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Norse Projects New Arrivals

Contemporary Classics With Norse Projects

Despite Spring Summer gear coming at us thicker and faster than the recent snowy weather – the irony doesn’t escape us – we’ve always got time to show off some of our latest arrivals, especially when they are as nice as some of the newest stuff from Norse Projects. One of the great masters of contemporary menswear their minimal detailing, no-nonsense construction and clean silhouettes keep us coming back for more season after season, and of course, this is no different. If you’re a fan of over-the-head outerwear, endless layering possibilities and sharp overshirts then please, read on.

Lightweight, breathable and both water and dirt repellent, the Kalix Anorak is an incredibly comfortable half-zip jacket that can be incorporated easily into layered looks or worn on its own when things heat up. Paired here with the Godtfred t-shirt and the Aros light twill chinos, the jacket Comes with two front pockets to keep both hands warm and brick a brack safe whilst an adjustable hood and waist bulk up the jacket with some extra protective options when the elements begin to get out of hand. We know what you’re thinking, a t-shirt? Won’t you be freezing this time of year? Well, I’m here to politely tell you that’s where you’re wrong. Aside from its typically Scandinavian flavoured stripe design and relaxed cut, the Godtfred t-shirt comes crafted from a heavyweight compact cotton material ensuring bonus points when it comes to baselayer insulation. Lastly, we threw a Norse cap into the mix both because it features that small embroidered N we all can’t get enough of and it might have made the sun come out by sheer force of will. Sadly, it disappeared not long after these pictures.

Norse Projects Spring Summer '19

Norse Projects New Arrivals

Norse Projects Cap

A pullover hoodie underneath an overshirt is as casually cool as those subtle head nods people do to one another when they pass someone on the streets they sort of know but not enough to stop and have a conversation. In this case, we went with the Jens Zip jacket over the top of this season’s burgundy cotton loopback goodness. Made from a similar lightweight nylon material as the aforementioned Kalix, the Jens Sits atop another pair of classic Norse Aros chinos and comes with two front chest pockets and that all-important two-way zip for versatile styling. The usual kangaroo pouch pocket, Norse Projects tab and adjustable hood we’ve come to expect from the year-round staple Vagn hoodie is, of course present, ready to provide a splash of functionality and just a touch of branding suitable for even the most stripped back look.

Norse Projects Spring Summer Arrivals

Norse Projects Jens Overshirt

Norse Project Vagn Hoodie

If you like what you see here there is plenty more of the latest Norse Projects Spring Summer ’19 arrivals available now both in store and online.

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