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Aphrodite Introducing: Undercover

Undercover: Where Design Meets Rebellion

In the realm of fashion, where trends come and go, there are those rare brands that reject convention and stand as beacons of creativity. Among these avant-garde trailblazers lies Undercover, a Japanese fashion label that effortlessly marries rebellion, intellect, and artistic aesthetics.

Let us take you on a journey into the brand’s history, the visionary mind behind its inception, and the fundamentals that have propelled it into the heady heights of fashion greatness.

Who Are Undercover?

Delving into the Origins of a Remarkable Brand: The Spark of Subversion

Since its beginning in 1993, Undercover has epitomised a fearless rebellion against the ordinary. It was born from the fusion of Tokyo’s punk and street culture, where Jun Takahashi, the mastermind behind the brand, unearthed a rich seam of inspiration. This cultural melting-pot provided the fuel for Takahashi’s desire to question societal norms and transcend established fashion norms. Harnessing inspiration from those he looked up to, Jun combined Vivienne Westwood‘s ethereal Punk essence, Rei Kawakubo‘s avant-garde aesthetic and close friend, Nigo’s streetwear intellect to inspire his creativity.  The result? Undercover’s early collections, which seamlessly blended both intellectual and creative rebellion with avant-garde design. These pieces weren’t intended to be simply worn but to leave an indelible mark on the wearer. This ability to encapsulate the essence of subcultures and seamlessly translate them onto high-fashion canvases became the cornerstone of Undercover’s identity.

Undercover’s Visionary Founder: Jun Takahashi’s Enigmatic Imprint

At the centre of Undercover’s story stands Jun Takahashi, an enigmatic figure whose visionary pursuits have elevated him to god-like status within the fashion sphere. Possessing a remarkable eye for experimentation and a private nature, Takahashi has allowed his designs to speak on his behalf. His artistry lies in his adeptness at embracing contradictions, avoiding all categorisation, and giving voice to his creative endeavours through fabric and form. Yet, his influence transcends the clothing world. Collaborations with revered artists, musicians, and brands blur the boundary between fashion and art, while the brand’s runway presentations have morphed into immersive theatrical events that defy traditional fashion shows.

Defying Norms: The Essence of Undercover’s Design Philosophy

The essence of Undercover’s design philosophy revolves around celebrating the beauty within the unconventional. Every collection is filled with unexpected silhouettes, and intricate details. Inspired by literature, music, and cinema, Undercover’s designs transcend the limitations of fashion. Takahashi’s intention is to instead create stories; stories revolving around the wearer, the garment, the intersection between fashion and art, even stories about the founder himself. The brand’s unique ability to effortlessly blend high fashion with elements of streetwear has earned it a devoted following of enthusiasts who are willing to share in the founder’s unique worldview and design philosophy.

Unbroken Rebellion: Undercover’s Transformative Journey

From its audacious inception to its current stature as a paragon of fashion innovation, Undercover’s journey serves as a testament to the potential of creativity and non-conformity. Jun Takahashi‘s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and defying conventions has cemented Undercover’s position as an influential brand. This trajectory underscores the power of daring to think beyond the limits, culminating in an evolution that mirrors the brand’s very essence – a rebellious yet refined transformation.

The Dawn of a New Chapter: Undercover at Aphrodite1994

With Undercover’s upcoming launch at Aphrodite, our style-conscious community eagerly awaits their mix of rebellious creativity and avant-garde style. It’s an opportunity to explore the unique world of a special brand, where fashion becomes a place for fresh ideas and exploration. Undercover’s blend of creative rebellion and thoughtful design acts as a firm reminder that fashion can push limits and create spaces where creativity can flourish.

We urge our loyal following to embrace these uncharted fashion territories, where rules are constantly re-written with every silhouette and as the spotlight shifts towards Undercover’s arrival at Aphrodite, we’re excited to witness their embodiment of creative exploration first hand aiming to reshape our understanding of what menswear can exist as.

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