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Original Penguin Brand Guide

Penguin Brand Guide

An Introduction Original Penguin 

Original Penguin, also commonly recognised as Penguin, is an American designer clothing brand.  The history of the brand goes back to the 1950's when Munsingwear, a military clothing manufacturer launched the first Original Penguin golf shirt.  The company are widely recognised as creating the original classic golfing shirt.

Penguin Logo


At this time the big player in the market was Lacoste who were making big money with their golf shirts.  The iconic Lacoste crocodile was gaining in popularity in the USA at the time and Munsingwear needed a logo to compete. A Munsingwear salesman brought a fluffy toy penguin to a meeting to discuss the creation of a logo for the brand and from that, the idea was born.

The polo shirts and clothing that you see today still harbour details from this early golf shirt.  The pocket on the shirt was moved to the right hand side so not to interfere with the swing of the golfer and the now iconic logo was placed on the left.  The 55 polo shirt is a polo shirt released to commemorate the start of the brand.  Early attempts to advertise the brand seen the brand approaching celebrities such as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby to be seen wearing items from the collection.  Legendary golfer Arnold Palmer was probably the major driving force in their advertising campaign though as he was known the world over in his field.  A few years later, Munsingwear released a shirt dedicated to the ten pin bowling world.  These garments took on a slight twist with the logo being tweaked to display a bowling penguin and a redesigned underarm gusset for variations in movement.  Celebrities adorned Original Penguin through the 70's and 80's which led to it becoming a widely recognised and sought after brand.

Penguin Celebrities

In the mid 90's Perry Ellis International bought out Munsingwear and Original Penguin and a sportswear collection was created in 2003.  Perry Ellis today own Dockers, Farah and the Ping Collection amongst others.  Original Penguin is now sold in various upmarket department stores around the World.  They not only produce menswear but now produce womenswear, childrenswear as well as a range of accessories.  The Original Penguin Black label collection is generally seen as a more upmarket product with a higher price tag than the normal Original label range.  The Black Label is a more golfing inspired collection.