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Saucony Pro Grid 2 Motion

Trainer Drop: Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG in New Colourway

Athletics-Inspired Excellence: The Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG in Clean White and Blue

Saucony, renowned for its technical prowess and athletic designs, proudly presents a new release that seamlessly fuses fashion and performance. The Saucony Grid Shadow 2 makes its mark in a pristine white palette, accentuated by a vibrant blue hue and we are delighted to announce their release here at Aphrodite Clothing.

Saucony Pro Grid 2 Motion

A Timeless Revival: Exploring the Details

The Grid Shadow 2, originally a formidable running shoe, has solidified its place in Saucony’s legacy over the years. However, rather than remaining a solely performance-focussed shoe – as it has been for decades – the ‘OG’ iteration of the Grid Shadow 2 instead effortlessly blends both style and functionality. Drawing from Saucony’s rich heritage, this release seamlessly weaves classic athletic aesthetics with contemporary comfort and versatility. Now, it returns with meticulous attention to detail.

Saucony Pro Grid 2 Tongue Branding

A breathable mesh lining embraces every step and harks back to its track and field origins, while the harmonious interplay of nubuck and leather creates an aura of luxury to the upper. Reflective logos add a touch of timeless charm, and carefully placed cobalt blue accents infuse these sneakers with renewed energy.

Saucony Pro Grid 2 Side Shot

Reflective logos, representing the present, harmonise effortlessly with the cobalt blue accents, resulting in a symphony of style that bridges the gap between the classic and the modern. With each step, you experience the heritage-driven craftsmanship that has defined Saucony for generations.

Saucony Prog Grid 2 Sidewall Close Up

Athletics-inspired fashion converges with contemporary elegance with the Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG in Clean White and Dynamic Blue.

Elevate Your Footwear Game with the Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG, where athletics-inspired fashion converges with contemporary elegance in this Clean White and Blue colourway. Discover the seamless fusion of pristine white and vibrant blue – a combination that encapsulates the essence of both sports and fashion.

Don’t miss the chance to own this reimagined icon and shop the Saucony Grid Shadow 2 OG at Aphrodite Online.


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