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Paul & Shark Brand Guide

Paul & Shark Brand Guide

Naval Inspired Menswear : Paul & Shark Brand Guide

With a heritage-inspired look that can’t be matched thanks to its sheer quality, style, and deliverance, the Paul & Shark brand has become a statement of effortless luxury and supreme standards in the modern-day. With an intrinsic aesthetic that ties in with the nostalgia and connotations of class that life on the sea carries. Everything that Paul and Shark do, from the placement of their iconic shark badge to the materials they cherry-pick to craft some of their most sought-after styles with, is methodical, deliberate, and executed with sheer exuberant style. Designed to not just survive, but also thrive in one of the world’s harshest conditions, Paul & Shark clothing represents the hard-fought nature of all seafaring gentleman.

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Born in 1921 in the sleepy village of Masnago, in the countryside just outside of Milan, Paul and Shark were forged from a mill that was producing knitting textiles.

It was this firm grounding in the understanding of what using quality materials meant to its customers that gave Paul and Shark the impetuous need to adorn their designs a strong yachting design-led look, to prove their materials in one of the most rigorous situations they knew and provide an aesthetic for the world they came from.

The first piece of clothing to leave the Paul & Shark production line was a classic sweatshirt. There wasn’t a great deal about it that was groundbreaking- it was a simple staple style, made with extreme attention to detail and with high-quality materials. However, it was the way in which it was packaged that instantly put Paul and Shark on the map. Encased in a metal tube; commonly referred to by sailors as ‘the can’, this sweater was designed to be worn at sea, and caused a stir as soon as it was shipped out in a multipurpose maritime container to suit its desired intentions.

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The instant success in the way that Paul and Shark approached their first piece heralded a new age of design, where the focus fell solely on the quality and deliverance of the materials the label used on their styles. Following the innovative path of other Italian brands of the time such as Stone Island and C.P. Company, and offering a functional and practical approach to fashion without compromising any style or quality, Paul & Shark began to develop an entire range. Building on their experience with their first sweatshirt, Paul and Shark ultimately created an entire range of knitwear using innovative water-repellent wool. The collection was a huge hit with anybody who spent their lives in the outdoors, or on the seas, as Paul and Shark became a trusted go-to for high-performance clothing that represents timelessness.

The original formula of a now highly sought after fit and infamously high standards that exist at every stage of production have propelled Paul and Shark from their humble beginnings in the Italian countryside, to one of the most iconic leaders of an industry where craftsmanship and superiority reign supreme.
With their innovative fabrics paving the way for their expansion into other markets, from skiing to golf and casual wear, Paul and Shark now provide an entire branded look which carries all the design idealisms of Italian craftsmanship.

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The distinctive look of Paul and Shark has ensured that it has remained protected over the years, whilst its clientele has remained ever faithful to the traditions of the brand. Thanks to its iconic maritime image, Paul and Shark have attracted everyone; from people searching for the perfect technical jacket to stave off the cold winter weather, to seasoned sailors looking for a piece of knitwear to wear by the boats, and a shirt with the perfect fit to wear in the clubhouse. Still committed to creating items which have pure innovation running through them, Paul and Shark are one of only a handful of brands who own and manage their own testing centre. Based at their factory which still operates out of Italy, the label with the shark constantly tests new designs, and new materials, to find ways of furthering the functionality and desirability of their clothing.

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However, the Italian label hasn’t just simply relied on newly found materials to further their position as a world leading brand. With new collections being introduced every season, from collaborations with the Italian coastguard to celebrate one of the most stylish countries in the world’s naval heritage, to styles that have been designed to support the planet’s best yachtsmen with technical designs that are unrivalled in style and quality, Paul and Shark are constantly on the march to improve through well-appointed Italian sea-inspired style.


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