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Pantofola d'Oro

Pantofola d’Oro : New To Aphrodite

Tracing their roots way back to 1886, luxury Italian brand Pantofola d’Oro have been making football boots for some of the biggest names on the pitch since we can remember. Famed for their use of a softer more malleable calf leather, the brand has been spotted gracing the feet of everyone from Capello to Mancini, if you’re a fan of the beautiful game or just value the luxuries of a proper good quality pair of sneaks, then this brand is certainly one to have on your radar if, for some peculiar reason, they aren’t already.


Pantofola d'Oro Footwear


Translating to mean, ‘Golden Slipper’ following decades spent on some of the most notable athletes in the game, the brand has more recently expanded into the world of fashion,  combining a staunch heritage history with an immeasurable dedication to home-grown production. Made using hand-made techniques passed down from the master shoemakers of Ascoli, their trainers are meticulously constructed to exacting standards, taking great care to use only the finest fabrics and prioritising quality above all else.

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Pantofola d'Oro Modena Trainers

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