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CP Company Mille Miglia Jacket in Black

Is This The Best CP Company Jacket Of All Time?

There have been plenty of contenders when it comes to the GOAT of CP Company jackets, but we think that this is the one… 

CP Company Mille Miglia Jacket in Black

CP Company Mille Miglia Jacket: An Introduction

CP Company are no stranger to making beautiful jackets, after all they’re Italian and if there’s one stereotype that we’ll stand by its that they make some bloody good garments. This piece is exemplary of that fact. It highlights CP Company’s ability to utilise classics found in the brand’s archives, and harness a contemporary flair in order to modernise its style. But why do we believe that this could just be the best CP Company Jacket of all time? It all comes down to three key aspects: Form, Function, and Fabrics.

CP Company Mille Miglia Jacket Details

CP Company Goggle Jacket: A Fine Example Of Timeless Style

Anybody who has had any affinity with the brand over the years knows that Massimo Osti was its founder. Back in 1971, CP Company became his creative outlet as he innovated graphic t-shirts with his unique screen-printing process. From there, Osti advanced to creating seasonal collections that encapsulated his unique style and influences. His early jackets were evidently inspired by military-wear with the functional work-wear essence being omni-present in his design. This jacket utilises the best components from CP Company’s archival pieces and creates a unique style that can be combined with a variety of modern aesthetics; From streetwear and workwear to casual clothing and a contemporary look, the jacket’s shape, build and style ooze versatility.

CP Company Goggle Jacket

Functional Design: An On-Body Experience

As is true of all CP Company Jackets, it seems as though the brand prioritises function over form. And while this certainly resonates true in this instance, the designers behind this garment have incorporated an array of features in such a way that marries both style and utility. The Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket is a dream for those of us that appreciate the finer details. And for the uninitiated, I’m going to give you a run down of the standout features from this seasons iteration.

A watch viewer and goggle hood are the most prominent features and are included as a nod to the jackets motorbiking heritage. Entwining the history of the Mille Miglia endurance race, CP Company ensures that this piece stays authentic to its roots. Elsewhere a two way zipper and button down storm flap make for styling versatility. The jackets collar features press studs that when used, deliver elemental protection to the neck. An array of adjustable poppers and cords are fitted to ensure a perfect fit for each wearer. While a mass of pockets and a metal clip make for ample on the go storage. You really wont find a garment that embraces the smaller details in design quite like this.

CP Company Ba-Tic Jacket

Material Innovation: CP Company’s Ba-Tic Fabric

All CP Company fans have one thing in common, a deep appreciation for quality fabrics. Not only can a unique fabric enhance a garment’s style, but it ensures long term durability through premium craftsmanship. Which in short, means that you’re getting your money’s worth.  It has been a recent movement, perhaps due to the cost of living crisis, that men have turned their attention a way from fleeting trends, with a new focus on long term investment pieces. And if there’s anybody that can give you any assurance about their materials, it’s a Massimo Osti brand.

This Mille Miglia Jacket is crafted using CP Company’s proprietary Ba-Tic fabric. The construction begins with a ready-for-dyeing waxed broadcloth, which CP Company directly source from Halley Stevenson’s in Dundee, Scotland. The emulsion wax of the fabric means there is a slight resistance to the garment dyeing process, so CP over-dye the material in order to achieve an intense black tone with chromatic variation. It’s a true testament to the fabric engineers at CP, in the way that they continue to innovate cotton fabric, modernising it while retaining its classic elements.

CP Company Ba-Tic Jacket in Black

The Mille Miglia: CP Company’s Greatest Design

While writing this blog I’m aware that I shouldn’t really single out a jacket as being the ‘GOAT’. After all my job is to push a wide variety of outerwear pieces. However, when it comes to the Mille Miglia it’s impossible to deny its allure. It achieves the perfect balance of style, function and fabric innovation all while being incredibly easy to wear and incorporate into any wardrobe rotation. Subtle branding and unique features combine to create an aesthetically complete jacket, one that will remain in-style for decades to come. Its popularity among those ‘in the know’ is clear to see and the reasoning is evident. Be sure to get in on the action and grab your own CP Company Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket while stock lasts.

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