Dom – Aphrodite.

What’s the best way too clean ur shoe laces

Hi David,

We recommend dipping them in a bowl of warm water with some Crep Cure solution, letting them sit, and then giving them a scrub with a cleaning brush. Repeat the process until like new!

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