Y-3 Kusari II

A Five Star Sequel: Y-3 Kusari II

It’s rare a sequel eclipses the original, but sometimes the formula is just rejigged enough to create a better, unique experience than before. The Godfather 2, The Dark Knit, Toy Story 2, all setting the bar higher just like Y-3’s rapid-fire sequel.

This season of Y-3 has been a rapid-fire display of new styles from Yohji Yamamoto and co, showcasing a juxtaposition of designs from the slimline to the bulbous. Following up the initial Kusari release just 7 months ago, we have the sequel to their ultra modernist design in form of the Kursari II.

One of only a handful of Y-3 models to utilise a full length boost sole unit, the eye-catching lines of shoe truly provide one of the most unique silhouettes in Y-3 history.

With a material mix of rubber, leather, suede, patent leather, neoprene and repurposed shoelaces and stitched elasticated eyelets the shoe is an experience in footwear tailoring. Harnassing an all in one neoprene upper, the shoe follows similar design cues to the recently released Kaiwa in it’s unusually stitched toe box. The eyelets are held in place with a heavily stitched in elasticated rope, adding a contemporary spin intrinsic with the current Y-3 design ethos.

The suede heel rap offers a tonal and textual variation with a supple trim that mixes with a red patent leather heel piece and a leather stitched strap that is vaguely reminiscent to a certain rival’s 90’s runner (rhymes with apache). Re-purposed red laces make up the upper eye stays and heel tab, matching tonally with the stitched tongue branding and heel piece.

The sole is made up of a 3 piece bonded unit, starting with a rubber midsole and sole sandwiching a boost sole unit to maximize comfort over performance.

With the overall theme of luxury permeating through on this Y-3 release, don’t miss out on a premium sequel.

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