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Napapijri Brand Guide

With a deeply rooted heritage, Napapijri are one of the few brands in the world who can claim to have a true cult following. With the tricks of their trade being learnt the hard way, in some of the harshest conditions on earth, Napapijri have steadily built a name for themselves as one of the most stylish ways to beat any weather that the world can throw at you, thanks to their self proclaimed vocation for blending and urban inner city style with technical elements that will withstand anything.

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Founded at the end of the 1980’s, Napapijri was originally a project conceived by a company based in the Aosta valley of the Italian Alps- Green Sport Monte Bianco. Inspired by and named after the Finish word for the Arctic Pole Circle, Napapijri was an expression of curiosity in the best manner to supply a generation that becoming more and more curious about their surroundings- Napapijri was crafted to cater for the brave and spontaneous outdoor creative’s. There was no better surrounding to develop Napapijri. The Aosta valley, despite being strikingly beautiful, is a bleak, dangerous environment, dominated by the snow covered shadow of one of Europe’s tallest mountains, Mount Blanc. It became the perfect inspiration for Green Sport Monte Bianco to study how Napapijri should perform, as well as grow as a brand.

Napapijri has always stood for freedom, and the opportunity to be able to go anywhere and do everything. Travel and having the chance to experience life to the fullest were, and still are the core values of the brand, as it remains ever respectful to the environment, the planet, and everybody who lives on it. Much more than just an opportunity to own the equipment that can allow you venture to the furthest flung corners of the globe, the Napapijri brand acts as encouragement to the world to go outside and discover. It is an inspiration to anyone in the cities and towns, who need to feel the spirit of adventure and escape the day to day, whether they don a Napapijri back pack, parka, or hat.

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Starting out with a simple vision, Napapijri’s first adventure was into back packs and luggage. Technologically innovative, in both the way they were constructed and the materials they used, Napapijri bags were versatile pieces that catered for and quickly became the favourite of the demanding traveler who needed a piece of luggage that would match their exacting standards.  Their bags were utilitarian, and the perfect reflection of the harsh environments that they were designed to thrive in. To carry a Napapijri bag was a statement that you were ready for any eventuality, in any place. Riding the huge success of their early advancements with varied rugged materials and completely functional design, Napapijri began to experiment once again. They applied their profound knowledge of textiles and colours to craft an entire collection of apparel, including ready to wear items ranging from heavy duty winter jackets to thick knits that would take the sting out of the coldest of weather. Again, the success of their new venture was huge. Bearing the Napapijri name and flag as their banner, the clothing line soon became synonymous with a quality product that would stand fast in any situation, as the labels deeply conceptual look immortally framed functionality with style and comfort.

The Napapijri story started to spread, and soon, the brand was cropping up all over the world. Its vast technical qualities meant that any of their products were at home in any environment- from the Arctic Circle where the brand took the inspiration for its name, to the cities and towns of the world and even the seas, deserts and mountains- Napapijri took the everyday wardrobe and turned it on its head, making it strong enough to succeed, survive and thrive anywhere on earth.

Sure enough, the unmissable blend of high quality creation and simplistic yet iconic outdoor design bought Napapijri a lot of attention. Worn by the likes of Ashton Kucher, Napapijri stands for much more than technical innovation. Despite the harsh rigors of the environment in which the brand learnt to ply its trade, Napapijri manages to continually prove itself as a trend setting fashion giant that just so happens to have the capabilities to stand up to some of the harshest environments on earth thanks to the lessons it learnt firsthand.

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