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CP Hat – Goggle Beanie

CP Hat or Google Beanie Review

CP Hats Goggle Beanies

Periodically it has been proven that certain brands produce a piece of clothing that the brand will forever be associated with. For example, Woolrich have the Arctic Parka, Stone Island – Tela Stella, Clarks Originals – the Desert Boots and CP Company have the Goggle jacket. So CP is riding the success of the goggle jacket in today’s culture by producing these CP Hats with built-in goggles.

It would have been easy for the brand to take any staple beanie hat and stick a couple of goggles on the front.  However, CP Company have produced a chunky ribbed CP Company Goggle Beanie Hat which is in essence produced to keep your head warm and incorporated the goggles to the front and reverse of the upturned part of the hat. Rather than just being strictly decorative, if you wish you could pull down the lip of the CP hat over your eyes and be able to see through the goggles. It is essentially for show but it’s nice to know that they are ‘working goggles’.

Everyone needs some chunky accessories for winter but not everyone suits the patterned prints that have become so popular in the last few years. Maybe a CP hat will be an option for you?  Priced at £95, it is available now online.

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If the goggle brakes can you get it fixed?

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