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L:A Bruket – Brand Guide

Founded from a necessity for design, co-founder of L:A Bruket Monica Kylén started exploring skincare when she was creating a line of home-ware products. Unable to find a natural soap to demonstrate the functionality of her designs Monica deciding to create her own skincare line.

Deeply influenced by her Swedish coastal upbringing and the typical routine of surfing, sailing and sunbathing Monica used these elements to create a range of skincare to actively fight the effects the environment has on our bodies, because L:A Bruket is passionate about nourishing your skin and protecting it. The use of raw ingredients from western Sweden make the products as organic and environmentally friendly as possible, with Monica constantly seeking new components to deliver beneficial results. The L:A Bruket brand believes “that no matter what is happening in our lives, the moments we take for ourselves every morning should be a reward for yourself and a great preparation for the day ahead.”

L:A Bruket

Here at Aphrodite we stock a wide range of L:A Bruket products. Read below to find out about each product:


L:A Bruket’s nurturing formula can be seen in their range of hand creams, a luxurious formula that banishes dry and chapped skin leaving it subtle and nourished. So whether it’s lemongrass, Lavender or Patchouli that’s your go to scent, L:A Bruket has a scent for everyone.

L:A Bruket


Body Wash

With 3 scents to choose from start your day the right way with an invigorating body wash to moisturise and cleanse your skin.


Crafted in Sweden the coriander candle and black oak candle have been formulated to leave a warming effect, reliving the stresses of the day and chasing away anxiety. The perfect way to unwind after a long day at work.

L:A Bruket

Beard wash

Every man should own a beard wash, this beard wash has been blended with witch hazel and horse chestnut extracts to nourish and sooth your skin and the essential oil from Laurel leaf will clean, calm and give a bacteriostatic effect. You will be left wondering how you survived without this mild and cleansing beard oil.

Beard Oil

Could your shaving products shelf do with a injection of style? The L:A Bruket Beard Oil is the answer you have been searching for. This beard oil has been blended in Sweden with natural oils selected to provide softening, moisturising, and strengthening qualities. Jojoba, Argan & Hemp oils are not the only superstars in this formual, essential oil from Laurel Leaves also have a staring role for their cleansing and bacteriostatic effects.

Beard wax

This natural beard wax has been blended to create a soft styling to the beard and also a luxurious nourishing and calming treatment. Vitamin-E, argan oil & sunflower oil have been fused together to nourish and soften the beard, and cedarwood added to calm and add antiseptic properties. This tin could easily slip in to your back pocket, for those last minute adjustments, whilst being the man about town.


You can shop our full range of L:A Bruket products right here.

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